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Twist of fate 7 June 2020: pragya sees inspector talking to corporator on pone and warns him not to harm her husband, else she will ruin his career. Sarla asks daadi if Pragya called. Daadi says no and says Abhi can only be bailed out in the morning. Sarla says she did not like Abhi at the beginning, but loves him a lot after his help.

She says she was sad that she does not have a son, but Abhi fullfilled its responsibility. Dadi says our Abi is a rock star and will find way to get out of lockup easily Bulbul thinks there must be something that Abhi agreed to help them.

Pragya comes and sit next to the wall behind which Abhi’s cell is. A song….. plays in the background. Abhi reminisces Pragya’s words and starts thinking about her. Pragya on the other side thinks she will not let Abhi get into trouble.

Tanu comes to the police station and starts her drama. She starts crying and asks what has he done to himself and says it is all because of Pragya. Abhi says it is nothing like that. Aaliya comes and says he had to take revenge from Pragya, but instead protected her and asks why did he get stay orders. Abhi says he did it for Daadi as she was crying. She asks why can’t he see anyone crying. He says Sarla and Daadi are good people and he cannot see them in trouble. Tanu asks what should we do now. He asks her to call lawyer. Aliya says she has informed lawyer already. Tanu says she will get him out, but he should promise that he will not help Pragya’s family again.

Daadi and her cousins come back to their room from Sai baba darshan. Daadi says it is good they tood Abhi’s name and go darshan early. Cousin dadi says it would have been good if PRagya would have come with us and says hope Tanu does not interfere in their life. Daadi asks what is she talking about. She says she doubts Tanu is trying to lure Abhi. Daadi says she is just doubting her unnecessarily and asks her not to think like that again. Daadi prays Sai baba to protect Abhi and Pragya.

Tanu and Aaliya come out and Tanu says how will we get Abhi out now. Aaliya say Abhi is not repenting for his decision at all,let him stay in lockup for some days. Tanu sees PRagya outside police station and asks why is she here after getting Abhi arrested. Pragya says he is concerned about him and says she will not understand as she is not married. Tanu says she will never get Abhi’s love and walks from there irked. PRagya thinks why did she fought with Tanu as if she is her sautan.

Pragya calls Purab and informing him about Abhi getting arrested after beating corporator. She requests him to help her bail out Abhi. Purab asks her not to worry and says he will get a lawyer there now.

Abhi’s family is worried about Abhi not reaching home. Akash Abhi went after the marriage function and his phone is not reachable. Aaliya comes home and shouts at them for being awake till midnight. Tauji says Abhi has not reached home yet. She says he has gone out on some important work and asks them to get back to their rooms. Mithali thinks whenever something is wrong, Aaliya shouts at them.

Purab reaches police station and meets Pragya. His lawyer comes and says he could not get bail as judge is sleeping and did not pick his call. He assures them to get bail by 11 a.m. and asks Pragya to give her statement that corporator provoked Abhi to beat him. Pragya thanks Purab for his help. Purab says Abhi is his friend and it is his duty. He asks Pragya to explain Bulbul that it is not her mistake, else she will think corporator did this as she did not marry him. Pragya says she feels sorry for him and Bulbul. Purab asks her to go home and rest as he will handle everything. Sarla calls Pragya and asks about Abhi. Pragya says he is still in jail and says she will come back home. Sarla asks her to go back to her home instead.

Pragya reaches Abhi’s home and sees Aaliya there. She scolds her for not helping Abhi get out of jail and says he always was beside you and you are so selfish. Aaliya says it is because of her that Abhi is in jail and says she snatched her brother from her. She had come to marriage hall to see her destroyal, but Abhi helped her with stay orders and instead got arrested for beating corporator. Once Aaliya leaves, Mitali comes and asks Pragya not to get angry on Abhi for coming late, etc. Pragya realizes that Abhi’s family does not know about his arrest. She says she is tired and will got and rest. Mitali says she should rest now and asks her again not to get angry on Abhi.

Abhi reminisces Pragya’s words that she respects him after his help. He thinks she was just acting and she just knows betrayal, nothing else. Pragya on the other side reminisces time spent with Abhi. Mai teju samjhawaki…. song plays in the background. She look at Abhi’s things emotionally. She holds his pillow and sleeps reminiscing him.

Tauji during breakfast asks Akash if he got any news about Abhi. Akash says no. Tauji says for the first time he went without informing. Raj joins them for breakfast and asks Mitali to get news paper. She picks up paper and sees news about Abhi being arrested. She even identifies corporator and reminisces meeting him with her dad. She calls dad and asks if he read news. Dad tells that corporator was helping him get his marriage hall to construct mall, but Abhi came in between and fought with him. He asks her not to let her family know about Abhi’s arrest.

Raj comes and snatches paper from her. She thinks of stopping him reading the news and pours tea on it. Taji scolds her for being careless. Tauji asks her not to scold her. Taiji asks Mitali to throw paper in dustbin. Mitali gets relaxed and thinks if her family would have read the news and known about her dad’s plan, they would have killed her and thinks to hide paper daily until Abhi is back home.

Aaliya gets Tanu’s call who tells her that Pragya got Abhi’s lawyer’s number and has arranged to bail out Abhi. Aaliya is shocked to hear that and asks who gave her lawyer’s number. Tanu says Purab must have given it. Aaliya asks her to reach police station and says before behanji/Pragya reaches police station with lawyer, they have to reach there and change the situation in their favor.Pragya helps people and then praying god to set Abhi free soon.

Day duty inspector reaches police station and sees reporters thronging outside. He asks constable about it. Constable says Abhi rockstar is in lockup. He asks not to joke. Constable asks him to check himself. Inspector gets excited hearing that and releases Abhi from lockup. He says he is his big fan and starts praising him. He says his wife is much bigger fan than him and says she watches his video daily. He calls and informs his wife who asks him to release Abhi first. He takes selfie with Abhi.

Corporator asks his puppet inspector why did not he give third-degree torture to Abhi. He says Abhi’s wife warned that she will go to media and says now new inspector has taken incharge and Abhi will be released if Pragya gives statement that you provoked Abhi to fight with you.’

Abhi’s lawyer says if Pragya gives statement that corporator provoked him to hit him, he will be released. Tanu and Aaliya reach police station and start showing fake concern. Abhi asks them to stop their drama. Pragya reaches police station. Inspector asks her to give her statement. PRagya says wrong statement that corporator did not provoke Abhi to beat him. Abhi gets annoyed hearing that and says she wants him to be in jail for some more time. She says yes. He says Aliya was right and I would not have helped your family. He says once he comes home, she will kick her out from his life.

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