Twist of fate update Friday 22 December 2023

Twiste of fate 22 December 2023: The Episode starts with Akshay promising Prachi that she will get Khushi in a day. He says we shall follow the system and if we don’t get Khushi then we shall be against the system. He asks her not to worry. Prachi wipes her tears and asks him to come. Ranbir recalls accusing her of snatching his peace, happiness etc. Dida asks Ranbir to have breakfast. Ranbir says he is not hungry. Rhea says I am seeing since morning, you are looking stressed out. Ranbir says I feel that I said much to Prachi, in a wrong way so I shall call her.

Pallavi asks him not to call her. Dida says even they had said. Vikram says let Prachi call you. Ranbir says I said so much to her in anger. Rhea gets a call and picks it. She says it was a call from the orphanage, and says I met with worker yesterday and he told that Prachi went to orphanage. Pallavi asks Ranbir if you saw what she did, and you are feeling bad. She says she went to take Khushi and says I won’t let that happen. Ranbir says she might not have done this so soon. Vikram asks Ranbir not to trust Prachi blindly. Dida says you will lose Khushi. Ranbir says I will not lose her and will go and see what Prachi is doing. Pallavi says I know what she is doing, but I will not let her do this. She says she will take Khushi home.

Ranbir comes to the orphanage and hears Prachi asking why she can’t get Khushi. He comes inside and tells Meera that he came to adopt her. Meera says they can’t get Khushi as they are not with their partners. Prachi says she shall get Khushi, as she can take care of her and she is her mother. She argues that she can take good care of Khushi being a woman. Ranbir argues with her and says that he can take care of her well. Meera says whoever gets married first, can adopt Khushi as it is necessary for her adoption that you shall be married. Akshay sees Rhea and comes to know that she has come to do charity. Rhea thinks she didn’t want any child, but has to bear Khushi to be with Ranbir. Akshay gets Prachi’s message and he goes. Rhea thinks she was upset before, now she is happy as Akshay’s love is taking Prachi away from her Ranbir. She says thank you Akshay, you don’t know that you are doing my work. Prachi comes home upset. Shahana and Dida ask what happened, what Meera said.

Prachi says she was telling that they have rules and regulations, they can’t go against it. Dadi asks why you didn’t tell her that you are her real mother and had given her birth. Akshay gets shocked to hear this. Prachi says I don’t want him to know that Khushi is our daughter, else he will do everything to get. Vikram says we will prove through DNA report that Khushi is Ranbir’s daughter. Rhea says Ranbir doesn’t want to know about this, else Prachi might get her and not Ranbir. Pallavi asks Rhea to marry Ranbir, and says orphanage also demanded that Khushi shall get stable family. Rhea says how can I say, it depends on Ranbir, he shall decide what he wants. Ranbir comes home and hugs Pallavi.

Pallavi asks if something happened. Ranbir says they said the same thing that they want stable family. Rhea asks Ranbir, will you marry me? Akshay asks Prachi, will you marry me?

Dadi asks Prachi to agree to Akshay’s proposal and marry him. She says Pallavi might be forcing Ranbir to marry Rhea. Pallavi asks him to marry Rhea, else he will lose Khushi. Vikram asks Ranbir to accept this chance and asks him to marry Rhea, says it will be best decision. Dadi asks Prachi to marry Akshay and bring her home. Ranbir and Prachi think of Meera’s words. Prachi and Ranbir agree to Akshay and Rhea’s marriage proposals.

Prachi comes to the orphanage. Someone asks her to come tomorrow, and says it is closed now. Shahana calls Prachi and asks if you told her. Prachi says no, I am late and says I wanted to tell her that I will be with her and I am her real mother, and has given you birth. Shahana asks her not to cry and doesn’t tell her that she has told Khushi already.

The door opens. Prachi says the door is opening. She sees Ranbir coming out after meeting Khushi. They think that love is not the only thing needed for marriage, but trust and respect is also needed. He thinks your part will be with me. She also thinks the same. They recall the past and go separate ways. They get drenched in rain. Ranbir sees the God’s portraits and asks him to do what is best for him. He says nothing is hidden from you. The rain increases. They take shelter in the shed, along with other people. Ranbir and Prachi collide and feel each other. Ranbir keeps her pallu on her shoulder and a fb is shown. Prachi asks him not to touch her, and says she is pregnant. Ranbir says that doesn’t mean that I can’t touch you, and says if I touch you then you will be happy and then you will glow more constantly all life. He says when you get all the love, then you will give love to the baby and says I want baby to know that I love you so much and will never hurt you. He promises to love her and will keep her before him.

 Prachi going from there while it is raining heavily. Ranbir asks her to come back and says it is raining heavily. Prachi comes home and tells that she didn’t meet Khushi, but met Ranbir. Dadi tells Shahana that the loneliness will break her, she needs our support, and she will feel that her decision to marry Akshay is right. Prachi cries thinking about Ranbir and her. She says why his touch touches her heart and soul. She recalls deciding to marry Akshay and thinks if it is right or not. She says when Ranbir comes infront of me, when he touches me…then…She then thinks the matter is about my daughter’s life and my life. She says I can’t stay away from my daughter, and I will do what I could, even if I have to marry Akshay for her, then I will marry him. Shahana and dadi knock on the door. Prachi says tomorrow night is the marriage, lets make the arrangements. She says I have to make some calls and bookings for marriage, lets do.

Ranbir comes home. Vikram says Akshay has come, but he is not telling us about his good news. Akshay says I will say, but why you are stressed. Ranbir asks what is the good news? Akshay says I want to tell you this good news as you helped me to propose Prachi. He says Prachi and I are getting married and tells that he needs his help to get his marriage done, and then asks him to relax, says Pandit ji will solemnized the marriage. He asks him to attend his marriage and tells that the marriage is tomorrow. She says Prachi wants to get her daughter’s custody and even her ex wants to get the custody, and that’s why we are getting married tomorrow. Rhea says how can we come, and tells that they are also getting married tomorrow. Akshay says then they shall marry in the same mandap and is about to send him invite, but Ranbir says he can’t come. Akshay says ok, they shall throw the party after the marriage. He leaves.

Dida says Prachi is marrying Akshay. Vikram says thank god, he didn’t know that you are her ex husband else he wouldn’t have told us. Ranbir says I don’t care whatever she does, she is not in my life so I don’t care. Dida and Dadi getting the decoration done in their respective houses. Shahana gives the invite to Meera for Prachi’s wedding and asks her to come. Meera is happy and says I will try to come. Khushi comes out and hugs Shahana. She says I came to know from warden aunty that you are here. She says I couldn’t make Mamma and Papa unite, and asks her to help her to unite Mamma and Papa. Shahna goes upset.

Aaliya comes to attend Rhea’s wedding through the window. She says I am happy and super happy to see you becoming Ranbir’s bride. Rhea says if Ranbir sees you then. Dida asks Ranbir to give the box to Rhea. Rhea is talking to Aaliya and says if Ranbir sees you. Aaliya says nothing will happen as upperhand is you. Aaliya says Ranbir will not get Khushi if he doesn’t marry you. She says Prachi will be marrying Akshay at the same time. Ranbir opens the door and comes inside. He says I heard Aaliya Buji’s voice as if she is talking to you. Rhea says why she will come here. Aaliya is hiding in the bathroom. He tries to look. Rhea asks if he brought shagun jewellery. Ranbir says yes, and says Dida sent. Rhea says she likes it. He says he really heard Aaliya Buji. Rhea says she was talking on phone. Ranbir goes. Rhea asks Aaliya to go from there.

Ashok gives shagun thaali to Dadi, and says it is for Prachi. He says he will go and see Prachi. Dadi says let her get ready. Shahana cries thinking about Khushi’s words and makes the jewellery falls down. She says you shall not marry Akshay, as Khushi is your daughter and is sensitive like you. She says she is crying and is yearning to stay with Ranbir and you. Prachi says Khushi loves Ranbir and trust him, like I used to do. She says that love ended. Shahana says she is his daughter and his ansh and he will not do anything wrong with her. Prachi says I guarantee to give her all the happiness. Shahana says she is a small girl and will not understand all this. Prachi says I am marrying Akshay for Khushi.

Shahana says then you shall marry Ranbir again. Prachi asks didn’t you hear what he said yesterday, and says I loved him so much, and gave my life for him, but he didn’t trust me and left me alone always. She says he didn’t tell me that Panchi is alive when he came to know about her. She says I was helpless not to tell him, as he has planned his life with Rhea. She says the truth is that he never loved me and broke my trust always. She says he had hidden from me that Khushi was there. She says Khushi is like me, and I am afraid that he will break her heart like breaking my heart and that’s why I can’t marry him. Shahana asks her to cancel this marriage and says baraat haven’t come here. A boy says baraat has come. Ashok says I will go and stand with baraat. Dadi says she will go and inform Prachi. Shahana asks Prachi not to think about his words, but think of his actions and says he has saved you from death, what proof you want for his death. She says even he might be feeling the same and that’s why he might have not shared this news with you. She asks her to understand that they both are going through the same pain, and says they are selfish not to think about Khushi’s happiness. She says if Khushi is gone to either of the parent, then she won’t be happy.

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