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Next morning, Ganga is outside court. Palash comes as well. Ganga is all worked up. He greets Ganga. Are you waiting for Sagar? She nods. I don’t know why he isn’t here by now. He tells her to relax. He will come. Why are you so restless? Are you hiding something from me? Pulkit asks Ganga if they should go. Palash asks her about it. Ganga says sorry to him.

I dint tell you as I knew that you will refuse to let me go. I have decided to find Mehri Didi anyhow. I am going to her village with Pulkit Bhaiya. She must be there. It is important for me to talk to her. He reprimands her for following the witness. What if someone attacks you? She does not care. I can do anything for Sagar. Please don’t be upset. How will I fight if you wont support me? He knows how stubborn she is. Go and meet Mehri. Be careful though. She thanks him. Please make sure Sagar does not sign any confession letter. He nods.

Sagar comes just then. Ganga runs up to him. She ties a black thread on his hand. Palash looks angry. Ganga makes Sagar tie a similar thread on her hand as well. She looks at him emotionally. I went to dargah in the morning. I have brought it for you from there only. She holds his hand. It has my prayers. It will save you and help you in taking the right decision. It is strong like us. It will remind you we don’t have to give up. We have to fight to get the killer punished. He is all quiet. She shakes him, asking him if he understands. He does not say anything. Constables take him inside. She feels uneasy because of Sagar’s silence. Don’t know what he will say in court. Palash tells her not to worry about Sagar. I will handle him. You can go and meet Mehri. I will handle things here. Don’t you trust me? Go now. She leaves with Pulkit.

Palash informs someone that Ganga and Pulkit are heading to Mehri’s village. Do anything to stop them from reaching Mehri. Make sure nothing happens to Ganga. She should not be harmed at all!

Palash comes to meet Sagar. He is happy to see him all lost. I am happy that you got to spend some time with your family yesterday. Think about them before making any decision. Ganga is most worried about you. She has told me not to let you sign any papers. She is running around a lot for you. Ganga feels that Mehri can save you. Sagar asks him what he thinks. Do you think otherwise? Palash replies that he does not wish to demotivate either of them so he dint stop Ganga. I personally don’t think we can get any help from Mehri. Not much will come out of it. There is no point. It is good to try though. Ganga thinks she might find some important clue from Mehri. It can happen. Miracles do happen. I don’t believe in miracles but I hope Ganga’s efforts pay off. Sagar gets thinking. Does Palash not want Ganga to find any clue from Mehri?

Ganga feels restless. She tries Palash’s number but is not able to connect. Pulkit says we are very far from city. Might be network issue. Palash said he will handle it all.

Palash acts before Sagar. I feel Janvi should get justice. I think and worry about her family. what will they be going through? They lost their young daughter at this age through suicide or murder. It is hurtful. Justice is done by law but there is something like realisation. Whoever has killed her will realise his mistake some day in life and regret it. I don’t know when it will happen though. He picks up the paper.

Ganga is feeling restless. Are you fine Sagar? Please don’t let your hope and trust break. Don’t sign any paper for God’s sake.

Palash says you are emotional and sensitive which is why you are blaming yourself for janvi’s death. It isn’t proved in court yet. You are your best judge. Only you can decide what’s right and not. Magistrate walks in.

He asks Sagar if he signed the confession. No one will force you here. You can do what you think is right. Read it and see if you want to sign or not. Sagar thinks of Janvi and of Palash’s words. He picks up the pen when the thread comes off. He picks it up and thinks of Ganga and how she had prodded him not to give up. We have to get Janvi’s killer punished. Palash tells Sagar to make up his mind fast. Magistrate sir wont wait for us. I would suggest you not to sign it. But if you think you should then who am I to stop you! One must listen to their heart. Sagar looks at him. Palash leaves the decision on him. Sagar wears the thread again. He lifts the pen and is in thoughts.
A truck is coming from the other side of the road. Pulkit tries applying brakes but it isn’t working.

Sagar refuses to sign the papers. This is a forced confession. I hold myself morally responsible as my wife was unhappy with her life. I was somewhere responsible. I was shocked by her death. I was mentally upset and disturbed by the questions asked in court. I was swayed by the emotions but I take my words back. God knows I haven’t done anything wrong. I will fight this case. I have to get Janvi justice. Magistrate says if this isn’t yours and someone else has made it then court wont accept it. He dismisses the session. Palash looks unhappy. What did you do Sagar? Sagar says you only told me to listen to my heart. Palash composes himself. Yes, of course. You changed your decision. I am happy. Sagar feels otherwise. It does not look like. Are you really happy?

Palash says you changed your decision spontaneously. I am happy. Sagar says I felt like you wanted me to sign this confession letter. Don’t you want the culprit to be punished? Palash replies that his defeat his his defeat. Please don’t think so. Sagar asks for his phone. I have to talk to Ganga. She must be worried.

He calls Ganga but the car has met with an accident. Both Ganga and Pulkit are unconscious. Sagar gets worried. Palash says she might have left the phone in car as she went to meet Mehri. Don’t panic. Sagar tries again. Ganga isn’t picking her phone. Bhaiya’s phone is off. I hope everything is fine. Palash assures him it will all be fine. He takes his phone back. He gets a message and excuses himself. Sagar feels something is not right. I don’t know why I feel so!

Palash calls his goons. I have told you not to send a message but call. What did you mean by the message? The guy says I couldn’t reach you. The car met with an accident but the girl also got hurt. Palash scolds him. I have nothing to do with Pulkit. I wont spare you if anything happens to Ganga. Check if she is fine. take her to hospital in case she is not. Goons agree. Palash looks angry. Sagar pats at his shoulder. Tell Ganga I was trying her number in case she calls. Palash nods. Sagar turns to go with the police when Palash stops him. Do you trust me? Sagar says yes. You are my lawyer. I should trust you. Palash thanks him. Sagar goes with police. Palash worries for Ganga.

Ganga gains conscious. She notices that Pulkit is badly wounded. She hears the goons talking about her. She should not escape from our hands. Ganga wonders if they want to kill her. She carefully gets down from the car. She tries to wake Pulkit but in vain. She somehow manages to pull him out safely. Goons find the car empty. They look around but are unable to find them. A few passer bys notice the accident. They look around for the people who were in the car. Goons get scared hearing them. they flee. The passer bys find Ganga and Pulkit. Ganga asks for help.

Palash calls the goon. Did you find Ganga? He denies. Palash warns the goons to make sure Ganga is not hurt. I wont spare you if anything happens to her. I love her! The goon says yes sir. Palash ends the call. Ganga will be mine only once Sagar gets punished!

It is night. Sagar thinks of Palash’s words. Constable sends in another guy who shouts at the people in the other cell. Sagar asks him what happened. They were your friends. The guy shares that they worked together in a company. There is girl who works there but she only speaks nicely to me. These people are jealous of me. Sagar gives him water. The guy says anyone can cheat anyone for girls nowadays. I fear that they might trouble the girl when they will go out as we fought because of them. Sagar worries for Ganga. I hope she is fine. He asks constable to allow him to make an important call. Constable agrees.

Doc tends to ganga’s wounds. Be careful and take your medicines on time. She gets Palash’s call. Where are you? I have been trying your number. She shares that their car met with an accident. He asks her if she got hurt a lot. She denies. But someone came to check on us after the accident. They want to kill us. There is surely someone who does not want us to reach Mehri Didi. But who are they? He says I too am thinking the one. I am very much worried about you. Where are you? She tells him her location. She asks about what happened in court. Did Sagar sign the confession? Palash replies that he dint let him sign. What will be your next move? She gets another call and disconnects it saying it might be Sagar’s. Palash thinks he can never get Ganga till Sagar is there.

Ganga picks up the call. Sagar is relieved to hear her voice. She understands from the silence that it is Sagar. He asks her if she is fine. I felt like you are in some problem. He says I am fine. we have reached Mehri Didi’s village. We will go to her house tomorrow morning. Sagar is relieved to know Ganga is fine. She assures him she will find some clue from Mehri Didi. Everything will be fine then. You did well by not signing the letter. Palash sir told me he dint let you do it. He says did Palash say so. She says yes. He asks her if she trusts Palash completely. She is taken aback. Why do you say so? He says I just felt that ways so asked. She tells him to tell her everything clearly. He shares that he felt as if Palash was forcing him to sign on the confession letter. She says how it can be.

Sir is trying his best for you. I am working with him. I have seen him running around. did you expect yourself to come out on parole to meet your family? He cannot be against you. you are mistaken. He says you may be right but I felt it very strongly today. he somehow forced me to sign the confession. She says you yourself are a lawyer. You know what all a lawyer has to do at times to make you understand the difference between right and wrong. Sagar nods. Reverse psychology. Still you wont trust anyone blindly. There is nothing more important for me than your safety. Nothing should happen to you. She is touched by his words. He asks her about Pulkit Bhaiya. She replies that he is with her only. We will be back as soon as we meet Mehri Didi. Constable signals Sagar who tells Ganga to take care. I cannot talk more. The call ends. She is in tears. Pulkit asks Ganga what Sagar said. She says nothing. He was only acting smart like always. He always tells me what’s right for me and what’s not. He worries a lot about me. Please rest now. Ganga thinks I know how much you love me Sagar. When you love someone so much then you begin to doubt everyone around them. I mistook Palash Sir earlier and now it is you. This is love only.

Sagar thinks I know but I still feel there is something which is not going right. Palash isn’t what he appears to be. Thank God Bhaiya is with you Ganga. I think the better you stay away from Palash the better.

Palash comes there surprising both Ganga and Pulkit. Are you both ok? Ganga says yes. How did you come here? He says I came to check on you after the call. You are right. There is someone who is following you, who does not want you to reach Mehri. There is no point staying here now. What if they find you? We should head back to Banaras. We will find some other way to locate Mehri. Come with me. She refuses to leave without meeting Mehri. Pulkit Bhaiya can go if he wants to but I wont. Pulkit refuses to leave her alone. I wouldn’t have come with you otherwise. Don’t worry. We will go back with Mehri. Palash too gives in. I will also stay back as Ganga is not going to listen. A man says I have made arrangements for you all to stay for tonight.

Sagar is unable to sleep. On the other hand, Ganga too is not sleepy. Sagar shifts in his sleep and sees Ganga in his cellmate. He sits up surprised. She holds his hands and kisses on one of them as she cups them around her face.

Ganga is surprised to see Sagar kissing her hand at night. She sits up with a start. He holds her face and kisses her on her forehead. She is all shy. Ishq-e-nashin plays. Sagar makes her wear the anklet. She keeps looking sweetly at him and smiles thinking of their childhood times. They look at each other. He wipes her tears and kisses on her forehead.

Ganga kisses at Sagar’s wound. He is startled by a sound and notices his inmate walking around. He realises it was his dream. He lies down to sleep. Ganga too realises that it was her imagination. She notices her bare feet.

Next morning, Palash informs his goons that they are all going to Mehri’s house. They should not find her there. Pulkit and Ganga reach Mehri’s house. She meets an old man who says she has not come here since too long. Palash says I told you there is no point coming here. She left your house and her house in Banaras. Why would she come here? Ganga tries to ask that old man again but he has no clue about her whereabouts. Ganga wonders what to do now. Pulkit tells her not to lose hope. Palash suggests them to head back to Banaras. We will lose the case this way. Pulkit seconds him. They are heading out when Ganga notices some movement behind the bushes. She finds a goat there. Palash is relieved. Pulkit asks Ganga to come. Mehri was hiding right behind the wall with her kids.

Pulkit, Ganga and Palash are on the road. Palash tell her not to be upset. We should try to find some other clue to save Sagar. We don’t know where Mehri will be. She sits under a tree as she knows bus will come in a while only.

Ganga wonders till when destiny will play games with her. She thinks of her Bappa’s words. Truth is always right in front of us. Look closely and you will figure it out. A few ladies are coming towards the temple. They have covered their faces with their pallu. Ganga begins to look at their faces. A lady says what happened. Ganga shares that she is looking for Ramkali (Mehri). Mehri covers her face. She sends her kids to play and goes from the other side when Ganga is checking someone else. Ganga is near the temple only as the ladies do puja. Ganga thinks Satyavan brought Savitri back from death. Will you not give me a chance to save my son? No, it is madness to expect such a miracle in Kalyug. She begins to walk away when Mehri’s daughter (Rakhi) calls out for Ganga. Ganga stops in shock. Mehri reaches for her daughter and begins to run after her. Palash and Pulkit hear her. She shares that it was Mehri Didi only. She is wearing a blue coloured saree. Her daughter and baby were also with her. Mehri runs with her kids.

Palash sends Ganga and Pulkit in a different direction to look for Mehri. He next calls his goons to make sure they are not able to track Mehri. Mehri hides behind a car with her kids.

Sagar requests Inspector to call Ganga once. I want to make sure she is fine. She went to find Mehri Didi who was at home only on the day of Janvi’s death. Inspector asks about Palash. He has not come here since many days. Has Ganga told you about the fingerprints on the syringe? Sagar is confused. What syringe? Inspector says we found a syringe from Janvi’s room after her death. I gave the forensic report to Palash. Sagar is shocked to know this. Neither I nor Ganga know about it or she would have told me for sure. Inspector says it is strange. He said he will show it to Ganga first of all. Sagar asks for the report. Inspector goes to bring it. Sagar thinks Ganga cannot miss telling him such an important point. Surely Palash wouldn’t have told her but why!

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