Twist of fate update Saturday 3 December 2022


Twist of fate 3 December 2022: Rhea goes upset from there. She recalls doctor saying that Prachi is pregnant. She recalls Ranbir telling that he knew about Prachi’s pregnancy since long. She tells herself that there is no chance of her now, Prachi is pregnant, what I will do now. She says I have lost. Aaliya comes there. Rhea says Prachi is pregnant, I have ruined. She says I wanted to get closer to him with the fake news, but Prachi gave the real news. Aaliya says Rhea. Rhea asks her not to say anything and says Prachi’s baby will be born now. She says everything is ruined.

Aaliya asks how you are talking to me? Rhea asks why didn’t you think before, that Prachi can be pregnant, as Ranbir loves her and she can get pregnant as they stayed together for 2 years. She says Prachi won and snatched Ranbir from me. He says even you have become a mother, then why this idea didn’t strike your mind.

She says you had told me that you are very experienced and tried and saw everything for Purab. Aaliya says this is not my mistake. Rhea asks whom I ask then? Aaliya asks her to go and confront Ranbir. Rhea says you have gone mad and asks you very well knew that he wanted to be father from Prachi and they had got married. She asks why this thing didn’t come in your clever mind and says you have done nothing.

She says we are zero. Aaliya says I did planning and manipulation, what shall I do, if your destiny is bad. Rhea says don’t talk about destiny and says you had taught me that losers depend on destiny and not winners like us. She says this was your motivational speech and says if you had used your mind even 10 percent then Ranbir would have been mine. She says I am lost and a loser because of you and says you was busy in Tanu. Aaliya asks her to learn from her mistake else she wouldn’t have seen this day. Rhea says how she can learn from her mistakes? Aaliya asks didn’t you do any mistake? She says you couldn’t attract Ranbir, you couldn’t make him love you, it is your failure and not mine.

She says you couldn’t executed my advice well. Rhea says you was experimenting on me and asked me to cry infront of Prachi and says you made me loser. Aaliya says you are wrong and asks didn’t you come to know that she is pregnant. She asks how you couldn’t figure it out, and says you used to say that I hate kids and pregnancy and that’s why you couldn’t see. She says Prachi’s pregnancy proved costly on your fake pregnancy, now she will stay there and you will be out, you very well deserve this.

Prachi thinks about Ranbir dancing with the family members. Doctor asks what are you thinking? Prachi says everyone came to know that I am pregnant. Doctor says how you hid this from everyone. Nurse comes there and says your husband is very happy and distributing sweets in the hospital. She says he is dancing happily for becoming a father. Prachi asks happy? Nurse says very happy.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that she don’t believe in filmy stories. Ranbir says Prachi is going to fulfill his third dream. Pallavi says you are going to be Rhea’s baby father and scolds him for complicating their lives, and asks him to end his drama. She asks him to go and talk to Prachi, what to do with this pregnancy. Ranbir asks what do you mean? Pallavi says you have cut our nose already, by staying with two women and asks if you will become two babies father at one time? Ranbir asks so what do you want, and asks her not to say what he is thinking and says else you will fall down from my sight. Dida asks how can you ask your son to abort the baby.

Vikram says Pallavi didn’t mean like you are thinking. Pallavi says I mean exactly like this and says the good news matters to me which comes first to me. Ranbir asks Stanley and Shahana to give sweets to everyone. He says good news shall make you happy and it doesn’t matter when it came. Vikram tells Dida that they shall go from here. Pallavi says you can’t ignore me like this and you will have much problem. She says Prachi can’t become Ranbir’s baby mother as she is not his wife. Dida asks her to stop it and says you will become bad, badmouthing about her. Staff member asks them to go and talk in visiting room.

Ranbir gives sweets to everyone in the hospital and gives his good news. Stanley also gives the sweets and says my boss is becoming father. Rhea gets angry, takes sweets box from Stanley’s hands and is about to throw it. Ranbir stops her and asks why she is doing this? Rhea says I am angry and upset, and has negative emotions at the same time. She says you are happy. He asks her not to talk with him with attitude and says I am happy. She says you would have told me about her pregnancy that day itself. He says why will I tell and how. He says you knows well what Prachi and your pregnancy mean to me. She asks what my pregnancy mean to you? He says I am proud of Prachi’s pregnancy and feels that your pregnancy is a mistake and infact I feel if you are really pregnant. Rhea says no girl will lie about her pregnancy with the baby’s father. Ranbir goes with Stanley. Rhea looks on upset.

Aaliya coming to Pallavi and says what I am seeing, why you can’t see? She says you are a mother, mother in law and the head of the house. She says you have promised to take care of Rhea more than me, what will happen behind your back? Dida asks if we are troubling Rhea, if our house is jail. Vikram says let Aaliya say? Aaliya says I am just saying, but Prachi has done. She says Ranbir was ready to leave with Prachi, that night and blames Prachi for his decision. Ranbir comes there and says Prachi doesn’t know about this, I wanted to surprise her. He asks her not to blame Prachi and goes. Aaliya says Prachi must have taught this to him. Vikram asks her to stop it. Aaliya says Prachi tried to kill Rhea’s baby and Ranbir couldn’t see this. She says he knew about her pregnancy, but he didn’t say. She says there might be some plan. Dida asks her to stop it. Aaliya argues with her. Dida asks her to talk with respect, says she is not her friend.

Prachi thinking everything about knowing her pregnancy, Sushma’s warning and her decision to go back to Ranbir for her baby. She recalls deciding not to tell him about bearing his baby, after seeing his marriage with Rhea.

She says what did I think and what is happening? She says last time, I thought to tell everything to Ranbir, but I changed my decision seeing him with Rhea. She says I thought to punish him, but I am getting punished instead, Rhea is pregnant with his baby and wants me to leave. She says I will leave from here, but everyone came to know about my pregnancy. She says my plan failed to punish Ranbir and says I have to go away from here for Rhea. She calls Shahana and tells her something, and asks her not to tell anything to anyone. She leaves from the hospital.


Shahana is going. Dida asks why she is stressed? Did doctor tell you something about Prachi and the baby? Shahana says Prachi. I can’t tell you anything now and will say on call. She goes. Ranbir comes to the hospital ward and asks where is Prachi? Nurse comes there. Ranbir asks if Prachi is taken for test. Nurse says no, all samples are taken here. She says may be she went out to have some fresh air and was behaving strange. She says when I told her that you are happy and dancing, she got sad. He asks what you was doing, when she was upset. He asks where is she? Nurse asks him to calm down and says I will see where is she?

Aaliya tells Pallavi that she is unsuccessful to handle her family. She says you couldn’t handle your son, he doesn’t listen to you. She sees Dida and says you went there excited and came back. Dida says she saw Shahana going in a hurry and worries about Prachi. Pallavi asks Dida to stop worrying about Prachi. She says all the time you take Prachi’s name, if you had taken God’s name then you might have got all the happiness. She asks Dida to listen to what Aaliya is saying? Aaliya says you are also reacting now, you would have reacted before.

Vikram asks what Pallavi should have done before? He asks why you haven’t done anything. Aaliya asks what I could have done. Vikram says you could have stopped that wedding. Aaliya says that marriage was wrong. Vikram says you was not understanding and says Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage was wrong. Aaliya gets upset. Ranbir comes there and asks why did you support the marriage, and not stopped us. Vikram says you knows well, why I didn’t stop the wedding. Ranbir says Rhea has threatened us to commit suicide. He says this marriage wouldn’t have happened and we got only suffering in this marriage, Prachi and all of us suffered. He asks if anyone knows where is Prachi. Vikram says she must be in the hospital room. Ranbir calls Prachi. Prachi sits in the taxi and rejects his call. Ranbir goes out worried and calls her while walking on the road, it is heavily raining and he gets drenched in rain. He calls Prachi and runs.

Rhea is walking in the hospital corridor, thinking about Ranbir’s words. She says I will make you believe you the way, that you will not disbelief it in all life. She says I am not going to accept defeat.

Aaliya continues to instigate Pallavi and says Prachi is jealous of Rhea’s pregnancy and fainted so that everyone believes her. She says it is all her drama. Dida asks if she is acting and asks if doctor is also acting who confirmed her pregnancy. She says Prachi was leaving the house for Rhea’s happiness, and I had stopped her. She stayed back on a condition that I shall not tell anyone about it to anyone. Rhea hears and regrets blaming Aaliya. She hugs Aaliya and says sorry. Aaliya says we have to make things fine.

Ranbir continues to search Prachi and sits on the road crying. Shahana calls someone and asks him to come near the hospital gate. Dida asks Shahana where is Prachi? Shahana says I don’t know. Dida says you know where is she, but not telling. Aaliya says let her go, and says we are not dying to know where she is going. Shahana says if you have a heart or not and says it beats for the loved ones and sometimes for the enemies, which you don’t have.

Aaliya says I am not interested to hear your nonsense? Pallavi says you can’t talk to Aaliya like that. Shahana asks did you asked her not to say bad against Prachi. Pallavi says don’t you dare judge me? Shahana says now you came to know that Prachi was pregnant before Rhea, but you will not accept her.

Ranbir calls Shahana. Shahana picks the call. He asks where is Prachi? She says I want to tell you, but can’t tell. He says please, tell me. Shahana says I know that you love her so much, but your love is becoming poison and sadness for her. She says your never expressed your love.

He says whenever I try to make things fine, I fail. He says I took Rhea’s signs on the divorce papers and was about to tell her, but my life changed in a moment. He says if he will lie after knowing that Prachi is pregnant with his child. Shahana asks if you are truthful then stop Prachi, if she goes today then she will go out of the city very far. He asks where is she? Shahana says she is at home, and packing her stuff.

Ranbir thanks her. Rhea hears Shahana. Ranbir sits in the taxi. Shahana looks at Rhea and goes to sit in the taxi. Rhea prays to God to separate Prachi and Ranbir and prays that they shall not meet.

Prachi takes her bag and it opens up. Prachi says let me take my stuff, I am not taking anything from this house. She looks at Ranbir’s photo frame and packs it as well. She tries to take off Ranbir’s photo frame from the wall.

Ranbir is on the way in the taxi and recalls Shahana’s words. He asks driver to drive the car fast and overtake this car. The driver hits the car. Ranbir asks if he is fine, gives him money to get the car repaired and says he will run to go home. He gets out of the car and runs on the road. He reaches home and calls Prachi. He slips and falls down. He gets up and calls Prachi. Song plays ik mera yaara.…He recalls their moments and comes to the room. He don’t see her in the room and gets sad thinking about Shahana’s words.

Just then Prachi comes out of the bathroom. He looks at her as if he got back his life. Prachi also looks at him. Suna hai song plays…. Ranbir bends down on his knees and asks her not to go. She asks why shall I stay back? He says stay back for me. She says I can’t stay back for you. He says then stay back for our baby. Prachi looks at him.

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