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Twist of fate 14 May 2020: A drunk Pragya is walking on the balcony fence, thinking if Purab will marry Aaliya or not. Abhi sees that and asks her to come down. She misses her balance and is about to fall, but Abhi rescues her. He drops her on floor and asks why is she thinking if Purab will marry Aaliya or not.

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Pragya says the truth is Purab does not love her and loves Bulbul. Abhi is shocked to hear that. She then says she is hearing bulbul bird’s voice and says bird is very small. Abhi then realizes she is talking about bird and asks then why was she talking about a girl and asks her to come inside the room. Pragya says she is waiting for the rain. Abhi says rain will not come. Pragya asks how does he know. He says he spoke to god. Pragya asks when he does not believe in god, then how can god speak to him. He asks if she is just acting. She says no and starts her weird gestures and says she wants to fly like bulbul. Abhi picks her and takes her home.

Sarla and family are in Purab’s car. Sarla asks Purab to bring her chacha/chachi to he home once. He nods yes. Purbi asks why does he just nods head and asks if he does not love Aaliya. Sarla says he loves her. Purbi asks when did he meet Aaliya and if it was love at first sight. Bulbul gets irked and asks her to stop. Purbi says when Purab is not minding why is she. Purab asks if they are feeling hungry. Daadi says yes. Purab says he will take them to a vada pav stall.

Abhi brings Pragya to their room and drops her on bed. Pragya starts crying saying she got injured. Abhi jokes docs will do operation now. Pragya starts crying loudly. He asks what she needs to stop crying. She says gulab jamoon. He says she will get more inebriated with sweets. She insists and asks him to bring 4 gulab jamoons and laughs.

Abhi reaches kitchen and does not find servants there. He picks gulab jamoon from kitchen and tries to warm them. Tanu reaches kitchen and asks what is he doing. He says he is taking gulab jamoon for chasmish. She says he is acting like a typical husband and he did do anything for her. He asks what else she wants him to do. She starts fighting with him. Abhi asks her to calm down and eat gulab jamoon while he gives them to Pragya and come back. She says she hates gulab jamoon and gets irked.

Purab drops Sarla’s family home. Sarla asks her to come inside. Purab says her uncle, aunty and cousins are at home and he has to go and meet them. Sarla asks him to go home safely. Purab says Bulbul that he wants to talk to her and says he needs Pragya’s college letter. Sarla asks Bulbul to give letter to him and goes inside house. Bulbul asks why is he doing all this and says if his family tells anything in front of Aaliya, they will be in trouble. Purab says he did not tell anything to them. She asks him to o now. He thanks her for being rude and says he would not have gone away from her without her being rude. Ye din tanhaa kyun rahe… song plays in the background. They both look at each othe and cry, Purab gets into his car and leaves while she gets into her house.

Abhi gives gulab jamoons to Pragya. She eats and says they are not tasty, says he should learn it from her mama. He says that is all left now. She says a persons should learn everything. He says he should learn to murder now. Sarla calls him and asks about Pragya. He says she is fine and sleeping and asks her to give phone to daadi. He asks daadi how to remove inebriation from a person. She tells him to give lime water, splash water, or make her vomit.

Abhi imagines dipping Pragya’s face in water and she pleading him not to. He comes back to his senses and sees Pragya on bed. He picks her to the bathroom and asks hef to dip her face in bathtub. She says he must have added something in it and asks him to prove it first. She says he did not. She says he told he did not add anything in juice, but did. Abhi dips his face in water. Pragya escapes from there.

Pragya comes to her room and sees Tanu calling Abhi. Tanu asks Abhi to take her home. Pragya says chudail I am coming and gets into Tanu’s car. Tanu sees that and asks Pragya to get out of he car. Pragya gets out of car, but sits back next to her and asks her to drive referring her as driver. Tanu says she does not want to go. Pragya asks if she is waiting for her husband, but he said he is not in mood to go out and sent ehr instead.

Tanu says Abhi will not say that. Pragya says husband or wife, both are same. Tanu says Abhi will not keep her as servant. Pragya says she is inside his house and she is out. Tanu says he will kick her out. Pragya says she will not be seen around after some days. Tanu asks what does she think of herself. PRagya says a wife, who does not let another woman come near her husband. She asks if she called her another woman. Pragya says she called her lucchi, chudail also. Tanu gets out of her car and leaves angrily.

Abhi searching Pragya. He informs Aaliya about it. Aaliya says she is troubling us instead of we troubling her. Tanu comes in angrily and says Pragya called her another woman and lucchi, etc. She asks him to torture her. Abhi says he wil, but to take him to Pragya first. Aaliya asks them to go while she stops family members. Abhi and Tanu reach parking area and Abhi checks Tanu’s car, but does not find Pragya inside her car. Abhi says she is inebriated and may harm herself. Tanu says let her fall in drain. Abhi says if Daadi finds her in drain, shhe will kill him. Tanu says she has an important shooting in the morning and has to go now. Abhi asks her not to leave him alone with hungry tigress Pragya.

He hesitantly then asks her to go and attend her shooting. Tanu goes thinking she is telling lie because of chasmish. Abhi thinks once he gets chasmish, he will tie her and stuff cloth in he mouth. He thanks god that Pragya is not out, but sees her in a car holding steering and asking him to get out of her way. He asks what is she doing. She says she is driving. He says if she drives so fast, she will meet wit an accident and break her specs.

Pragya says that is why she horned him. She then starts scolding Tanu and calls her chudail. Abhi says she left already and cannot catch her. Abhi sits next to her. She asks how did he come in her car. He says he is superman. She asks where is his underwear then. He says he missed it. She asks if chudail Tanu’s teeth hurt him when he kisses her. He says no. She starts car and starts driving. Abhi asks her to apply breaks, but she applies accelorator and crashes the car instead and falls unconscious. Abhi gets tensed and asks her to open her eyes. Praya opens her eyes and ask if car stopped. He says hsi breath stopped and scolds her. Pragya says he is talking to her like a chudail. He asks her to get out. She says she wants to go on a long drive.

Bulbul reminisces Purab and thinks she cannot go away from him and how will she see him marrying someone else. She looks at Purab’s pic and apologizes him. Sarla sees her awake and asks why did not she sleep yet. She sees Bulbul watching pic and asks her to show her also. Bulbul switches off phone and says battery went off. Sarla asks her to show it in the morning. She then remembers Pragya and cries, says PRagya went to her in-laws and she will also go to her in-laws.

Bulbul says she will not marry. Sarla says she has to marry, a prince and his family will come and take her and she will have to live happily with him. She asks to tell her if she has anyone in her life. Bulbul murmurs. Sarla asks what is she talking about. Bulbul says her friend who was in 3-year long relationship broke up, so she hates love. Sarla says not to worry, she will get a beautiful prince.

Abhi asks Pragya where she wants to go. She says she wants to go to disco and says she defeated him in dance. Abhi asks if she ever went to disco. He says no. He says we will make your first experience special and asks her to tie kerchier around her eyes. She ties it. Abhi just circles his car inside compound, stops in his parking lot and says they reached disco. He takes her inside home, picks her up. She asks why did he pick her up. He says she did not wear slippers, so he is carrying her into disco.

He drops he inside their room and ask her not to open her eyes until he says. He switches on colourful lights and switches on music and then asks her to open her eyes. She opens her eyes, but it is blur outside as she is not wearing specs. Abhi makes her wear specs and asks her to see it now. She says it looks like his room. He says he made interior decoration of his room exactly as this disco. She says he is smart. She asks him to go and sleep. She says she wants to dance and asks where are the people. He says they all went home as it is late night, he opened it up for her. He thinks her brain works faster even when she is inebriated. She asks him to change the music. He says DJ went home. She says she will change it herself. He thinks she will identify it and changes song himself and plays mai to ayvi ayvi lut gaya… song. She starts dancing with him . She forcefully makes him to dance. He thinks how to control her, sees alcohol and drinks himself.

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