Anupama starlife update Sunday 24 December 2023

Anupama 24 December 2023: Toshu informs family that he thinks that he, Kinjal, and Pari should move out of Shah house. Anupama asks why he thinks so. Toshu says seeing yesterday’s fights, he doesn’t think the issue will end soon and the fights will continue; seeing Dimpy’s attitude and Samar’s joru ka ghulam/wife’s slave nature, he doesn’t think he can tolerate their attitude. Leela says when Toshu created dramas earlier, Samar didn’t have any problem with Toshu.

Anupama 23 December 2023

Toshu says now Dimpy is also here. Kinjal says he should think well before speaking. Toshu says he doesn’t want his daughter to grow up in such an environment. Anupama stuffs laddoo in his mouth and says she could have shut his mouth with a slap; she reminds that he had left the house once when his MIL had given him a pent and he had job, but now he doesn’t have both and he can’t afford his and his family’s expenses. Toshu says she had suggested him to shift then.

Anupama says he can’t take a decision alone and should ask if Kinjal wants to shift or not. Kinjal says he can shift it he wants to, she will not leave her family. Toshu walks away followed by Kinja.Leela tells Anupama that hearing her advice yesterday, she feels living separately is better for their peace of him. Anupama says these kids are not competent enough to stay separately, it’s kid’s nature to act stubborn,

but its their duty to control them. Vanraj says Anupama is right. Anupama says she is taking 2 laddus with her. Leela says she will prepare laddu for her when she leaves for America and asks if she will forget her after shifting to USA. Anupama says never and will video call her. Leela asks her to go now or else Malti Devi will scold her. Anupama leaves. Leela asks Vanraj if he is also afraid. Vanraj says yes and he thinks only Anupama can handle this house.

Dimpy with Pakhi reaches Kapadia house for paghphera ritual. Barkha performs her aarti, and Anuj welcomes her. Gurumaa gets tensed recalling Maaya’s drama during Anupama’s coronation event. Nakul finds her BP high and asks her to calm down and rest. Gurumaa says how can she when she has announced Anupama as her successor and invested her money and fame on her, and if something wrong happens, all her earned respect and hard work will go in vain. Nakul says though Anupama is a good dancer,

Anupama is a mother and she can’t get away from her motherly responsibilities forever and give time to the academy; he is serving guruma a since childhood and he should be given a chance. Gurumaa says managing a gurukul is a great responsibility and one has to handle 100s of tasks at once. Nakul says he can see that Anupama is Gurumaa’s favorite while she maintains professional relationship with her other students, that is why gurumaa attended Anupama’s son’s wedding.

Gurumaa says Anupama is just a good student and nothing else. Nakul says again that she should give him a chance and let him compete with Anupama during grand rehearsals today and prove that he can be her successor.Anuj serves halwa to Dimpy and says he prepared it just the way Anupama taught her. He asks Pakhi if she will stay here now. Pakhi nods yes and asks where is Little Anu. Anuj says she has gone for an arts class. Dimpy says she feel as if she is at her parental house. Samar offers Leela’s prepared desi ghee laddu to Barkha.

Barkha says nobody has ghee here. Ankush says he will though and suggests Samar to stay back with Dimpy if he wants to as its difficult to stay without a wife after marriage and gives example of Anuj. Maaya feels jealous hearing that. Pakhi gives Adhik’s watch and asks if he is upset. Adhik asks who skips own brother’s wedding. Pakhi apologizes. Maaya asks if she will stay here now. Pakhi says she will as its her real sasural and not forced one, taunting Maaya and Dimpy. Anuj says she is also a daughter of this house and can be Anupama’s shadow here.

Pakhi says she will try her best to be Anupama’s shadow.Barkha warns Maaya that she is losing a grip over Anuj and her emotional blackmail is not working, she should take back Anuj to Mumbai soon or else Anupama will take him back away.Vanraj helps Kinjal in her office work while she is busy taking care of Pari and asks if everything is fine. She says Pari was having cough and Toshu a headache.

Vanraj says he is talking about her, he knows she gets a hope on Toshu repeatedly and it shatters repeatedly, she should think about Anupama’s suggestion. Kinjal say she wants to, but can’t stay away from her family. They talk about tackling their issues sportively. Kinjal finally says she wants to discuss something with him and Leela. Nakul informs Anupama about a friendly competition between them. He puts glass pieces in a vase and plans to injure Anupama during competition and spoil her reputation.

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