Twist of fate update Tuesday 24 November 2020

Twist of fate 24 November 2020: Tanu goes angrily and slaps Pragya hard. She says just look inside you. You have betrayed Abhi big. She says I trusted you when you offered your help before concert. She says you want to separate two lovers, and says you stopped us from marrying. She says you couldn’t let me marry my Abhi.

She tries to slap her again, but Pragya holds her hand. She asks how can you call your relation sacred when you have someone’s else baby, and want to marry Abhi with that baby. She says you are using your baby for your selfish moves. She says you are saying that we both don’t have any difference.

She says there is a difference between your and my love. She says my love is selfless and says I used to cry all night in my room. I have bear all my loved ones hatredness. She says I have made him my enemy to protect him, as my love and marriage is sacred. She asks her to tell about the sacrifices which she has done for Abhi. She says you are using your baby for your selfish motives and says today you are lying to Abhi, and will lie to your baby all life. She asks her to look in the mirror and asks her not to call Abhi as her husband. She says how can you say that he is your husband. She says a married woman applies sindoor and wear mangalsutra and says Abhi didn’t give this right to you, but me. She says I will wear kumkum and mangalsutra now, and says you are just his enemy.

Tanu says what do you think that you will get Abhi back by wearing mangalsutra. She says you might love Abhi, but Abhi loves me. You can tell him many stories, but I won’t let you succeed. She says my confidence have increased now, and says I know your strategy now. I will end your game. Pragya says I will show proofs to Abhi and says you have told your story uncensored. She says the video will have much impact on Abhi, and says you are surrounded..check and mate.

Nikhil comes to enquire about Ronnie and gives money to his room mate. The guy calls his friends and tells Nikhil that they will not tell him about Ronnie. Nikhil gets angry and says you have taken money from him. He refuses to tell him anything. Nikhil says okay, I will leave. Dadi and Abhi are sitting on a public chair somewhere. Dadi massages his head while Abhi keeps his head on her lap. Abhi tells her that Pragya is torturing her very much and is not letting me breath. Dadi asks him not to worry and says she will make Sarla beat Pragya. Abhi says Sarla is unwell. Dadi asks him not to worry and says she will make Pragya beaten by Sarla. She thinks you both will unite in sometime.

Pragya holds Tanu’s hand and takes her to temple. She asks Tanu to tell infront of God. Tanu says I don’t get scared of you and your God. Pragya says but you gets scared of ghost. Tanu says you have to change and became negative inorder to bring my truth. She says you have ended love in Abhi’s heart for you. Pragya says I know that he used to hate me when we got married, but it changed into love that too infront of love. She says my love is true and it will not take time to rebuild the love in his heart.

Pragya telling Tanu that Abhi will never forget her love and the seven vows which they have taken during their marriage. She says you and your boyfriend will know know this. Tanu says you didn’t know about my boyfriend. She says it is good that you didn’t know and says I will let you know about my truth. She says what you will tell to Abhi about the baby’s father that Chandra maa gave me this baby as a blessing. Pragya thinks she doesn’t know that I know her baby’s father and thinks let her be in dark. Pragya says when you want to be kicked out of house, then it is okay. Tanu says you will be kicked out of the house.

Pragya says your dreams will not come true and calls her baharwali…Tanu says only time will tell, who will stay with Abhi now. She says this baby is not of Abhi and admits it, but he will get Abhi’s name and will become his heir. She challenges her to bring out her truth and save Abhi. Pragya says I will malign your name and you will leave from the house with disrespect. She says my doli will arrive then, and he will fill my maang and accept me back as his wife. She says this is my challenge.

Tanu says I will change the game, and says Abhi will kick you out from his heart then I will become his wife and stay happily. She asks Pragya not to tell Abhi about their challenge, directly or indirectly…Pragya agrees and says if you try to win through cheating or cleverness then I will forget my promise. She takes God’s promise and their marriage rituals, kumkum, mangalsutra etc….and says your baby will not get his name. She says only my baby will get his name, who will be his heir and challenges her. Tanu looks on as she leaves.

Dadi gets Pragya’s call. Dadi says everything is set and asks her to come there. Pragya says I will not come and asks her to reach home with Abhi. She says I will call Purab there. Dadi asks Abhi, lets go home. Abhi says he is feeling good here. Dadi says she will make Sarla scold Pragya. Abhi gets happy. Nikhil thinks I will search Ronnie and then only leave. He then sees Ronnie sleeping and thinks he is alive. He wonders how he is alive? And thinks how can he sleep peacefully. He thinks to make him unconscious and takes him with him. He thinks to use Ronnie and take him in his control. He puts chloroform on the handkerchief and is about to make Ronnie smell it, but just then his phone rings. Ronnie wakes up and sees Nikhil standing. He hits him and runs. Nikhil sees Ronnie hiding and tries to go inside, but Ronnie puts door on his face and locks him. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks where are you? Nikhil says I am locked in the servant’s quarters. Tanu thinks Nikhil is drinking with servants.

Pragya waits for Purab. Just then Dadi and Abhi return home. Dadi says I am going to meet Sarla ji. Abhi wonders what happened to Dadi? She didn’t tell anything to Pragya. Abhi tells her that he got ways to deal with her. Pragya says I don’t need any plans. Abhi thinks she made counter plans. Pragya thinks today you will get your fuggi and everything will be fine. Abhi says you have become wall separating happiness from the house. Pragya says morning will be beautiful and happiness will enter home. Abhi asks if she has heard poetry? He asks where will be my samadhi? Pragya says you will have a wax statue at madame tussads. Pragya says someone will leave and someone will get his loved ones. Abhi asks what do you mean? Pragya says you will know everything at night. Abhi thinks she is trapping me in her words and thinks to check on Dadi and Sarla.

Tanu comes home and tells Pragya that time is changing and your govt will also change. Pragya says I didn’t come here to make govt, but to kick you people out. Tanu says abhi loves me. Pragya says Abhi has only me in his heart. Tanu says you are so proud of your kumkum and mangalsutra, and says you are weak actually. Pragya says you will soon realize its importance, and says you will not understand. Tanu says you didn’t stay with Abhi even for a night. Pragya says one doesn’t need to stay with her husband to be together. Tanu says you can’t think what I have planned against you. Pragya smiles and tells her you don’t know about my plan….. I will kick you, your boyfriend and your baby altogether. Tanu gets angry.

Dadi tells Sarla that Abhi will come there in sometime and says I will tell you that I am angry on you and you also signs us that you are angry with her. Once Abhi comes there, Dadi tells Sarla that she is angry on Pragya and asks Sarla to slap Pragya. Abhi asks Sarla not to slap Pragya and just show her hand signing that she is angry on her.

Tanu coming to Servant’s quarters and opens the door. Nikhil says thank you, you are here. Tanu tells him that Pragya will expose them and throw them out from here. Nikhil says I will not let Pragya do anything and says I will prove my words. Ronnie comes running to Pragya. Purab asks if you have seen a ghost. Ronnie says I have seen Nikhil and says Nikhil came to kidnapped me and is about to make me smell chloroform, but I ran away from there. Pragya blames herself for the happenings and says Tanu might have inform Nikhil about Ronnie. Purab asks what? Pragya tells him that Tanu called her in Bulbul’s voice and showed the video in which they were planning against her. She says it is good that she knows our truth now, and says I will bring her truth and says she will not let anything happen to her kumkum.

Abhi asks Robin why the lights are open. Purab tells Pragya that abhi is going to sleep and asks her not to let Abhi sleep. Pragya says she will bring Abhi downstairs and asks them to get ready with the arrangements. She comes to room and asks Abhi to come downstairs as some foreigner client sent the sample video. Abhi argues and asks for TV.

Pragya says I will give you TV remote and asks him to come downstairs. Abhi agrees and asks him to say that you are most important man of my life. Pragya says the same. Abhi says tell that you are world’s best singer. Pragya says it. Abhi asks her to tell….you are the world’s best husband. Pragya asks why should I tell…Abhi says he will change his night dress and come. Purab, Akash and Ronnie make arrangement to show the video.

Akash says we will do her packing. Ronnie says we will do her aarti before she leaves, and I will sing a song….Purab asks him not to be excited and reminds him that he is a ghost. Ronnie says okay, I will go out and see. Nikhil is in Tanu’s room. Nikhil says he needs time to think of a plan. Tanu says Pragya might have started her plan. Servant comes there and asks Tanu to come downstairs as pragya called her to show video. Nikhil says I have a plan, and says she can’t do anything. Tanu goes downstairs. Nikhil says I can’t accept defeat. Abhi asks Purab what is in the video? He says he needs to sleep. Tanu says you might be tired now, and says lets sleep now.

Abhi says lets see video now, and don’t wake me up in the morning. He asks him to start the video. They see Tanu crying and asking for forgiveness. He asks them to pause….and asks where is that video. Pragya says you shall see Tanu’s performance? Abhi asks why you are scared? Dadi says we shall see the video. Purab says yes, and ths video is real. Tanu says it is just time pass video and says she will go and sleep. Pragya asks her to watch the video. She says I am owner of the house, and once I decide that everyone will see, then everyone will watch it. Abhi thinks Pragya is stubborn and asks Purab to play the video. Dadi says I want to see if Tanu was scared and is acting. Mitali says she wants to see the suspense. Just then electricity goes off.

Nikhil thinks Tanu thought that I will allow Pragya to expose us, and says fuse is with him. Pragya tells Purab that it is Tanu and Nikhil’s work. She asks him to get her phone as they would steal it. Nikhil comes to Tanu and asks her to relax saying he will steal the phone. He snatches phone from Purab’s hand and runs. Purab shouts thief. Abhi asks he must have gone to storeroom. Tanu thinks she will be trapped because of Nikhil. Ronnie looks for the fuse and thinks he will show his plan to nikhil now. Pragya thinks it must be Nikhil and Tanu’s work. Tanu tells Pragya that her plan is stolen. Pragya says she has a back up plan. Tanu says that thief have stolen your phone or say destiny. Pragya says show is not yet over and says you can’t run from here. Tanu says I know you will noy believe me and says I am freed from your trap.

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