Twist of fate update Saturday 30 December 2023

Twist of fate 30 December 2023: The Episode starts with Vishaka asking Prachi to listen to her carefully, and do as she is saying. She asks her to kick the kalash with her right leg’s toe and then keep her feet in the Kumkum thaali and get inside the house. She then asks Akshay to keep his feet on Prachi’s foot impressions. Akshay says I didn’t hear this ritual before. Vishaka says you are kids and says it is said that if the groom walks inside keeping his footsteps on the bride’s footsteps then God blesses them to be together always. Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words that they have entered home together, and their Jodi is sorted. Akshay’s mother asks Prachi to come inside, and asks them to think them as her family and think her as her mother.

Prachi is engrossed in Ranbir’s thoughts and kicks the kalash with her left foot and keeps her foot on the kumkum thaal. Vishaka stops her and asks what you have done, where is your mind, and says you have kicked the kalash with your left foot. Akshay’s mother says leave it and says Prachi did it mistakenly. She says she is already standing in the kumkum thaali and it is not right to keep bag her feet. Prachi walks behind shocking Vishaka. Ashok tells Vishaka that if she had refused for this marriage, then he would have pleaded with her to marry his son. He says Prachi is more important to me than my son and this rasam. Vishaka says if you all have decided that this rasams are of no use, then let her come as she wants to come.

Akshay’s sister keeps the kalash pot again. Prachi kicks the kalash pot with her right foot. Vishaka asks Akshay to come inside, keeping his footsteps on Prachi’s footprints. Akshay walks inside.

Ranbir searches for his wine bottle and gets it. He steps on the stick and falls down, shouts Prachi’s name. Prachi hears him and turns her face. Ranbir says if Prachi would have been here, then would have supported me and lifted me, but she went away from me. He says my love for her is so truthful, my heart is not beating as if someone took out my life from me. He says she also loves me a lot, then why did she leave me? He says he was cursed by Rhea, she cursed me from her heart, that I shall not get my love. He says my love is also snatched, and says Rhea gave me a bad curse, and says why Prachi went away from me. He cries.

Rhea is sitting in her room and takes the water jug. She pours water on her head and cries. Aaliya comes there and asks what you are doing? Rhea asks can’t you see, that your Rhea is burning. Aaliya says Rhea. Rhea says you can’t understand and tells that you can’t understand what is burning? She says that Prachi snatched my everything and burnt me and my everything. She says Prachi has suffocated my dreams and burnt my identity. She says I was good with everyone, with Ranbir and his family and thought that good thing will happen with me, I was wrong. She says when I am burning, then nobody will be saved. She says I swear that I will burn this house and everything related to it. Aaliya smiles. Rhea takes the lighter and switches it on. Pallavi comes there.

Vishaka and others see Prachi turning back. Akshay’s mother asks if you are waiting for someone. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words and says no. Akshay’s mother says then why you are looking back. Vishaka says your bahu is not in herself and your son..what he is doing is not understandable. She says your son couldn’t keep his foot on Prachi’s foot impressions. Divya says you call Akshay as your son always and as he does mistake, you are calling him as Mami ji’s son.

Akshay asks Vishaka to relax and tells that all the marriage rituals have happened nicely, and the marriage happened. Abhay says without any problems. Akshay says we did whatever Pandit ji said. He then tries to cheer up Vishaka and says I love you. Vishaka says he knows me well.

Abhay asks her to tell the solution for the mistake. Divya asks her to give solution. Vishaka says you said again. She asks Akshay and Prachi to fold their hands before God and apologize to her. Manpreet asks Prachi to fold her hands and tells her that she will always be with her. Mihika calls Divya and says I am late, and knows that Bhai and Bhabhi have come home. She says don’t let them go to their wedding room, and tells that she has to do some touch ups to their room. Divya gives call to Akshay. Akshay asks Mihika to go back to Canada and says you are not needed now, as marriage happened? Mihika asks what is my mistake and tells that the driver went so she is coming from taxi. She asks if Bua is near there and asks her to wait for hr, and then only send them to their room. Vishaka says I heard, but I will not stop. She says Mihika is great not to attend the wedding and you are great to think that I will stop the ritual. She says Rasam will not stop for anyone. She asks Sangeeta to bring milk bowl with flower petals, for ring finding ceremony.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that Rhea was checking the lighter, if it has petrol or not. Pallavi says I heard everything and tells that she is with Rhea. She tells that she will never accept Prachi as her bahu. Rhea says it doesn’t matter if you accept Prachi or not, and asks her to get her married to Ranbir, else kill her with her hands. Pallavi promises her that she will get her married to Ranbir. Aaliya smiles.

 Pallavi promising Rhea that she will get her married to Ranbir. Aaliya asks how you will get it done, as Ranbir is married to Prachi now. Pallavi says who accepts this marriage and tells that she will not repeat the same mistake and says she will throw Prachi out, and will keep Ranbir with Rhea. She says I promise and hugs Rhea. Rhea smiles victorious.

Akshay’s mother asks Prachi if she understood the rasam. Vishaka says she has to find ring from the milk. Divya and her sister tell that they will be on Bhabhi’s side. Vishaka asks if you both are ready. Akshay asks why you are scaring us, as we are going to the war. Vishaka says now you will know the rate of flour and pulses. Prachi recalls playing ring finding ritual with Ranbir and a fb is shown. Ranbir says he will win. Prachi gets the ring for the first time. Ranbir says three chances. Prachi gets it again and tells that she will rule on him. Ranbir says he will always be with her, and tells that it is a win-win situation. He kisses on her cheeks and asks her to kiss him. She asks him to leave her. He gets upset and says I will go and kiss myself looking at the mirror. Prachi says you got upset, how to convince you. She blows on the candles and sets it off. She then comes near him and keeps her forehead on his forehead, and his tilak gets applied to her forehead. Fb ends. Akshay finds the ring. Divya asks Prachi if she is just seated to make Bhai win. Manpreet tells that Prachi didn’t keep her hand in the bowl and Akshay took the ring, and says they shall play it again. Akshay tells that she is right. Manpreet says she is Prachi’s mother now. Ashok says he is with his son. Akshay misses Mihika. Mihika asks the driver to drive fast.

Suddenly the car stops and the driver gets down to change the tyre. Mihika sees Ranbir drinking on the side of road, but doesn’t see his face. She sees car is coming and shouts for lift. She sees the bikers, who tease her and asks her to sit on their bike. The taxi driver is about to call Police, when the bikers throws away his phone and it falls near Ranbir. Ranbir says he couldn’t drink peacefully. The goon holds Mihika’s hand and tells that they will go to the same place, as they will be together. Mihika shouts for help. Ranbir throws wine bottle on the goon’s head. He then comes near and beats the goons.

Mihika tells Ranbir that the goon is holding her hand. Ranbir asks her to slap him. Mihika slaps him. Ranbir asks her to slap the goon hard. He slaps him. Mihika asks if he is their boss as she heard them talking that the boss must be sitting somewhere and drinking. Ranbir says I am not boss, I was drinking as Prac…He then stops and says if I was boss then would have kidnapped you. Driver throws stick at Ranbir. Ranbir takes it and hits them. He then sits on the bike and tells the goons that the girl is his wife. He hits them with the bike and comes to Mihika asking if she is fine. The goons sit on their bike again and ride the bike around them.

Divya and other girl asks Prachi to win. Manpreet says Prachi has won. Vishaka asks them to do the rasam. Akshay finds the ring and gives it in Prachi’s hand. Vishaka asks Akshay to search it this time. They begin searching again. Even this time, Akshay gives ring in Prachi’s hand. Vishaka realizes and asks Akshay to come to her. She pulls his ear and says you made her win intentionally and you lost. He says my victory lies in my wife’s victory. Abhay says exactly. Vishaka says he has become joru ka ghulam like his father. She says he had become joru ka ghulam, which proved costly for him. Manpreet is about to go. Vishaka asks Manpreet to take Prachi to her room. Divya and the girl tell that they will take Bhabhi. Ashok calls Mihika.

Vishaka asks Akshay not to be joru ka ghulam, but be a man. Abhay asks Akshay, who was that guy who sat on the mandap in your place. Ranbir tells the bikers that he is tired and asks them to go. The goons go from there, then they come back and hit brick on Ranbir’s head and goes. Mihika thinks to take him home, as he called her as his wife.

Divya and the girl take Prachi to the room. They tell that Mihika wanted to decorate the room with orchids. She says they have decorated the room. She says Mihika is coming and that is enough. They ask Prachi to sit on the bench and cover her head with the veil. Prachi sits on the bed covering her head. Akshay comes there. The girls asks him to give her nek. Manpreet says it is sister’s nek and asks him to give else she will call his Bua. He says I thought you will support me. Manpreet says I have another daughter now. Akshay says he is feeling sleepy. The girls tease him. Manpreet asks him to give them nek and go to the bride.

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