This is fate Sunday 7 June 2020 update

This is fate 7 June 2020: Janki thinks the reason she saw Prithvi in her dream and she was scared while he was laughing, she thinks that Dreams do not come like this and there is something which she knows that no one else knows, she decides to look into his personal life.

Mahesh asks his lawyer to come hurriedly, Preeta brings tea and ask Dadi to have it but she says that she does not want to, Preeta tries to force her, Rakhi stops her, she sits with her and says that she must remember that they have to fight this situation and come out of it, she says that if Rishab knows that they are not eating then he will also get worried. Dadi seeing this asks her to come and says that she will do it for Rishab and so decides to have the breakfast.

Karan comes and meets the lawyer, he apologizes for being late saying that he was studying Rishab’s file to make the case strong, they all say that Rishab is innocent, Kara gets angry demanding that he must bring Rishab home after winning the case, Rakhi also says that she only wants him to bring back his son and win the case.

Rakhi says that he must bring back her son, the lawyer says that he knows that his clients are innocent and only takes those cases where he is sure of the innocence,. He knows that there is only one witness in this case and will do all that he can to make him speak the truth.

The constable says to a prisoner who is with Billa that there is someone to meet him, it is Prithvi, and he says that he wants to meet Billa and only used his name.

He also gives him a prize, Billa asks him the reason for meeting him, he asks why did he not use his own name, he informs that he did not use his name because they would have to tell their names and write it on the register, the other prisoner ask him for a cigarette and also a lighter, Prithvi gets angry and starts to shout, constable comes and asks what is happening, Prithvi denies that he came to meet Billa and confirms that he will correct his friend so he must leave, when the police man leaves he again hands him money asking that he must leave, he asks how was he able to know the name of him, Prithvi says that it is very easy for him to know the information of any person.

Prithvi asks Billa to take the name of Rishab when the judge asks him who ordered him, he must only take the name of Rishab, Billa asks him the reason for playing this double role because he is so sweet in front of The Luthras but is so evil behind them, Prithvi says that h hates them, hearing this Billa gets scared and asks if he will do the same with Billa. Prithvi says that he is going to settle him aboard.

Rishab hears some shouting, he heads to the constable asking if is going to take him to the hearing, he is assured that it will be after some time, He asks Rishab if someone is coming to meet him, as some guy who says that will correct those who are deceived from the path, Rishab asks the name of the person and he tells that he will not do it as it is against the law, everyone takes Rishab’s side and s the constable agrees.

Sherlin is talking with her mother, there is someone at the door and when she goes to open it, Manisha is standing at the door, she says hat Prithvi is not at home but Manisha comes and starts beating her asking repeatedly why she killed Rithwik, Sherlin tries to deny that she did it but Manisha is adamant, Sherlin thinks that Manisha will kill her as she is so angry.

Rishab asks if the constable saw the name of the person who came to meet Billa, the person says that he came to meet the other guy Mahinder but when he went to see him he was talking with Billa and Mahinder also said that he came to meet Billa, Rishab asks the name of the person, he says that his name was Prithvi Malhotra, Rishab gets shocked after hearing this.

Sherlin is screaming, Manisha is constantly asking the truth, she leaves her, Sherlin again tries to make an excuse but Manisha decides to take the side of lies and says that she talked with Billa, Sherlin admits that she killed Rithwik, Manisha gets angry, she is about to hit her, Sherlin tries to calm her down and says that she did it for her to protect her.

Rishab asks the constable if he is sure that it was Prithvi, eh says that the entry was with he same name and if it is the guy which his family has sent then he must come first to meet Rishab but he came and instead of entering Billa name did it with the name of Mahinder.

Sherlin asks Manisha if it was Preeta who said that it was not Rishab who killed Rithwik, Sherlin says that she only wants to marry Rishab and is doing this to secure her future because she wants to be a part of the Luthras. She is adamant that it is Preeta who came to Manisha, she also gets shocked at how Sherlin knows this.
A delivery boy comes and leaves after placing an invitation, she takes it and reads that it is an invitation from sia deciding to go there, she also passes the invitation to everyone.

Sherlin convinces Manisha that Preeta will do all that she can to save Rishab, she is the one who made all the plans against Prithvi, Sherlin says that she feels Preeta is related with both |Rishab and Karan, she is very clever and has both of the brothers in her hands.

She convinces Manisha that she is the only one who can make the guilty get the conviction which he deserves, Manisha promises her that she will do all that she can to make her get in a lot of trouble.

The inspector asks his constable to bring Rishab as they have to go to the court, Rishab begs him to let him first meet Billa before they go to the court, at first he denies but then agrees when Rishab pleads he agree  to his request and gives him five minutes with Billa.

The inspector asks the family members if they feel that Rishab was the one behind the accident, they all says that he cannot even think of killing anyone, the lawyer says that he will now be able to free Rishab from the conviction.

Prithvi says to Billa that he will fulfill all the promises, Rishab sees him and says that he knows that Prithvi is the mastermind and the one behind all their problems, Prithvi denies it but Rishab says that he has seen him with his own eyes and now knows that he is the true evil mastermind in the their family. Prithvi tries to think of something but Rishab says that nothing can save him now because he knows the truth, Prithvi says that he came to meet Billa but out of confusion he wrote Mahinder. Rishab asks him why he came to meet Billa, Prithvi says that the only reason was the because he is a honest and true person and cannot think of Killing anyone,


Rishab says that he will decide and so Prithvi must say the truth, Prithvi says that he is the one who is closest to Preeta, she believes in him so asked him to go and set a deal with Billa that is why he came to meet Billa to convince him to take all the convictions back, he tries to say that he came to save him. And did not write the truth because of his image.

He tries to question Billa to make him say the truth so as to make Rishab believe his lie, Rishab gets emotional and starts to believe Prithvi thinking that he is telling the truth, he says that he only pointed towards Rishab.

He tries to make Rishab realize that he is the one who is behind everything, asking if he did anything wrong with someone and stole his family, friends and happiness, forcing him to think about anyone who he has hurt in the past, the constable takes him away saying the time is over, Rishab gets confused and leaves, Prithvi thinks that now he has fulfilled his revenge and will never see Rishab again.

Manisha is in the cab thinking of what Sherlin and Preeta said to her regarding the court hearing and how colliding their views were, she thinks that Preeta is playing with her emotions and she will; do all that is possible to make Rishab go into jail, she will never stand with Rishab but will always be against him.


Rishab is walking and thinking who can that person regarding which Prithvi was talking about he thinks that he will do all that is possible to find anything that he can regarding Prithvi so that he can be able to save Preeta from him.

The Luthras reach the court and all think of their habits of Rishab wondering how bad their day has been without his presence, Sherlin comes from behind and apologizes for being late saying that she went to pray for Rishab, Karina hugs her, Rakhi asks Dadi if she will be able to take Rishab home, she says that she will and will not go without him.

Manisha comes saying that she must not think so good of the future, Rishab has killed Rithwik and she will do all that is possible to get him sent to jail, she leaves everyone shocked.

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