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Pragya calls King, but he is busy in the meeting. The Manager says this is the best offer for you. King asks for a pen and he’s about to sign the contract. He sees Pragya’s call and tells the Manager that his phone call is very important. He picks the call. Pragya tells him that she talked to the Principal, but she said that the admission date is over. King says I will come there to convince the Principal.

The Manager asks him to sign before going. King says my daughter’s admission can’t wait, but this contract can wait! The Principal tells Abhi that his friend’s kids are 15 days late. Abhi says whenever I have a concert, I keep some passes reserved and says I am sure that you have some seats reserved? The Principal agrees to give them the admission. Abhi praises her.

The Principal says we have 3 seats for special parents category, and you are special to me, our school and my daughter. She calls Vrinda and asks her to get two kids admission done. The Principal then asks Abhi to do a favour for her and says my daughter’s marriage is coming soon, and asks him to sing in her marriage. Abhi says I charge for cutting ribbon also, and tells that as you have done my work, I will come and sing in your daughter’s marriage.

Vrinda sees Pragya out and thinks Abhi got her daughter’s admission done, and tells that her husband has sent a celebrity that convinced the Principal. Pragya gets happy and says she will thank him. The Principal asks Abhi to give her an autograph and asks not to tell anything to the management. Abhi signs that he is tight lipped and gives her his autograph. He calls Vrinda.

Sunny tries to wash his hands. Kiara asks if he takes time at doing all the things late? Sunny says he does everything perfect! They argue. Kiara asks him to move and says she wants to drink water. Sunny splashes water from his hands on her, but Kiara takes the water in the glass and pours it on him. She asks him to be careful. Sunny says let my Uncle come! Kiara says I don’t involve my elder, but if you call your Uncle, then I will call my Mum, and she will make him a duck. She says I am enough for him.

Pragya comes to the Principal’s office. The Principal asks her to take a form from the administration office. Kiara pours water on Sunny and says she is strong, and says I made you bath twice, and you will take bath again with tears on reaching home. She leaves. Sunny cries.

Abhi comes there. Sunny tells that a girl poured water on him and said that she is strong. Abhi asks him to forgive the girl. Sunny says she said that her Mum will make you lose. Abhi says who is that Mum and Daughter? He gets a call and tells Sunny to be brave.

Kiara comes to Pragya. She doesn’t tell her about her argument with Sunny. Pragya tells her that King got her admission done. Kiara gets happy. The Principal asks Vrinda not to tell anyone and tells that she will make Abhi sing two songs. Vrinda says she will not tell anyone and wants promotion. The Principal thinks this system is corrupt. Abhi friend’s wife thanks him.

Pragya gives something to Vrinda and asks her to tell that it’s from Pragya Arora. Abhi gets admission forms. Vrinda asks Kiara about India? Kiara tells her that her doll was stolen by that man that she met.
Abhi asks Nisha and calls her Pragya. Pragya asks for the Admission form.

He hears her voice, but sees someone else. Nisha says she forgot to bring the pics. Abhi says you can give it later. Sau dard hai plays… Pragya goes past Abhi and the end of her saree flies on him. Abhi senses her presence. Nisha thanks Abhi. Vrinda tells Abhi that the Girl’s Mum thanked him. Abhi smiles. Kiara sees him and calls him doll thief, but he didn’t hear her and leaves.

Abhi sits in his car and he’s leaving, when King’s car comes and he’s about to hit Abhi’s car mistakenly. Abhi steps down from his car. King also steps out of his car. They both come face to face again. Abhi asks if you don’t know how to drive a Car just like your driver? He asks what is your problem! King says your Car has a problem with my car. Abhi says I am possessive of my things.

King says you should be possessive with your loved ones. Abhi asks if he forgot to ring the horn? King says I don’t have time now, or else I would have taught you rules in English. Abhi says next time we meet, I will teach you rules in Hindi.

Kiara tells King that the school is good. King says it is the best school in Delhi and says you deserve the best! Pragya says I was trying to call you. King says I was driving and I thought you needed me. Kiara goes to sit in the car. Pragya thanks King for getting Kiara’s admission into the school.

King says I didn’t talk to anyone and asks who was he? Pragya says maybe he has some relation with Kiara, and says he must be an angel and says she couldn’t thank him personally. King says he met someone that troubled him a lot and next time, he will give him… Pragya looks at him. King says I will give him icecream! Pragya thinks they met many strangers.

Abhi is talking to Purab and tells that he got Bhupu’s daughter admission done. Just then his tongue gets cut and he recalls Granny’s words that She will meet someone today.
The Driver tells Pragya and King that his daughter will be happy today as he got famous singer’s autograph. Pragya asks what’s his name? Just then King asks the driver to be careful and make them reach home safely.

Disha comes to Dasi and asks her to have medicine. Dasi says no. Disha emotionally blackmails her. Dasi says I will complain to Sunny about you! Disha says we get complaints from his school. She gets sad and tells that when she went to drop Sunny, She felt as if Pragya was near. Dasi says it hurts. Disha says I get sad and my heart burns when I see Tanu with Abhi, and tells that she feels pain that She’s not with them. Dasi asks her to be hopeful and says God must have thought of something. Mitali and Tai ji comes to Dasi and tell that Granny, Suwarni is asking about Pragya?

Granny comes there and asks what they were talking about? Disha says she went to Mumbai. Granny, Suwarni tells her to let her come here, we will cut Tanu’s feathers, as She’s in Abhi’s life like a snake.

Abhi comes to his room, he looks at the Cookie toy. Jeelun zara song plays… Pragya asks Kiara to sleep early as she has school tomorrow. Kiara says love you four eyed. Pragya recalls Abhi saying same thing and gets emotional. Abhi also thinks about Pragya. Pragya makes Kiara sleep and comes near the window, she sees a shooting star. Abhi also sees a shooting star and recalls his wish seeing the shooting star. Song, Marjawun ka jeelun zara plays…

Next morning, King asks Kiara to have breakfast. Kiara says it’s early in the morning. King says breakfast should be done in the morning and asks her to have food. Kiara keeps the milk in the other glass and pretends to drink it. Pragya gets a call and get talking on the phone. King takes a call and ends it.

Pragya tells that Shukla told her that that meeting will be in the morning. She says she has to go and drop Kiara as well. King tells that he will handle the meeting and asks her not to worry. He promises her that he won’t fight with anyone, not even with the Mumbai guy. Kiara asks who was he? King says that guy troubled your Mum a lot. Kiara says she will fight with him! Pragya asks her to finish her breakfast and hurry up.

Sunny tells Disha that he doesn’t want to go to school as he hates that girl. Abhi comes and asks what happened? Disha says he doesn’t want to go to school! Sunny says he doesn’t want to meet that girl again, as she might pour water on him again? Abhi asks her not to get afraid and pour water on her four times. Sunny asks shall I pour the water on her?

Abhi asks Disha to turn for 2 mins 50 seconds, and asks Sunny to put her books in different directions. Sunny says it is a good idea and agrees to get ready. Disha asks Abhi what he said to him? Abhi says he will say sorry to the girl. He says he has to go and take out his clothes. Sunny says he has already kept the jacket for him! Abhi gets happy.

He goes to his room and checks the note from his jacket. He sees a smiley😊 and thinks someone is asking me to smile. Strange that he couldn’t identify her hand writing?

Aaliya comes there to talk about the conference. Abhi says I will be there on time. He asks if the Organizers has agreed to the terms and conditions? Aaliya says everything happened as you said. Sunny comes to Abhi and says if I had gone to school, then you wouldn’t have gotten your jacket. He shows him the jacket he has hanged there. Abhi thanks him. Sunny gives him best of luck. Abhi gives him best wishes to handling the girl. He reminisces Kiara and smiles, and thinks if you had an argument with that girl, then she can defeat even the Mehras.

Pragya asks King if he’s sure he can manage alone? King says I am sure that I can manage well and asks Pragya to take Kiara to school. Just then, the door bell rings. A lady comes there and tells King that She’s his Aunt. Kiara says I thought we have no relatives here? The Lady takes Kiara and says I am your Grandma. She tells King that she came with her Son, who is a big fan of his. She says she came with bags and asks King to let her Son, Tarun be with him. Tarun comes.

His Aunt introduces her Son to King and Pragya. She says Pragya is his Sister-in-law. King asks Tarun to call her Sis. He says when Tarun stays with me, he will be my fan and brother here. Pragya says Tarun will be of great help to us. King hires him. Pragya goes to get Kiara ready.

King asks Tarun to come with him and
asks Aunt to be comfortable. Pragya takes Kiara to school and asks her not to fight with anyone. She calls her Kishmish. Kiara calls her four eyed. Pragya gets emotional and asks her to behave nicely with others. Kiara says if anyone pours water on me, then what should I do? Pragya asks her to forgive him. Kiara says I will also pour water on him! Pragya sees her earrings with Kiara and tells that it is bad to keep her stuff with her.

Sunny sees Kiara and tells Disha that she troubled him and asks her to talk to her mum. Disha comes to talk to Pragya, but just then bell rings and kids go to their classes. Disha turns to Pragya, but she is already gone. She sees earring kept there and it reminds her of Pragya.


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