Twist of fate update Saturday 23 December 2023

Twist of fate 23 December 2023: Ranbir frantically steps back refusing to get married to Rhea, hearing this she is left shocked as Ranbeer leaves the Mandap, Ranbir angrily walks to the wedding of Prachi and Akshay, he is furious seeing her getting married.

Some time earlier, Sahana and Prachi are talking when Dadi comes asking if she has gotten ready since the Barrat has arrived, Prachi assures she will get ready in five minutes, Dadi asks Sahana to come with her since they have to welcome the Baraat.

Ranbir is getting ready in the room when Vikram comes asking him to see his face as he might be thinking that he is making a wrong decision, Bi jee coming questions how can Ranbir think like this, she says Vikram is just confusing Ranbir by asking such questions.

Prach tries calling Ranbir while thinking about what Sahana said to her, Rhea gets shocked seeing the phone of Ranbir so answers it, Rhea informs that Ranbir left his phone with her, explaining that he has come into her room three times once to give her the dress and then the jewelry. Rhea says she was not able to to congratulate her on getting married, Rhea apologizes saying she would not be able to come since she herself is getting married to Ranbir at the same time, Rhea explains that Ranbir did not propose to her but pleaded with her to marry him, Rhea says that Prachi should also congratulate her since she is also getting married to Ranbir, Prachi ends the call. Rhea thinks she has lied but both Ranbir and Prachi should not get any misunderstanding, Rhea is about to enter into the room when Dida stops her saying that it is not a good omen that the bride should meet the groom, Rhea says she has come to reveal the good news and explains that Prachi and Akshay are also getting married and they are a bit early and getting married,Mr Ashok comes to the entrance where he meets Dadi and Sahana, Dadi says that his mood changed after coming with the Baraat when he says that he was on their side just five minutes ago but now they would have to bear his mood as he has come with his entire family, he introduces his wife to Dadi and then mentions that his sister has gone to the Mandir for the puja and will come back because without her the rituals would not happen. Akshay says she is his bua and nothing happens without her, he informs that his sister is in Canada and would not be able to come to their wedding, he however informs Prachi that his sister is really excited to talk with Prachi. Pandit jee asks them both to come as the auspicious time has started, Dadi wonders where is Sahana.

Rhea is sitting in the Mandap, Aaliya reaches the function, she starts looking at Rhea thinking that she would be able to look at everything going on here. Pandit jee says this is the first wedding where the groom is missing, Dida says she will call the groom. Sahana pulls Ranbir to the room questioning what is he doing, she says that he should only marry Prachi and not anyone else, she requests him to think about Khushi as the girl would be lost without them both, Ranbir says that he is getting married so there is nothing else important and nothing can happen now, Sahana however tries to convince him how he would not be able to stay happy without Prachi, Dida reaches the room, she angrily forces Sahana to turn who is pleading with Ranbir to not marry anyone else other then Prachi. Dida slaps Sahana, which shocks Ranbir who asks what is she dong, she starts pulling Sahana and reaching the door demands that she should leave and not try to bring Prachi and Ranbir together when they both have gone their separate ways, Sahana says she knows they are not just joined by fate but even their Kundali is joined, Dida is not able to bear it so throws Sahana out of the house. Ranbir questions what is she doing, she forces Ranbir to sit on the Mandap, requesting that the Pandit jee should start the rituals.

Prachi and Akshay are also on the Mandap holding the Varnmala, Prachi recalls how Sahana advised her to not marry anyone else, she asks Akshay if she can talk with him privately, Akshay asks what has happened however Prachi insists on talking with him, requesting that he should come with her. Mr Ashok says that it is not suitable at the time of Varnmala, Akshay;s mother says he can go and talk with Prachi for a moment, Mr Akshay whispers this is why she should not have come to the wedding, he warns her to not interfere in his matters otherwise he will not spare any moment and throw her from the house, the guests start whispering about what they would have to talk about.

Prachi entering the room tells Akshay that she cannot deceive him and is feeling something is going wrong at this event, she explains she feels she is just using Akshay to get her daughter and taking advantage of him, she tells he knows how she behaves and she can never give him the same place in her heart. Prachi explains it would be wrong if this wedding happens, she informs she can never let anything happen to him since he is her best friend. Akshay replies he is understanding it all but why is she telling him, Prachi says she can not marry him. Akshay asks her to tell him if she wants to get her daughter Khushi, he explains they have to get married because the orphanage has put the condition and even the representatives are present outside to see it, Prachi is shocked when Akshay says that the orphanage would surely send someone to find out the truth. Akshay opening the door shows the lady explaining he saw her at the orphanage and then here, Prachi returning back to the room says that she came back here so she could cancel the wedding. Akshay once again says she should only focus on getting back her daughter, Prachi replies her heart and soul still beat for her husband. Akshay says Ranbir is her ex so she should only worry about one thing which is the custody of Khushi.

Dadi is standing when Sahana arrives, she says that there is no need to tell her anything as she can see it by her face, she informs that Misses Kunal is attending the wedding and has send a video, Sahana angrily leaves after seeing the video. Aaliya is standing behind the pillar, when she gets a call from someone who says that the wedding is going ahead smoothly. Aaliya is glad since now Ranbir and Rhea would be married.

Ranbir sitting in the Mandap is constantly thinking about his wedding with Prachi, he suddenly puts water in the Agni mentioning he cannot go ahead with this marriage. Ranbir says that Rhea is a very nice girl who has shown a lot of love and care to his family, he explains he would be deceiving her after marrying her mentioning he is only thinking about Prachi, he standing apologizes explains that his entire soul and consciousness has Prachi so he cannot deceive her, Ranbir apologizes to Rhea who hugs him. Aaliya angrily walks to the front and she slaps Ranbir, he is shocked seeing her but then tries to leave, Aaliya angrily calls him but Ranbir once again apologizes saying he cannot marry her, and mentions he has to stop the wedding of Prachi.

Ranbir is going into the house when the guards stop him demanding an invitation, he says he is a special guest of Akshay so instructs them to go and perform their duty. Ranbir is walking towards the house while Akshay and Prachi are fulfilling the rituals of the wedding, Sahana is shocked seeing Ranbir who is furious.

 Ranbir coming to Prachi and Akshay’s marriage. He asks Prachi not to do this marriage and says I will not let this marriage happen. Dida looks at Aaliya. Aaliya asks what you are looking at? She says you all might be pleasantly surprised to see me. Vikram asks her to leave. Aaliya says your anger timing is wrong and says you would have shown your anger on your son and asks what will happen with Rhea now. Dida asks how dare you to come here. Aaliya says you want to ask me why I raised my hand on Ranbir. She goes to Rhea. Rhea acts and tells that she has not invited her, and don’t know why she came. She says our relation is over with you, after whatever you have done with us. Aaliya says what was the accusation on me, that I killed Prachi and her daughter, but they are alive so I am not a culprit. She says I have come here, to see my Rhea’s marriage with her love, and tells that she has sacrificed her life for them. She asks Vikram, why Ranbir left Rhea on the mandap and asks if she is the doormat. She bashes Dida with her words and says your grand son is useless and cheap guy. Dida slaps her. Aaliya says enough, shows her eyes and goes. Dida apologizes to Rhea for Ranbir’s doings. Rhea hugs her and cries. Aaliya calls someone and asks him to come there. She then calls the goon and asks him to stop Ranbir from going to Prachi’s mandap. Aaliya tells him something and asks him to take him from there. Dadi shouts Ranbir. Shahana stops Dadi and says let this marriage stop.

Aaliya comes to Rhea. Dida stands with Rhea. Aaliya asks what happened to you, why you are against your Buji. Rhea says I am standing with my family and will always be. Aaliya asks her not to be a doormat. Rhea says you have already said enough, it is time for you to leave. Aaliya refuses to go and says nobody can throw me, not even you. Rhea says you are crossing the limits now. Aaliya asks if you are not human, if you have no feelings or don’t feel pain. She says once again Ranbir has left you and nobody cares. She asks everyone where is their humanity to see this drama, and says Ranbir always hurts her, and asks dida about her values.

He says Ranbir uses Rhea, and then when Prachi comes, he kicks her. She says my Rhea has handled this house and Ranbir when Prachi had left, and now he went to her. Rhea asks her to calm down. Aaliya says this is not the time to be calm and says I have called Police.

Dadi asks Pandit ji to start the marriage rituals. A girl ties the ghatbandhan of Akshay and Prachi. The goon calls another goon. Pandit ji asks the bride to keep her hand on the groom’s hand. Ranbir says enough. He tries to open the ghatbandhan cloth. Akshay, Ashok and Dadi try to stop him. Akshay asks have you gone mad? Ashok pushes him. Ranbir picks a burning wooden stick from the havan kund and burns the ghatbandhan cloth knot. Seeing the cloth burning, Prachi throws it away. Akshay asks have you gone mad, why did you burn the ghatbandhan cloth. Prachi asks what you want to do. Ashok asks Ranbir to go and asks the girl Divya to tie the ghatbandhan again. Ranbir picks the kalash pot and pours water in the havan fire. Dadi asks what you are doing, have you gone mad? Ranbir says did you understand now, what I am doing here. He says I have come here to stop this marriage and say Prachi will not marry Akshay. Shahana smiles. A lady asks who is he? Ranbir says I am Prachi’s husband. Akshay is shocked.

Ranbir says Prachi is my wife, we are husband and wife. Dadi asks if you remember now? Ranbir says I had forgotten to show my rights and asks Dadi, how she can let this happen. Akshay gets angry and asks him not to cross his limits. He says get out. Ranbir asks him not to interfere between Prachi and him, and says don’t try to prove that you are better for her, and says she is my wife. He says Prachi will never marry you, as Khushi is our daughter and she wants her parents to be together. Akshay says it is past and asks him to forget. He says you said right that a child needs parents, but parents who love, cares, support and respect each other. He says I have seen many parents who get together for their children, but such children went through trauma and become psycho. Ranbir says there is another reason, I am not doing this only for Khushi. Prachi asks Ranbir what is the reason? He asks do you want to know. Prachi says yes, I want to know from you. She asks why you don’t want this marriage. Ranbir says because, I love you. He says can’t you see, how much I love you. Everyone is stunned.

 Ranbir telling Prachi that he loves her, and asks if she can’t see his love. Prachi says it is too late. Ranbir says I have come, I will make everything fine. Prachi asks him to see that the marriage rituals have started and ghatbandhan was tied. Ranbir says I have thrown it. He says he will handle the baraatis and guests. He says bride will be same, but groom will be different. Akshay asks if I shall wait applying mehendi to my hands. He says I love Prachi and nobody can separate Prachi from me. Ranbir asks him to leave Prachi’s hand and move back. Akshay asks him to leave from there. Ranbir says even today Prachi loves me, and asks Akshay what he will do when both husband and wife agree. Akshay pushes him.

Prachi asks Akshay to stop it and holds Ranbir’s hands. She tells Akshay that this is real Ranbir, whom she had met, whom she used to know, who used to love me a lot. She says he is just Ranbir now, and came to know that love is everything in life. Yaara ve…plays. Prachi says I will not let him go, as I want my Ranbir and loves him. She asks him not to go away from her. Akshay says but. Prachi says my heart, soul and life is of my husband, and says he is mine and I am his. She says nobody can change my decision. Shahana hugs Ranbir and Prachi happily. She says I am very happy for you both. Prachi and Ranbir have a hug. Shahana gives him sindoor. Ranbir takes it and fills Prachi’s hairline. Akshay closes his eyes feeling bad.

Ranbir and Prachi look at each other lovingly. The song plays…aap hamari jaan bangaye…Ranbir promises her that her kumkum will be hers. She says your name’s mangalsutra. Just then the showpiece stand falls down and Ranbir comes out of his long imagination scene and sees Prachi sitting with Akshay. The goons come there, make him smell chloroform and then make him sit on the wheel chair.

Rhea argues with Aaliya and says you are ruining things. Aaliya says Ranbir has left you again and you are behaving as if it is not a big deal. Rhea says it is a big deal, but they are her family. Aaliya asks what your family is doing. Just then they see Pallavi coming there and she asks why you are standing like this. She sees Rhea in tears and asks Aaliya what she is doing here. She asks where is Ranbir? She asks why this marriage is halted? Rhea hugs Pallavi and cries. She asks where was you? She asks her to see what has happened. Pallavi asks what has happened? Aaliya says once again Ranbir left Rhea on the mandap and eloped to go to Prachi. She says history is repeating itself. Pallavi says how dare Ranbir to do this and says he will come, I will bring him back. She says he will marry you. Just then she sees Police coming there and stops.

Dadi asks Shahana to smile a bit. Akshay’s mother says Vishaka is bringing the bangles. Vishaka enters the scene as she is bringing the bangles. Ashok says she has come. He says this is my elder sister Vishaka Didi. Vishaka asks if I am late. Ashok says marriage wouldn’t have happened without you. Akshay compliments her entry. Vishaka says now this Jodi will never break. Akshay’s mother is about to take the bangles. Vishaka refuses to let her take it and says she had went to kuldevi’s temple and covered the journey for 8 hours. She tells that she will make her nephew’s would be wife wear the bangles with her hand. She makes her wear bangles. Abhay comes there and greets everyone. Ashok tells that he is a relative’s son Abhay. Bua asks Pandit ji to start the marriage.

While the goons are taking Ranbir on the wheel chair, the latter is about to gain consciousness. Akshay sees him and asks what he will be doing here, as today is his marriage too. Ashok says I will check. The Police team comes there. Pallavi asks why did they come? Aaliya says she has called him as Dida slapped her. She asks him to arrest Dida. Rhea looks at her. Aaliya says she is not selfless like her, and will not leave her. Inspector says she is an old lady. Aaliya asks Inspector to arrest her and tells that she could have died due to the slap. She forces him to arrest her. The Inspector agrees.

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