Twist of fate update Tuesday 26 December 2023

Twist of fate 26 December 2023: The Episode starts with Aaliya saying Shahana is behind her rather than attending the wedding. She hides in the room. Shahana sees her going in the room and thinks to stop Aaliya, says she will do something wrong here. Ranbir thinks how to stop Prachi’s marriage, if I ask her not to marry then everyone will beat me. He thinks how to ask her not to marry Akshay. He thinks to talk to Prachi alone, and thinks even she had tried to stop his marriage with Rhea. He thinks how dare Prachi to sit in the mandap, though he is her husband. He burns the crackers to halt the marriage.

Everyone gets shocked as the crackers burst, and Ranbir gets a chance to take Prachi to side. Prachi hits the show piece on his head. Ranbir falls on the sofa and his face gets covered with curtain. He calls Prachi, but she didn’t hear him. He sees Aaliya and thinks she got him kidnapped. Prachi sees Aaliya and goes behind her. Ranbir sees Shahana going behind Prachi. Prachi asks Aaliya to stop. Aaliya thinks if this is Shahana? Prachi threatens to call the security if she doesn’t stop. Aaliya says Shahana can’t say this. Prachi comes to her, sees her face and pushes her down. Aaliya gets up and asks where is your manners? Prachi says my manners ended when your humanity ended. Aaliya shouts.

Prachi asks why did you snatch my daughter from me. She asks what was her mistake, she was just born. She asks her to answer. Aaliya asks what I did with you and you are getting remarried again. Prachi asks why I shall not remarry, even Ranbir is getting married. Aaliya asks if he didn’t have the right to be happy and says he got happiness from Rhea, she is his true soulmate. She says whenever you had left him, Rhea has taken care of him and Ranbir has understood this. She says Ranbir is adopting a girl Khushi with Rhea. She says Ranbir is more happy than Rhea, and says I came here after attending their marriage and blessed them. She says I came here to bless you, and says after seeing you, all the old memories became fresh. She says your daughter had mistakenly slipped from my hands and for that, I apologize to you. She asks her to move on in life and stay away from Rhea as she has become of Ranbir, they have moved on and are happy. She asks her not to come in their lives again and don’t be behind Ranbir. Prachi says I am not behind him and don’t want him in my life. She says she don’t want him, I don’t care if he marries Rhea or with others. She says she is getting married to Akshay, there is no comparison between them. She goes inside. Shahana also goes. Aaliya is happy to mislead Prachi and thinks Ranbir is unconscious and Prachi will sit in the mandap. She thinks she is deciding her future and is God to her.

Shahana goes behind Prachi and asks her not to believe Aaliya. Prachi asks her not to defend Ranbir and says Aaliya Buji came here to check if the marriage is happening or not. She says Ranbir is selfish, self centered and playing big game. She says I will not let him ruin my life, he didn’t give me anything rather than tears and pain, I am done and will not let him ruin my life. Ranbir comes there. Prachi says I have nothing to do with Ranbir and I am happy to accept Akshay’s proposal and I respect him as he loves me truly, and says Ranbir never loved me, he just gave me tears. She says I will not come in his talks and tells that he must have married Rhea by now. She tells that Akshay is not like Ranbir, he has no ego and not selfish, and he will never give her pain. She says I will see who will stop this marriage. Ranbir gets sad hearing this.

Rhea comes to her room and cries looking at herself in the mirror. She then asks her not to cry, and says I am with you, and I love you a lot. She acts as split personality and tells that sweet Rhea, I love you. She says I love you the most, and asks what did you get by becoming good, and says you are a blo*dy doormat according to Aaliya Buji, and says anyone can step on her and goes. She says you was good before, you used to hurt everyone, but you didn’t get hurt ever. She says you used to hurt others and gave their tears, and says this is not you, you wanted to have relations and family, but you are broken fully, and says you didn’t get love.

She says you used to get everything when you used to hurt others. She says I shall become like before and says atleast these tears will not be there. She says time has come to hurt others and love herself, this is best. She says if someone hurts you, then you will ruin that person and will not forgive her and will take revenge irrespective of whatever happens. She says I will do this, will not forgive those who hurt me, and that is Prachi and Ranbir.

Ranbir is heartbroken after hearing Prachi. Akshay comes there, looks at him, but doesn’t recognize his face. Ranbir thinks Prachi said right, he is a good guy, but not good than me for Prachi. Aryan comes there and identifies Ranbir. Ranbir says you have identified me. Aryan says yes, whoever love you will identify you. Ranbir says Prachi didn’t identify me. He asks him to drop him home. Aryan tells that they will go with the bride.

 Ranbir telling Aryan that his Mummy slapped him hard and says he felt sensation in his ear till now. Aryan says my mom…He asks him to think about his love of his life and says you have to bring Prachi back in your life. Ranbir says there is no scope now. He says I came to stop Prachi’s marriage and heard Shahana and her talking. He tells everything what Prachi had told her. He says I was shocked like you was shocked. Aryan asks why did you trust her? He says you have come here, as you love Prachi. Ranbir asks him not to talk nonsense thing. Aryan says when you came to know about Prachi and Akshay, you said that you hate her. Ranbir says when you love someone then your expectations increase, and then we feel bad when the person doesn’t met your expectations. He says it was not hatred. Aryan says even Prachi might be feeling the same. Ranbir says I didn’t think this way. He says I tried to kidnapped Prachi, but. Aryan asks him to go and sit in the mandap. Ranbir asks how to go, and says Akshay is not wearing sehra.

Aryan says he will make him wear sehra and will arrange sherwani. He says this look doesn’t suit you and asks him to give his beard to him. Aryan then wears the turban and goes to Pandit ji, and tells that his father is an astrologer. He says when I told him that the hurdles is coming in the marriage, then my mother told that the groom must not be wearing the sehra. The Pandit ji says you said that your father is an astrologer. Aryan says that his mother is jyotishayan and tells that she told that the marriage is halted due to this. He asks him to ask the groom to wear sehra else the marriage can’t happen. Pandit ji says he has to do 3 more marriages. He gives him money and asks him to tell them that the hurdles are coming in the marriage is because the groom is not wearing sehra. Pandit ji agrees.

Ashok brings chair for his wife. His wife refuses to sit. Vishaka taunts her. Pandit ji comes there and tells that he talked to a Pandit ji whose family are astrologers, and he said that the marriage is not happening as the groom is not wearing sehra. They think how to arrange sehra. Just then someone collides with Akshay and the drink falls on his clothes. They get worried as the Sherwani is spoiled. Akshay says he will order Sherwani from the nearby fashion store. He calls and orders sherwani. Aryan thinks the store is near. Shahana tells Prachi that Pandit ji told the solution so that no hurdle can come in the marriage. Prachi says she will get married anyhow, and tells everything to Dadi. Dadi asks how dare Aaliya to come here. Prachi says we have nothing to do with them, will do this sit marriage properly. Dadi scolds Shahana and asks if your illusion broke now. Shahana says he might be my imagination. Prachi cries. Dadi applies black tika to Prachi, asks her to vent out her pain and let her tears flow. She asks her to cry now, but no tear shall be in her eyes when she comes out. Prachi cries.

Akshay is in the room. Aryan comes there and asks for Prachi. Akshay asks who is he? Aryan says he is her brother. Akshay says she didn’t tell me about you. Aryan says he is like her brother. He says that he had married a girl against Prachi’s wish and that’s why she stopped talking to him. Akshay is surprised and doesn’t believe him. Aryan says Prachi is having a blind faint and asked him to get the surgery done to get rid of the mole on his neck, and tells that it is on left side, and that’s why she wanted it to be removed, but he didn’t remove it. He asks him to check the mole on his neck. When Akshay is checking him, Aryan makes him unconscious, by making him smell chloroform. Akshay falls down. Aryan sits on the sofa. He comes to Ranbir and tells him that he stopped the marriage making an excuse. Ranbir says he has no problem with Akshay and will tell him everything. He says if he agrees then its ok, else he will faint him and will lock him in the cupboard like your mother had locked me in the cupboard. Aryan asks him to think that Akshay didn’t understand him and says work is done. Ranbir and Aryan come to Akshay. Aryan asks him to wear Sherwani. Ranbir says he can’t leave Akshay like this, he is his good friend. Aryan asks him not to show his humanity now and decide what is more important now love or friendship.

Aryan asking Ranbir not to show over humanity and asks him to think what is more important to him, love or friendship. Ranbir says love and Prachi. Aryan asks him to go and sit on the mandap. He asks him do whatever Pandit ji says. Ranbir asks him not to make fun of mantras. Aryan says after the marriage, the bride will be yours. Ranbir asks him to give him 2 mins to think. The goons come there. Ranbir tells Aryan that they are Aaliya Buji’s goons and had kidnapped him. Ranbir and Aryan fights with them. Ranbir hits them and make them unconscious. He says we shall lock them in the almira like I was locked. They hide the goons in the cupboard . Ranbir says they shall hide Akshay behind the bed. They take Akshay behind the bed. Ashok comes there and calls Akshay. Ranbir runs into the bathroom. Ashok is about to check in the bathroom, when Aryan comes to him, kicks the sherwanu in the bathroom and asks how are you uncle? Ashok asks who are you? Aryan talks in English accent and tells that he is Akshay’s friend from London. Ashok asks him to talk in normal language. Aryan says I had asked Akshay not to tell you, as we were small before and then grown up and now I have come to attend the marriage. Ashok says I don’t understand. Aryan says I thought your son is foolish. Ashok says he is not foolish. Aryan says he thought to attend the marriage and apologize to him. Ranbir gets ready in Sherwani and Sehra and comes out. Ashok says it is good that you are wearing Sehra and asks him to come. Aryan asks him to give him sometime with Akshay. Ranbir and Aryan lock Akshay in the bathroom. Aryan closes the cupboard and goes with Ranbir. Ranbir says he is scared to be chori ka dulha, and tells that if Prachi catches him then she will yells at him and beats him, and might say to call Akshay (on the mandap. Aryan asks him not to lift his sehra and keep his body language like that of Akshay. Ranbir says I will ask Akshay if he became chori ka dulha ever. They start walking. Ranbir collides with Prachi.

Song plays…tujhe dekhta hun…..Prachi says Ranbir….Dida says Prachi, what Akshay will think and asks her to come to mandap. Aryan says lets go. Shahana asks who are you? Aryan says he is his college friend and gives his intro. He says lets go. Ashok comes there and says Akshay, give these bangles to your Bua and says it is a shagun, which I had forgotten and my friend reminded me. He asks why you are holding sehra. Aryan makes an excuse.

They come to the mandap. Aryan looks at Shahana and thinks she is same. Shahana thinks Ranbir will repent, if he had come then would have sit with her on the mandap. Dadi thinks Prachi will have the kumkum of the person whose kumkum is written in her destiny. Pandit ji asks them to give their hands in each other’s hands. Akshay’s cousin asks Shahana to show him the way to bathroom. Shahana says she will take him. Aryan follows them. The guy asks if she has any boyfriend. She says no. The guy asks how can this be possible and asks if someone hurt you. Shahana says no, her heart is not weak to be broken easily. She asks him to go to the washroom inside the room. The goons gain consciousness and are about to come out, but stops seeing Shahana and the guy. Shahana asks the guy to go to the bathroom. Aryan comes there and runs to the bathroom. He thinks he was jealous and followed them. He thinks once they go, then he will lock the door. He thinks he will not go out.

Prachi doubts Akshay. Ranbir thinks she has identified his touch and thinks don’t looks at me this way and don’t ask me to show my face. He thinks Aryan will handle her.

Prachi says Akshay, show me your face. Ranbir is about to lift his sehra, when Akshay’s mother sees the fire and shouts that the chunri/bridal veil is burning. Prachi removes her chunri and throws it far. Ranbir goes to chunari and sets off the fire stamping with his feet. Prachi tries to stop him. Ranbir falls and his turban and sehra falls down too. A guy comes and picks it. Ranbir is shocked. Prachi and others haven’t seen his face yet.

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