Twist of fate update Thursday 26 November 2020

Twist of fate 26 November 2020:  Nikhil comes to Mehra’s house. Mitali sees him and thinks Dadi and Rachna were talking about him and he came. She asks Nikhil…..if he came to meet Pragya? She asks if he is having something to do with Pragya? She says I will get gold’s dupatta…if you said yes.

She confuses him and says if I get it then you can use it for a day. Nikhil says do you want a man to wear dupatta. Mitali says you can wear it in jagrata or concert. Nikhil asks her to leave him and says he needs to talk to Pragya. He thinks Mitali have eaten his brain, and thinks even Tanu us like that. He thinks everyone have gone mad except Pragya. He thinks to see how is Sarla? He comes inside Sarla’s room and sings Sarla ji Sarla ji…he asks how are you? I came here to know about your progress report.

He says I am talking to you from far so that you don’t get violent. Sarla holds his hand. Nikhil asks her to leave his hand. He says if you starts speaking then I have to kill you. He says I will give a good bye kiss to you legs. Just then Sarla hits him with her leg. Nikhil shouts and falls on the door.
Pragya and Purab come there. Nikhil says Sarla have moved her leg. Pragya says you will be alright and hugs her. Nikhil thinks Sarla is getting her power seeing me. Purab asks Nikhil, why you are with Sarla when she has any movement in her body? Nikhil says may be God wants me to give good news. Purab asks why is he dressed up formally? Nikhil says Pragya called me for meeting. Pragya thinks he is a danger for Maa. She asks him to come.

They sit in a room. Pragya says she is searching for someone, who is responsible and can handle CEO position. Nikhil thinks he has to grab this position. He says Purab is taking care of this position. Pragya says Purab is busy with his own work and she don’t want to pressurize him. Nikhil thinks Tanu have promised me to convince Abhi to get me this position, but I can get this position right now. He tells Pragya that he is appropriate for this position, and much experienced too.

Pragya says you have proved yourself…I thought you might be busy in your company. Nikhil says who can lose chance to work with you and Abhi. Pragya agrees and says I have to think about it. She thinks plan is alright. Purab thinks meeting should be successful. Just then he sees Tanu bringing Aaliya home on a wheel chair. Abhi also comes. Purab comes there and asks Pragya to come as something wrong is happening there.

Nikhil thinks Purab is crossing his path and don’t want him to become CEO. Pragya sees Tanu and Aaliya along with Abhi. Tanu asks Robin if the room is arranged. Dadi asks why Aaliya is here? Tanu says your grand daughter have saved my life and your heir…and that’s why I brought her here with Abhi’s permission.

She continues that Aaliya was kicked out of out, but she has no hard feelings for us. She says my accident would have happened and she has saved me. She says Abhi has seen with his eyes. Pragya thinks Tanu forced him and it is her plan to bring Aaliya home. Tanu says she has done good for Mehra family and it is our duty now to behave good with her. Tai ji says you have done right. Mitali goes to bring juice. Abhi goes to his room angrily. Tanu asks Robin to help her take Aaliya to room. Robin takes Aaliya from there.

Tanu sees Nikhil and wonders what is he doing here. Pragya says it was your plan to bring Aaliya here, and says you don’t know who will be against you. Aaliya gets up from wheel chair, and says she is feeling good to be back home. Tanu asks her to act infront of others and says nothing have happened to you. Pragya hears them. Aaliya says we will celebrate for our win.She says we have to be alert…and attack her.

Tanu calls Pragya and says I know you came here to hear us. She says you have failed twice. She says I have become more strong after Aaliya came here. Pragya tells her that she is getting strong and this people will leave her for their betterment. She says I have my family and asks her to be careful. She says I told you that I will be two steps ahead of you, if you stopped for a sec to take a breath. She says she will win the race.

Tanu thinks if Pragya is making plans with Nikhil, and doubts him. She thinks this idiot might do any mistake. She calls Nikhil……Nikhil picks the call and says he is going home. Tanu asks him to meet her right now. Nikhil says he is going for an important meeting and says he will meet her tomorrow. Tanu agrees. Pragya sees Abhi upset and thinks he is having tears in his eyes because of Tanu and Aaliya. She thinks how to cheer him up.

Pragya thinks Tanu and Aaliya have spoiled Abhi’s mood. She wonders how to cheer him up and gets an idea. She thinks music…She plays a song. Abhi asks her to stop it. Pragya wonders what to do now. She starts playing his guitar and stops. Abhi asks her to continue playing. She plays the guitar. Abhi looks at her….She sings Pal Bhar Theher Jawo…Agar Tum Saath Ho…………….He sings with her….

Pragya recalls Abhi singing song and playing guitar. Abhi thanks her and says sorry. He says you are feeling bad as I brought Aaliya back. Pragya says I have no problem if she stays here, but have problem with her doings. Abhi says situation was such that I have to bring her home. Pragya says I can understand, but don’t believe that she is changed. Abhi says she has savedTanu’s life. Pragya says we can’t oversee her mistakes and says you have forgiven him being a good man. Abhi says my fuggi knew about me. Pragya says your fuggi told about you to my rockstar. Abhi asks what else she told you.

Tanu and Nikhil meet somewhere. They sit in the car. Tanu asks why did you meet Pragya and why she called me. Nikhil says Pragya called me for some business proposal, and says tells about the proposal. Tanu asks him not to help Pragya and orders him. Nikhil asks her not to order him, and says you think about yourself..being extremely selfish. I will also think about my future now.

Just then Nikhil hits a man. Rachna and Tai ji come to market to buy vegetables. Tai ji starts bargaining with the auto driver. Rachna sees people gathering there and sees Nikhil and Tanu responsible for accident. Nikhil offers to give money and asks the people to let them go. Constable comes and asks if she is your girlfriend? Nikhil says she is my wife, and asks Tanu to do overacting and try to get sympathy. Rachna sees them and thinks Nikhil have told Inspector that Tanu is his wife. She thinks to inform Pragya.

Aaliya hears someone coming and lie down on the bed. Pragya comes there and taunts her for hurting her loved ones. She says I will make sure that you get out of this house, and asks her to rest till then. She thanks her for saving Tanu and her baby, and says that baby is Tanu’s last support. She says if you support her then I will make sure that you stay in the outhouse. Aaliya says I didn’t do any planning to come here, and says she saved her from accident. Pragya says her eyes are on Tanu, and also on her, and asks her to remember her words. Mitali brings juice. Pragya asks her to bring badam milk to sharpen Aaliya’s memory. Mitali tells Aaliya that she will drink the juice and asks her to drink haldi milk.

Purab says Nikhil said yes. Pragya says he said that he is interested in this job. Purab says it is a good thing. Pragya says if he agrees then….he might get against Tanu. Just then she gets Rachna’s call. Rachna informs her that she saw Nikhil and Tanu doing an accident and says Police came to arrest them. Nikhil said that Tanu is his wife and is pregnant. She asks Pragya to take Abhi to Police station. Tai ji calls her and she goes. Pragya thinks their relation truth will be revealed infront of Abhi now. She comes to Abhi. Abhi is seen hearing music. Pragya tells him that they need to go to Police station as they called to take his statement for Aaliya’s accident. Abhi agrees.

Nikhil talks to Constable politely and says my wife is unwell. He says I am ready to give money to the victim and will get him treated. He tries to bribe Constable. Constable gets angry and locks him inside. Pragya and Abhi come to the Police station. Pragya asks him to hurry up. Abhi says I am rockstar and will come in style. Pragya says come fast. Abhi says I am thinking as if you are taking me forcibly. Pragya says I am helping you and you are doubting on me. She says they are police and might file case against you.

Abhi says there is something else. Pragya asks him to come inside and see the matter. She says you might be scared. Abhi says I am a rockstar, and police will stand up seeing me. Pragya says staff is changed, and you don’t know. She says new Inspector doesn’t like any celebrity. Abhi says ok, I will call Tanu and inform her. Pragya asks him to come inside and says she is also here. Abhi says you are hiding something from me. Pragya says there is wrong happening with you and I won’t let this happen. Abhi looks on.

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