Twist of fate update Sunday 24 December 2023

Twist of fate 24 December 2023: The Episode starts with Aaliya forcing the Inspector to arrest Dida else give it in written that he can’t arrest her. Inspector asks Constable to arrest her. Vikram tells Aaliya that Dida has not done any crime. Aaliya says she slapped her and can murder her later. Vikram says Dida is a mother. Rhea asks Aaliya to take back the complaint and tells that she can’t see Dida’s arrest who blessed her always. She asks Aaliya to take back the complaint if she wants to be part of her life. Aaliya asks Inspector not to arrest Dida. Rhea and Aaliya look at each other. Ashok is searching Ranbir and coming there.

The goons panic and think to do something. Ashok comes to the room and sees the goons with turban on their heads, and another guy with beard (Ranbir) on the wheel chair. He is unconscious and had turban on his head. The goon says that he is his cousin and much drunk. Shahana comes there searching for Ranbir. The goon calls Aaliya and says they have made Ranbir faint, but couldn’t take him out. Aaliya asks them to leave with Ranbir from there. Ashok comes to Akshay and tells that Ranbir is not here. Akshay says if he was here, then he would have felt food. Vishaka asks who is he? Akshay says he has helped me to unite with Prachi. The goons are taking Ranbir out, when Shahana stops them and asks them to see the decoration, as it is falling. She asks who is he? The goon says he is his cousin who was drunk, so they made him sit on the wheel chair. They leave Ranbir and go to side. Shahana comes to them and asks them to keep the decoration properly.

Doctor checks Dida and asks her not to take any stress. He goes. Aaliya apologizes to Dida and puts all blame on Prachi, and says if Ranbir had not left Rhea on mandap, and if Dida wouldn’t have slapped her then she wouldn’t have called the Police. Rhea excuses herself. Dida forgives her understanding her emotions, situation etc. Vikram says you can’t do same thing again. Aaliya says she will stay here with Rhea as she needs her, and goes. Vikram is upset.

Shahana asks the goons to check the decorations. Ashok comes near Ranbir while talking. Ranbir’s moustache is about to fall, and he comes in his little bit senses and sees Prachi and Akshay on the mandap. He is drowsy due to chloroform effect. The goons come to Ranbir and tells Shahana that they will take him outside, as his mother came. Prachi looks at Ranbir, but doesn’t identify him.

Vishaka asks Prachi why she didn’t get marry till now, though she is beautiful. Akshay’s mother tells that today’s children decide themselves. Vishaka takes Akshay’s mother to side and says you are not part of the family, and tells that you was thrown out of the house many years back. She says you are invited for the marriage as you have given birth to Akshay. She insults her, doesn’t let her speak and asks her to wipe her tears and come. Akshay’s mother is in tears.

Rhea recalls Ranbir’s words that he can’t be loyal and can’t keep her happy, as he loves Prachi. She cries to vent out her pain. Aaliya comes there and asks what is the need to cry now, and says all this is happening because of you. She says he has left you again for Prachi. Rhea asks what to do, if I had choice before. Rhea says it is my badluck that I loved a person who doesn’t care about me and doesn’t give a damn to my dreams and wishes. She says Prachi haven’t done anything for the family, but she gets everything. She says why my hands are always empty and asks God, why her destiny is bad. She says Prachi is getting the fruit of Pragya Mom’s puja. She says we didn’t do puja and haven’t taken even God’s name. Aaliya says God says to do karma, and tells that she will not let Prachi get good deeds of Pragya’s puja, and tells that she will not let Ranbir get Prachi. She says I will stop him. Rhea hugs him. Aaliya goes

 go ons talking to each other, about how to take him out on bike. Ranbir gains consciousness and faints again. The goon asks other goon if he can hold him. They see the van, put him inside and drive off. The marriage rituals are going on. Shahana tells Dadi that she will repent later that she didn’t refuse for the marriage. Dadi says even you wanted Prachi to marry Akshay and asks her to learn to be happy. Shahana asks Dadi, if you will act, not to know anything and tells that the link is not broken between them. Dadi says Prachi is unlucky about her sisters, one is Rhea who wants her destruction and other is you, who want to push her in the hell. She says I knew that you will feel bad, asks her to wipe her tears and come.

Pandit ji asks Akshay’s mother to tie the ghatbandhan. Vishaka and Akshay’s mother both come forward. Vishaka announces that she will tie the ghatbandhan. Akshay’s mother says Pandit ji asked her to tie the ghatbandhan. Vishaka argues and asks Ashok to say. Ashok says Didi is more than Akshay’s mother and she shall tie the ghatbandhan. Vishaka then ties their ghatbandhan.

Akshay’s sister is shown sitting in the airport and calls him. He talks to her. Nethra asks if marriage rituals began. He says yes. Nethra tells that she is at the airport and will reach there before mahurat. The goon is driving the tempo and asks other goon to call Aaliya. The goon calls Aaliya, but she doesn’t pick the call. Ranbir gains consciousness, but pretends to be unconscious. He recalls how did he come here, and thinks how to go out from here, I have to go and stop Prachi’s wedding somehow. Pandit ji asks them to put the ingredients in the havan kund. They put the ingredients and everyone starts coughing. Akshay asks if they can do this later. Pandit ji says no. Prachi coughs. Akshay asks Prachi to get up and asks Shahana to take her to room. He says there is some problem in the puja ingredients. He tells Pandit ji that he is not disrespecting him. Ashok and Dadi take all the guests from there. Pandit ji thinks even God doesnt want this marriage.

The goons feel hungry and think to have food in the restaurant. They get down, remove Ranbir’s shoes and then keeps mesh infront of the van’s door and connects the wire to the car, so that if Ranbir tries to elope then he shall get electrocuted. The goon says now we can go and have food. Ranbir gets up and opens the door. He sees the rod sparkling on the mesh and realizes the goon’s arrangements.

Rhea is putting something in the havan and says swaha. Pallavi, Vikram and Dida come there. Pallavi tells Rhea that she knows that she is keeping her pain in the havan, and tells that she has given her love and care to them. She promises Rhea that she will never leave her and says nobody shall accept Prachi and says if they do then she will leave with Rhea.

Shahana takes Prachi to room and makes her sit. She asks her to drink water. Prachi asks Shahana to drink water and says even you are coughing. Shahana says I will get water. She then says she don’t want water and says she had gone to Ranbir’s house. She says she saw him and felt as if he had come here, else it will be my illusion, that’s why I felt or saw him. Prachi says even I felt his presence here, but no…if he would have been here then would have meet me. Shahana says he would have stopped your wedding first. Prachi gets hiccups. Shahana goes to get water. Ranbir comes there and keeps his hand on Prachi’s shoulder. Prachi gets happy seeing him and asks where was he? He says it doesn’t matter where he was, but now he is with her, and that’s what it all matters. Song plays….He wipes her tears. Prachi smiles and gets emotional.

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