Twist of fate update Friday 2 December 2022


Twist of fate 2 December 2022: Aaliya is removing the screws at the other side, so that the wall falls down. Rhea thinks the wall shall fall down before anyone comes here. She asks where is Prachi? Ranbir sees the wall about to fall on Rhea. He runs to save Rhea and bears the weight of the wall. The wall falls down. Everyone sees Prachi behind the wall. Prachi gets worried for Rhea and asks if she is hurt? She asks are you okay? She says someone call the doctor. A guest tells that his wife is a doctor. Aaliya comes there and pushes Prachi. She says you want to kill Rhea’s baby. Prachi asks what you want to say? Aaliya says you want to kill Rhea’s baby, I am saying what I saw.

She says you are jealous of her, you can’t bear that Rhea is going to be a mother, you can’t see that family members is loving her and caring for her. Ranbir says there is nothing in her heart like this. Aaliya says you don’t know what is in her heart for you. Ranbir says she doesn’t have anything bad for Rhea’s baby. Rhea says Buji is talking about our baby and asks him to stop defending Prachi. She says even I feel that Prachi is jealous of me, since she came to know about my pregnancy, she can’t take it and has a problem with my child.

Prachi asks her not to say this. The NGO workers come there and calls Aaliya. Aaliya says I called you to show that Ranbir and Rhea have moved on. They ask why everyone is standing like this. Aaliya says Prachi tried to kill Rhea’s baby and made the wall fall down on her, so that her baby dies inside. Ranbir asks why are you saying like this. Aaliya says I shall prove that Prachi has done this. She calls Mahua and asks her to get CCTV footage from security. Ranbir says I got it fixed, when Nick had kidnapped Prachi. He asks why you are using it against family. Aaliya says I have seen Prachi with the wall. Shahana says even I have seen you with the wall. Aaliya asks her to shut up. The security guy brings CCTV footage. Ranbir plays the video. Rhea thinks the place from where we made wall fell down, nobody can be seen. shahana asks if everyone saw.

They all see Prachi fixing the painting on the wall. Rhea and Aaliya smiles. Rhea acts and says this is Prachi, she is loosening the screws of the wall. Aaliya says I have seen it and says it is clear with this video. She says she did this, so that the wall falls down on Rhea.

Prachi says I will never do this, and says there was a painting on the wall and it had fallen down, I was hanging the painting on the wall. Rhea says you are caught red handed, and says you tried to kill my baby. She says Buji said that you are jealous of me, my happiness and baby. She says you must have thought that you got married to him first, but you didn’t get the happiness first. She says you wanted to end our relationship and wanted to kill our baby, says you are jealous and thought about just yourself. She says I never thought that you will stoop down. She says you tried to kill my baby, who didn’t come in this world, I feel ashamed to call you as my sister. The NGO worker says a big conspiracy to kill the baby, they regret to help Prachi. They tell that she don’t deserve to be called as a woman. She says if a woman thinks about killing someone’s baby then she is called as Dayan. Prachi says Rhea is my sister and says I am about to go for her happiness. Rhea says but you didn’t go.

You must have thought to take revenge and must have thought that the baby shall go. Pallavi questions Prachi and asks why the wall fell down, when you moved from there. She says it is good that your real avatar came infront of everyone. She calls her snake with the poison even after feeding her milk. Prachi says I can’t harm Rhea. Dida asks her to listen to Prachi. Vikram says I always supported Prachi, but seeing this video, nobody will believe you. Prachi says I didn’t do anything and asks why will I do this with you and your baby. Pallavi says don’t talk to her, don’t put your black reflection fall on her. She asks her to leave right now and if anyone helps her, then they all shall also leave.

Pallavi asking Prachi to get out and says whoever supports her, shall leave with her. She asks if she wants to be pushed out of the house. Prachi keeps hand on her tummy and goes to her room. Pallavi shouts pack your bags and leave from here. Prachi thinks of Rhea, Aaliya, Pallavi and NGO woman’s words.

She cries and holds the trolley which she had already packed to leave. She tells her baby that she didn’t do anything, you know that I am innocent, I don’t need anything, all accusations were fake. She says I have to go from here one day, but not like this. Aaliya asks everyone to see how she was arrogant and went from there. Rhea says I am feeling like crying, as she has become my enemy. Aaliya says Prachi should have think that she is harming Ranbir’s baby too.

Ranbir says I don’t want to hear all this. Aaliya says you can’t take action against her, but atleast hear the truth. Rhea says Prachi knew that you will trust her blindly and says you couldn’t become a good husband, atleast become a good father. Pallavi says this can happen, when she leaves. Shahana asks Pallavi to let her stay here. Aaliya asks her to leave too.

Pallavi says everyone saw, she has no choice and shall leave. Shahana asks Vikram to do something. Vikram says I am sorry, I can’t do anything after watching the CCTV. He says even Ranbir can’t help. Shahana asks Dida to help. Prachi asks Shahana not to ask anyone for help. Prachi is about to leave, when she sees her gift on the floor which she had brought for Rhea’s baby. She says take it please, this is maasi’s love and blessings for the would be baby.

Rhea throws the gift far away from her and says for heaven sake, stop your drama, this love and blessing are all fake, you have brought this gift for yourself and not for me. She says you must have thought to give me this gift, so that I don’t know about your real feelings. She says you are jealous of me and can’t bear that the happiness which you wanted to give to Ranbir, is given by me. She says you planned to kill my baby, you are barren woman and want me to become the same. Ranbir says enough, you will not say anything to Prachi. Pallavi asks Ranbir not to say anything and says whatever Rhea is saying is right. Ranbir says Rhea is right, and asks if she also thinks the same.

Pallavi says we all saw the proof and asks him to prove that she is innocent and says if you prove then I will ask Rhea to apologize. She says if you couldn’t prove that Prachi is innocent then stand where you are standing and let it happen what is happening. Aaliya says Prachi shall leave herself and shall let Rhea happy. She says nobody is happy when you are here, and asks her to leave, and says shoo. She says I am requesting you to leave. Rhea asks her not to show her face to her again and says I don’t want you to come infront of my baby as you are inauspicious, get out from here.


Prachi starts walking and collides with the gift. She faints. Ranbir holds her and asks Shahana to call the doctor. A guest says my wife is a doctor. Ranbir asks doctor to check Prachi. He asks if she is fine? Rhea says she is excusing not to go. Aaliya says she must have fallen down intentionally.

Doctor says she has fainted genuinely as she is pregnant. Everyone looks on shocked. Doctor asks if they don’t know that she is 2 months pregnant. Everyone looks on shocked. Rhea is angry and asks Doctro what is she saying, and says I am pregnant and not Prachi. Doctor says you are pregnant and that doesn’t mean that others can’t get pregnant. She says Prachi is pregnant since 2 months.

The NGO woman says she is pregnant since we brought her here. Ranbir, Shahana, Vikram and Dida take her to hospital. Ranbir sees Prachi’s pallu getting stuck in his jacket. He tells doctor that Prachi wants him to come inside.

Doctor asks him to come inside later. Ranbir insists. Doctor asks Vikram and Pallavi to make him understand, it seems like he is only becoming father in this world. Ranbir asks unconscious Prachi to come back soon. He hugs Vikram and says I am going to be Papa. Vikram congrats him. Ranbir says you are Papa and I am going to be Papa.

Doctor asks Nurse to note down all the details and bring the medicine which she had prescribed. Vikram forgives Ranbir hearing Prachi’s pregnancy. Ranbir thanks him. Vikram asks him to make him eat sweets and says we will make our mouth bitter at home. Ranbir asks Stanley to bring sweets. Stanley is also excited and goes.

Pallavi, Rhea and Aaliya are upset. Ranbir tells Shahana that she is goingb to be Maasi and Dida is going to be Par Dadi. He dances with Vikram and the hospital staff. Prachi gains consciousness. Doctor comes there and says you are fine. Prachi says I am in hospital, why? Doctor asks her to go out and see, her family is happy and excited. Prachi comes out and sees Ranbir dancing with Dida, Shahana and Vikram.

She says everyone came to know that I am pregnant. She goes back to the ward. Ranbir tells Pallavi that he is going to be Bau ji and asks her to eat sweets. Pallavi throws the sweets box on the floor. Ranbir asks what did you do? Pallavi asks why are you happy? Dida asks didn’t you hear what he said? Pallavi says I didn’t eat that’s why. She says she didn’t have sweet as Prachi is becoming a mother, I am not happy.

Ranbir picks the sweets pieces from the floor and eats it. Pallavi asks what is wrong with you. Ranbir coughs. Vikram says someone give him water. Stanley gives him water. Ranbir says I am sharing my happiness with myself, and says you are not happy, but I am very happy. He shouts that he is the happiest guy of this world as he is becoming the father. Pallavi asks him to come in his senses and says since she came, you both haven’t stayed together. Ranbir says Prachi was pregnant when she returned, and asks how much he knows that they were together. He says I know that Prachi was pregnant since long back, but didn’t tell everyone for valid reasons. He says he is happy now as the baby is his.

Ranbir telling Pallavi and others that Prachi don’t want him to tell anyone about this, and she has a valid reason. He says when you all came to know about it, I couldn’t hold on my happiness. Rhea says Ranbir, you didn’t hear Mom properly and says Prachi is not pregnant with your child and that means she is pregnant with someone else’s child. Ranbir asks her to shut up and says this is my baby, he is my third dream which Prachi has fulfilled.

He says I know all this before and made arrangements for this. He says that rented apartment, I have bought for me, Prachi and our baby, thinking we will start our parenting from the same house where we started our married life. He says do you all remember business merger party and says I thought to tell Prachi about my plans, on

our anniversary, but Rhea’s pregnancy is revealed that day and I couldn’t tell her. He says Rhea fainted and my plan was ruined. He says this is the truth.

Rhea goes upset from there. She recalls doctor saying that Prachi is pregnant. She recalls Ranbir telling that he knew about Prachi’s pregnancy since long. She tells herself that there is no chance of her now, Prachi is pregnant, what I will do now. She says I have lost. Aaliya comes there. Rhea says Prachi is pregnant, I have ruined. She says I wanted to get closer to him with the fake news, but Prachi gave the real news. Aaliya says Rhea. Rhea asks her not to say anything and says Prachi’s baby will be born now. She says everything is ruined.

Aaliya asks how you are talking to me? Rhea asks why didn’t you think before, that Prachi can be pregnant, as Ranbir loves her and she can get pregnant as they stayed together for 2 years. She says Prachi won and snatched Ranbir from me. He says even you have become a mother, then why this idea didn’t strike your mind.

She says you had told me that you are very experienced and tried and saw everything for Purab. Aaliya says this is not my mistake. Rhea asks whom I ask then? Aaliya asks her to go and confront Ranbir. Rhea says you have gone mad and asks you very well knew that he wanted to be father from Prachi and they had got married. She asks why this thing didn’t come in your clever mind and says you have done nothing.

She says we are zero. Aaliya says I did planning and manipulation, what shall I do, if your destiny is bad. Rhea says don’t talk about destiny and says you had taught me that losers depend on destiny and not winners like us. She says this was your motivational speech and says if you had used your mind even 10 percent then Ranbir would have been mine. She says I am lost and a loser because of you and says you was busy in Tanu. Aaliya asks her to learn from her mistake else she wouldn’t have seen this day. Rhea says how she can learn from her mistakes? Aaliya asks didn’t you do any mistake? She says you couldn’t attract Ranbir, you couldn’t make him love you, it is your failure and not mine.

She says you couldn’t executed my advice well. Rhea says you was experimenting on me and asked me to cry infront of Prachi and says you made me loser. Aaliya says you are wrong and asks didn’t you come to know that she is pregnant. She asks how you couldn’t figure it out, and says you used to say that I hate kids and pregnancy and that’s why you couldn’t see. She says Prachi’s pregnancy proved costly on your fake pregnancy, now she will stay there and you will be out, you very well deserve this.

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