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Tapsi comes for a drink to gather courage for all this. Sherlin comes to grab the same drink from the other side. Both confront each other. Sherlin questions how she came into this high profile party? Tapsi says she got an invite for it. Both fight calling Prithvi as his. Tapsi says Prithvi is marrying Preeta, then how can Sherlin be his girlfriend. She must better find someone for herself. Karan watches Tapsi speaking to someone, but Sherlin backs up and leaves before Karan could see her. Karan decides to break Prithvi and Preeta’s engagement at any cost. Tapsi goes to guest room.

Prithvi comes out of washroom. Tapsi was in the room and complements his dancing skills. She tells Prithvi she can never forgive herself for breaking up with him. Prithvi tells her to move on in life, he also did. Tapsi throws his coat on floor, both bend to hold it and hit their heads. Prithvi takes Tapsi to bed and turns to go and bring first aid box.

In the hall, Karan comes to take Preeta along him. Preeta wasn’t ready to go anywhere with him. Karan questions why she is showing this attitude, he doesn’t want a time pass with her. Preeta questions if he considers her a doll who would work with key for him. She was irked as he threw her on the dance floor. She helped him by dancing with him, and he would never be thankful. Karan says it’s his greatness that he bears her; and for three reasons that his mother likes her, his Dadi does and he likes… then changes his statement that he is too good to hurt anyone. Preeta boasts about being a pious girl. She mentions about Tapsi to him. Karan sense she is jealous of Tapsi.

Sherlin was worried what if Tapsi tells Karan that she is Prithvi’s girlfriend or she knows her name. She decides to do something about Tapsi.

Tapsi stops Prithvi and places his hand over her hurt head, she says his concern and love is enough to heal her injury. Prithvi sits beside her to hold her face.

Prithvi shouts at Karan that she can never be his fiancé or girlfriend, not in any of her lives. Karan asks her to come to guest room and speak there, everyone here is watching them and would think she is in a love fight with him. He intrigues her to accept her defeat by staying here. Preeta leaves for guest room. Karan wish Tapsi gives her best performance so that it may end the drama well.

Rakhi stops Preeta in the corridor and asks why Karan was fighting with her. Preeta says she was pointing mistakes in Sophia so. Rakhi agrees that Sophia is a spoilt child of this generation. Preeta leaves. Mahesh now stops Preeta and asks her to be frank and ask about any help if needed; he offered Sarla as well. Karan takes Mahesh away. Preeta was determined to fight Karan well now. Karan leaves Mahesh and goes towards Preeta.

In the room, Tapsi stops Prithvi saying she loves him, she would allow him to marry or even keep a girlfriend. She only wish to have a little love from him. Prithvi was happy about such desperate girl and sits on the bed to kiss her.

Preeta tries to enter the room but it was locked. She thinks Karan must have locked the room to tease her, she would show him what

Preeta is. Prithvi was shocked to see her there. Karan was happy. Inside, Preeta was taken aback and says she never thought he has this face. She never bothered what others said about him, but he has broken her trust. He must remember he is in a committed relation and they are getting engaged. She wasn’t ready to hear any clarifications and cries saying she never believed Karan. She always overlooked what he said about Prithvi, but it seems everything he thinks about him is right. She cries that even her mother would be hurt, she was thinking she got an angel and never knew he was a devil.

Prithvi takes a chance to mark a cut on Tapsi’s arm. She screams out of pain. Prithvi says he wanted to tell Preeta earlier that she was hurt. Karan comes in, they ask him to bring a first aid box. Tapsi wasn’t ready to be on Karan’s side. Preeta wasn’t ready to listen to Karan and shouts at him to stop the topic. Prithvi forbids Karan to disturb patient and doctor. He takes Karan outside in the party. Outside, Karan was furious. Prithvi mocks him and advices Karan to stay away from his life. Karan says he is rightful as its about his friend’s life. Both challenge each other, Karan says he would go to any extent to save his friend’s life. He says whatever Preeta had seen inside was all true, but she could have broken the relation with him otherwise. He had to save himself so he cut Tapsi’s hand. Karan repeats his question. Preeta and Tapsi had walked outside, they were cautious. Preeta apologizes Prithvi to be suspicious of him. Karan was helpless, as Prithvi forgives her like she did a few days ago. When Prithvi and Preeta have left, Tapsi also walks away.

Sherlin wonders why Prithvi is showing much love for Preeta. Prithvi comes with Preeta hand in hand, they dance together.

At home, Dadi feeds soup to Janki. She says she cooked the soup for herself, today Sarla wasn’t home. She was cutting the onion and even hurt her finger as well. She clarifies to Janki it will be her duty when she gets well. The doctor has also forbidden them to take Janki outside. She wish she could see Preeta and Prithvi get engaged today. Janki chokes out of anger. Dadi asks if she wish to tell her something, if it’s the name of the person responsible for her accident. She gets an idea about making her write the name of the person. Dadi urges Janki to write the name of the culprit. Janki struggles to write PRI then starts panting badly. Dadi offers her a glass of

water, apologetic to make her struggle. She wonders whose name it can be.

Karan comes to a bar at the hall. He hears Preeta and Prithvi together. Preeta was happy that Prithvi handled all the situation well. Prithvi tells her to let it go, but Preeta agrees about over reacting. She was happy that Prithvi understood her thinking, it’s a mature act. They were happy that there was no misunderstanding between them now. They leave together hand in hand.

Sherlin comes to meet Prithvi in the room and questions why Preeta wanted to meet him alone in the guest room. She heard Karan tell Kareena about it. Prithvi understands that it was Karan who deliberately sent Preeta to the guest room so that he can be caught red handed. He was happy that Karan’s plan failed once again.

In his room Karan was furious over the fail of his plan. Prithvi calls him to show his pity over Karan, he could hear his defeat from his voice. He warns Karan not to consider himself over smart, he is sure Karan sent Preeta to the guest room. He knew there was another girl in the room with him. Karan was about to cut the call. Prithvi says Karan must reach the engagement and bless them; else he would get him thrown out of the function. Karan throws the phone over the wall. Sherlin hears this conversation and questions Prithvi why he intrigues Karan. He is an injured lion and may hurt Prithvi badly by his attacks. She warns Prithvi of over confidence and tells him to focus on his engagement. Prithvi was boastful of his defeat in each matter.

Karan was angry at Preeta as she never understands anything and it’s because of her that he bear this disgrace.

The girls return from party. Dadi tells them and Sarla that she made Janki write these three words. She says it seems Preeta or Prithvi know about the person. Preeta says she doesn’t. Shrishti was suspicious of Prithvi. Preeta recalls Prithvi’s words and says they can’t think wrong about Prithvi like this. Sarla was also angry at her thoughts about Prithvi. She was tensed about arrangements in Kumkum Bhagya hall as it was completely burnt earlier. She was worried about the arrangements.

Prithvi tells Sherlin he always has to be alert about Karan’s plans. Sherlin says once he is engaged to Preeta no one will break the relation. These middle class people hold engagement as a strong commitment.

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