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Twist of fate 15 May 2020: Pragya continues dancing and on the other hand, Abhi also gets himself drunk. He then goes to Pragya and takes off her dupatta and uses it to turn off the music. She gets shocked and asks why he turned off music. He puts dupatta around her and pulls her to him.

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He tells her enough of her talking. Now him, the rockstar, is here. She made him dance too much, now it’s his turn to make her dance. He rolls her and goes to turn on the music. Pragya says, stop me. Abhi comes back and dances wildly with her. They then have eyelock. Song changes and now they dance romantically on song Pee Loon.

After dance, he asks her what she said about his lips that he kisses Tannu? He asks if she has seen her own lips. Before kissing her, a man would close his eyes and nose. She says there is no need for that because she didn’t let anyone kiss her, and she won’t let anyone. She is not that drunk. He asks no one kissed her? She says nope. He says that means there is no one in whole India who can take such risk. He laughs and she stares at him. He says he’s not that drunk either that he will kiss her. He then continues teasing her. She gets mad. She picks up powder and throws it on his face and laughs. He takes the powder from her and throws it on her.

He now laughs at her. Both continue throwing powder at each other until powder finishes. Pragya jumps and says she won as she was the last one to throw. Abhi throws pillow at her. And they start pillow fight then. They pick up something from their room and start fighting with it. Both get tired. Pragya shows white cloth and says, peace. He agrees.

They are now on their terrace. She thanks him for cleaning her powder. He also thanks her for cleaning his powder. She asks how she will sleep, it’s so dark. He says it’s not Sunday today, so there is no sun. She asks if it’s ‘hawa-day’ as there’s so much wind there. He says he has so many fans, so he doesn’t need wind. She says because he’s a rockstar. She asks him how he folds and shows his fingers like a rockstar. He shows it to her saying chashmish. She tells him not to call her chashmish all the time.

He asks what he can call then? She thinks and says Pragya. He asks her from where she learned doing magic with her eyes. She says she didn’t learn that. She doesn’t know magic. He says let him check. He looks into her eye, but can’t see anything. She says he didn’t wear glasses that’s why. He says he doesn’t have glasses and it’s because of her glasses. He takes them off and looks into her eyes again. Both have eyelock. He says there is no magic in her eyes and puts the glasses back. Pragya sees the moon and says she wants that.

Abhi gets up and tries to bring the moon down. They wonder why moon is so black. He jumps to get the moon down and Pragya cheers for him. He says it’s not coming. Pragya says she will try, but she fails too. He says they should sleep now. She says she can’t sleep in dark, she wants moon. He says it’s black moon, what’s the point then? She says when it comes closer, it won’t be dark. He asks her to sit on her, they will go on ride and get it. She says she has an idea. He says he doesn’t want it. Aaliya gives him ideas which always fail and then he has to suffer. She tells him not to take tension and asks him to lift her. He says no, he doesn’t want to throw her now because she’s nice.

She smiles and tells him he’s nice too and asks to lift her. He lifts her. She asks the moon to come down, and says she got it in her fist. He tells her not to open it and takes her backward. He loses balance and they fall on each other on a sofa. He says she said his song is bad and asks her to listen now. He sings it and then asks what’s wrong in it? She says this is good, teach me. They both sing together and eventually fall asleep hugging each other.

In morning, Dadi sees them like that and smiles. She leaves their room laughing.

Abhi and Pragya wake up and they get shocked. He asks her if he’s a pillow or what? and asks her to get up. She tries to get up, but again falls on him. She says sorry. He says what sorry? You only found this corner to sleep in this huge room? and what were you doing on top of me? She says she doesn’t know anything. She remembers about juice and asks him what he mixed in it. He asks what juice? She says Bubli told her everything. He asks her to stop drinking. She is gone mad. He comes inside their room and sees his favorite pillow on floor. He picks it up and puts it on the bed.

Pragya comes and sees her dupatta on a table. She picks it up and asks Abhi he didn’t do anything wrong with her, right? He says, have you gone mad? I won’t do anything with you while am drunk, or in my dream, or even in next life. Instead you did it all with me. She gets shocked and asks what she did. He tells her all that she did and how she tortured him. She says, I just tortured, right? What’s the big deal? I was drunk, but you were fine, right? He says you tortured me so much that even I got drunk. She asks him how he can be so irresponsible. He asks her to shut.

She bothered him so much that he felt like to throw her under the car and all would think she did suicide after drinking. She says he should have done it, at least she would get rid off him. She gets worried thinking what her mum, Dadi, and all would have thought about her. He says noone thought anything, instead Dadi scolded him. If it wasn’t for Dadi, then he would have pushed her. She says she would have written suicide note. He says, with all her frauds so all know her truth. She says, you’re there for it. Give it in newspaper. He says she wants free publicity. She says she wants peace, she’s having headache.

Dadi comes there and asks what is this? they started fighting in morning? Abhi says he was apologizing to her. Pragya asks is that how you apologize? He bends down to touch her feet, but she moves away and asks Dadi to tell him not to talk to her. He tells Dadi to tell her to promise him. Dadi says it’s your fight, don’t drag me into it. She gives breakfast and leaves telling Pragya not to forgive him that easily.

After Dadi leaves, Abhi tells Pragya he knows all that’s going on between her and double battery. She says, Suresh. He says, yes, him. You must be thinking how I know everything, right? I will tell your truth to the whole world. Police arrive there. Pragya tells him to think about himself. What will he say to police when they show his report? He walks out.

Abhi wonders how police brought his medical report so soon. He remembers Pragya meeting Suresh and thinks it must be their plan to call police soon so he doesn’t get a chance to do anything. Suresh must have called media and police will prove he was drunk and driving. Pragya took revenge in end. His reputation, name, career all will be spoiled.

Tannu calls Aaliya and asks about Pragya. Aaliya tells her not to talk about her. She left Abhi alone. She doesn’t care about him. Tannu tells her she better not say anything. She herself acted of being sleepy and why would she go to search Pragya? Just to get insulted? Aaliya says she was really sleepy. She is not afraid of anyone. Mitali comes in and tells Aaliya about police. Tannu hears it and gets worried that her name will also come in that. Other side, Dadi gets worried. Pragya tells her to stay there, she will go and check, but Dadi doesn’t listen.

All are in hall. Suresh comes with panwala. Dadi tells police that Abhi didn’t do accident purposely and requests them to forgive him. Abhi tells Dadi not to fold her hands to anyone. He tells his family that they have seen worse days than this. They will overcome with this as well. He asks inspector to take him. Aaliya interrupts and says she talked to their lawyer, and until he doesn’t come, they can’t take Abhi anywhere.

Inspector says, lawyer can come to police station. No one can stop him from doing his duty right now. Abhi says, let’s go. Inspector stops him and says he’s not going anywhere. Inspector shows the report and says there was no alcohol in his blood. Abhi says how is this possible? Pragya interrupts and asks, how will they find it? I don’t drink alcohol then. Abhi is confused.

police reach Abhi’s house with Suresh and panwala to arrest Abhi. Pragya says she insisted Abhi to teach her driving and made an accident, but Abhi took it on himself. Inspector says panwala you told Abhi was driving. Panwala says Suresh told him and he insisted to file a complaint. Suresh says panwala has agreed to take back the case. Inspector praises Abhi for protecting his wife and says he is a real life hero.

Daadi thanks panwala for taking back case. Panwala says he came to thank Pragya instead who gave her mom’s jewellery to start back his business. Abhi realizes Pragya was helping him instead. Tanu sees inspector going back without arresting Abhi and thinks who did this happen. Panwala says Daadi that he changed his perception towards rich people after seeing Pragya. Daadi asks panwala to give back Pragya’s jewelry and she will give him money instead. Panwala gives back jewelry. Daadi gives it to Pragya and asks her not to lose it again. She asks Akash to give money to panwala.

Tanu takes Abhi to the side and asks if he did not take her name, says he is a big rockstar and can escape, but she is a small time model. Abhi says Pragya took all the blame on herself. Cousin daadi says Abhi that Pragya is a savitri for him. Daadi says she chose a right girl for Abhi and praises Pragya. She says only a middle class girl can think of her family’s wellbeing and can become husband’s life partner. Abhi repents for his mistake. Daadi thanks Suresh for helping her family and says she hopes Akash get his conscience and accept Rachna. Aaksh thinks Daadi is telling right, only money cannot buy anything.

Aaliya sees Tanu walking tensely and asks her to calm down. Tanu says Pragya is getting closer to Abhi and becoming a key for his solutions. Aaliya says she is key for Abhi’s problems. Tanu says Pragya planned big and is slowly getting Abhi from her. Aaliya says she will get back her brother and Tanu’s boyfriend and says Tanu has to do the same drama. Tanu says she is a model and not an actor. Aaliya says she should be patient like Pragya and wait till the right time comes. Tanu says Pragya will get Abhi if they wait for the right time.

Abhi is exercising and reminisces Pragya taking blame on herslf and other incidents. He thinks he tortures Pragya a lot, but she rescued him instead of putting him in trouble. Pragya comes to their room and plays Abhi’s rock music. Abhi gets irked and switches off music. He sees Pragya cleaning the house and then reading her book. Pragya sees him looking at her and hides her face in book. She then sees Abhi reading book and asks him to help her get book. She falls on him while picking book and he holds her. He then asks if she hates him so much, why did she rescue him and says she would have become owner of his house. S

She says she could have become owner, but she does not need his house and says she just cares for her family and its people. She says she cannot see Daadi feeling bad seeing him going to jail and she does not want Sarla to know that he and Tanu are in a relationship. Saving him was her to protect her family.

Aaliya sees Pragya carrying soup for daadi and says tanu she may pour it on herself. Tanu says her face will glow with soup. Aaliya says Pragya that she will have to leave this house after her marriage. Tanu keeps her leg in Pragya’s way and tries to make her fall. PRagya sees that and says soup may fall on her face and ruin her model face. Aaliya says she should ask Abhi to torture Pragya more and kick her out.

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