Twist of fate update Monday 25 December 2023

Twist of fate 25 December 2023: The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that what all matters is that he is with her now. Prachi smiles. Song plays…tum meri jaan bangaye….Prachi says I knew that you will come. Ranbir says I knew that you will wait for me. Prachi hugs him. Ranbir kisses on her forehead. He asks why you do drama even after knowing that I love you and can’t see you with someone else. He asks if she wants to feel important. He asks if I need to tell you, how much I love you. Prachi says I know how much you love me, and I want to hear from your mouth.

She sits and sees Ranbir not there. Akshay is standing on the door and comes inside. He asks what happened. Prachi says Ranbir. Ranbir keeps his feet down and feel the current. He thinks who are these goons, and thinks for now he has to go from here somehow and stop Prachi’s marriage. He puts his sherwani on the mesh and then the flowers, then also he feels the current and asks himself to bear it. He goes.

Prachi tells Akshay that she had seen Ranbir. Akshay says even I saw him. He says Ranbir is not here, and says we both have gone mad. He says I wish that Ranbir would have attend our marriage, I would have felt good. He says I can understand, how you are feeling after meetingb my family. He says Mom and Bua’s equation is different and tells that he has normal family, but they don’t get mingle with each other. He says Dad always supports Bua as my Mom had left home in his childhood. He says his Bua has brought him up and that’s why they all respect her. He says I will always support you, and asks her not to bear anyone silently, but be quiet for sometime and says I will be with you to hear you. Prachi imagines Ranbir there. Akshay tells that he has a sister Nethra and tells that they have invited Mom for his marriage, don’t know if she will stay with us. Prachi goes out. Akshay thinks I am talking with myself. Prachi goes to the imaginary Ranbir, who asks her to refuse to marry Akshay. Prachi says if I stop my marriage with him then what? Ranbir says then we will marry in the same mandap again. Prachi asks really? Ranbir says I promise. Shahana comes out and asks Prachi what is she doing here? Prachi says she is standing and talking to..She turns and sees Ranbir not there. Shahana asks if Ranbir had come here. Prachi says I saw him and he was asking me to. Shahana says you are imagining me. Prachi says Ranbir always leave me alone, he runs away. She cries. Shahana pacifies her. Akshay comes there and asks why they came out. Shahana says Prachi wanted to have some fresh air.

The goon gets Aaliya’s call. Aaliya asks if Ranbir is with them. The goon says Ranbir is with us and is unconscious. Aaliya asks where are they? The goon says they have come out to have food. Aaliya asks them to go back to the van. The goon says we are professional and has made arrangements to electrocuted him if he tries to escape. Aaliya asks them to make a video call and show Ranbir. The goon makes a video call to Aaliya and shows her the arrangements. She asks him to show Ranbir. The goon shows the van, but Ranbir is not there. Aaliya scolds the goons and asks them not to come infront of her. She asks them to go back to the marriage venue.

Akshay thinks Prachi was crying hugging Shahana. Ashok comes there and asks him to be happy. Akshay says I am happy, but Prachi is not happy. Ashok says Prachi is doing this marriage for Khushi. Akshay says we know that she don’t hide anything from us, but seeing her condition, he felt that she misses and loves her ex even now. Ashok says he feels that Prachi is afraid of getting remarried again and says may be her old wounds got greener and asks him to give her sometime. Akshay says you are not understanding me. Ashok says she must be afraid or nervous about marriage and asks him to feel good. Shahana takes Prachi to room and asks her to take her own life’s decisions. She says sorry to her for going to Ranbir’s house and says he didn’t come here.

She says I always felt that you both are made for each other, but it was my misunderstanding, he didn’t come to take you. She cries. Prachi asks her not to cry. Shahana blames herself for imagining Ranbir everywhere. Ranbir comes to Prachi’s house. Aaliya comes there and is about to hit him with the paper weight, when Akshay’s cousins come there and bets that Nethra will come or not. Ranbir goes inside and Aaliya follows him. The guy doubts Aaliya. Shahana asks Prachi to come to mandap else she will imagine him. Prachi comes out of the room. Ranbir calls her. Prachi turns and looks at him.

 Ranbir seeing Prachi and thinks if the marriage happened. He calls Prachi. Prachi turns and looks at him. She thinks he is her imagination and goes from there. Ranbir thinks thank god, there was no sindoor, so marriage haven’t happened. Aaliya comes there holding chloroform handkerchief and keeps on his nose forcibly. Ranbir sees her face shocked, faints and falls down. Aaliya says you will not get Prachi, until I am alive, I will not let Rhea’s happiness goes to Prachi until I am alive. She drags Ranbir and takes him to the room hearing someone coming. Ashok comes there, finds the handkerchief and throws it to the side. Aaliya slaps unconscious Ranbir repeatedly and says you will do what I want, what is best for my Rhea. She takes out blanket and tries to suffocate him, thinking she wants to kill him, but she is helpless to leave him, as Rhea loves him.

She says if Prachi and Akshay get married then it is good, then my men will come and take you. She says I will not let you stop the marriage in any circumstances. Vishaka tells Pandit ji that no hurdle can come now. Prachi thinks of seeing Ranbir.

Akshay sees Prachi lost and asks Pandit ji to stop. He asks can we stop for 2 mins, says he needs just 2 mins so that no problem happens in future. Vishaka, his mom and Dadi ask what happened, what is the matter? Akshay says he wants to talk to Prachi. He asks her to come. He takes her to room. Akshay’s Mom says first Prachi stopped the marriage and now Akshay, what is the matter? Vishaka asks what is the matter? Ashok asks her not to make issue. Vishaka says there is surely something going on between them, it is not love then what? Akshay’s mother says leave it Didi. Vishaka asks her not to cut her words else she will create an issue. Ashok asks Manpreet to be silent and says he don’t want any drama to happen.

Aaliya comes to the room and thinks she will faint if touches her face with her hand. She opens the cupboard and says sorry Ranbir, I have to tie your hands with rope. Prachi and Akshay comes there. Aaliya hides behind the sofa. She keeps the cupboard open in a hurry. Akshay tells Prachi that he is feeling guilty, and feeling that he is marrying her forcibly. Prachi says it is not truth. Akshay says I talked to Dad also. Aaliya silently closes the cupboard. Akshay tells Prachi that they are getting married for society and for the purpose. Prachi says yes, we will get married and will do as we thought. Ranbir hears and gains consciousness. Aaliya wishes that Ranbir should have heard this. Shahana comes there. Aaliya gets up and hides at another places. Shahana sees her dress and checks, but doesn’t find her. She goes.

Ranbir thinks what to do, she wants to do this marriage. Akshay and Prachi come back to the mandap. Akshay says now we will not stop and says lets start this marriage. Pandit ji starts the marriage. Vishaka asks if everything is fine. Ashok says you was worrying unnecessarily. Vishaka says their Jodi is good and that their kids will be beautiful. Shahana again sees Aaliya, but doesn’t see her face. She recognizes her and thinks she is like Aaliya Buji. Ranbir tries to free his hands and open the rope. He comes out and thinks he will not stop the wedding and doesn’t care what Prachi does. His innerself asks if you really don’t care. Ranbir says no. He says I don’t care what she does. His counterpart/innerself asks why you was worried when she was not with you for 6 years, why you ran from your mandap and felt sad seeing your wife from someone else. He asks if you can see your wife with someone else? He says if your answer is yes, then its ok and if your answer is no, and if you think that you can’t live without her then go and stop this marriage right here. Ranbir says I don’t want to hear you, go from here. He turns and finds him not there. He sees his counter part again saying that he did mistake before by not listening to him, and says if you don’t stop Prachi now, then you will be all alone all life and she will become of someone else.

Ranbir asks him to go. His counter part says you shall decide if you want Prachi in your life or not, if you want your life or not, says you shall decide if Prachi shall marry or not. Ranbir says I have to stop this marriage. He says this marriage can’t happen, I can’t let Prachi with someone else. He thinks if Prachi refuses me then. He thinks to kidnap her from mandap, so that he can talk to her. He thinks what to do and asks God, why there is problems in his life. He wears fake beard and turban to disguise himself.

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