Imlie starlife update Friday 2 December 2022


Imlie 2 December 2022: Tripathi family ladies make pooja arrangements. Aparna tells Radha that she prepared prasad panjiri. Sundar brings flowers. Rupali brings a dress for Imlie and shows it to them. Aparna says its pretty and Imlie will look pretty when she meets her husband tonight, she can’t believer that Imlie is already married. Rupali and Pallavi get nervous hearing that. Adi walks in. Aparna asks him if he invited Imlie’s husband and if she informed Imlie about her husband’s visit, she is excited to meet him. She takes Radha along to give new suit to Imlie. Adi hopes their behavior don’t change after knowing truth. Aparna and Radha give new dress to Imlie asking her to forget what happened yesterday and asks her to get ready for pooja soon. Imlie hopes they continue loving her like this.

Radha tells Aparna that Anu’s mouth will be shut seeing Imlie’s husband. Aparna says Imlie deserves happiness like other children.Dev apologizes Malini and says he thought her wedding broke because of herself. She asks him not to apologize her. He says it all started because of her and he cannot see his one daughter’s marriage breaking because of other. Malini asks if her marriage is breaking because of Imlie or its vice versa. Dev says he just knows that she and Adi are here since 7 years, he will speak to Imlie and ask her to back off. Malini says Imlie will really leave Adi as she was trying it since long. Dev sees cupboard open with jewelry box open and questions servant. Servant says only Anu came here. Malini checks and says only the jewelry gifted by Adi’s family is missing.

Dev says Anu must have gone to T house in lieu of returning jewelry and create a drama there, so they should rush there immediately and stop her. Anu in her car looks at jewelry and thinks Tripathis gifted such a loud low quality jewelry.Imlie gets ready in new dress, applies sindhoor on her hairline, and hides it. Adi walks to her and says she need not hide it anymore as he will reveal their relationship to family today. Panditji reaches to perform havan and asks Pallavi to keep a coconut kalash/bowl near main door. Aparna asks Rupali to call Imlie and Adi. Nishant says they will come by themselves. Adi with Imlie heads towards pooja venue to inform family about them. Anu enters. Harish asks why did she come uninvited.

Radha says she knew abshagun/inauspiciousness will arrive to ruin their peace. Anu says she brought them peace and asks servants to return their gifted jewelry. Pankaj says they don’t need it and she can give it in charity. Anu says who else deserves charity better than their servant Imlie. They warn her to mind her tongue. Radha yells that her daughter had an affair with KC and left home and she is alleging them wrongly. Anu asks if that is the only reason. Pankaj warns if she wrongly alleges Imlie and Adi, they will not spare her as Adi is Imlie’s guardian and Imlie’s parents gave Imlie’s responsibility to Adi. Anu says only they both benefited and ruined Malini’s life. Aparna says for her kind information, Imlie’s husband is coming today. Anu laughs and says Imlie’s husband came long ago and removing Adi and Malini’s wedding pic fixes Adi and Imlie’s hugging pic.

T family is shocked to see that. Malini and Dev also reach there. Anu asks Tripathis if its Adi and Imlie in this pic, where is Imlie’s husband. Adi says he is Imlie’s husband as he married Imlie. Tripathi family is shocked more.Anu unveils Aditya and Imlie’s intimate video and asks Tripathi family where is Imlie’s husband. Aditya says he is Imlie’s husband as he married Imlie. Pankaj angrily asks what kind of a silly joke is this. Adi says this is not a joke and whenever he tried to inform them, situations didn’t permit. Harish asks Imlie what did she do. Adi says Imlie didn’t do anything wrong. Aparna remembers finding married woman’s items in Imlie’s bag repeatedly and related incidents. Adi says they all should listen to him first and then decide. Aparna angrily walks to him and gives him a deserved tight slap. Camera focuses on each family member. Malini asks what is she doing.


Anu says Aparna is Aditya’s mother and not hers, a right thing happened in this house for the first time. She throws Tripathi family’s gifted jewelry and ask them to gift it to the servant now. Dev yells at her to shut up and forcefully takes her from there. Malini tells Aparna that she just heard Anu’s story and should listen to even Adi and Imlie’s story once and leaves. Aparna tells Adi that even today Malini is worried for him, she always saw something in Malini’s eyes along with tears and today realized that Adi betrayed not only Malini but his whole family.

Adi angrily breaks a table, sets a fire, and holding Imlie’s hand performs pheras saying he always tried to insult Imlie and send her away, but she never left him; its a fate that brought them together and slowly he started loving Imlie and this love is his life’s biggest truth, trust, and courage. After finishing pheras, he announces that he is Imlie’s husband and wants his parent’s blessings, Imlie accepted him after a much difficulty and even they should accept Imlie. Aparna asks how can he marry a servant. Adi says Imlie was not a servant and became one for him, she is Imlie Aditya Kumar Tripathi. Aparna says their identity will not change by changing name, Adi may consider Imlie as his wife, but for her Imlie is a servant. She throws water on fire and says she doesn’t consider this marriage. He says he made her a good son and human and didn’t know she can think this way.

Aparna says if he had a bitt of humanity left in him, he wouldn’t have betrayed his wife for a servant. Adi says informed truth to Malini long ago and is informing them. He asks Harish if he will not confront Aparna. Harish says he thought Imlie is true and innocent, but she is not; a girl who can have an affair with a married man, can never be true. Adi says he married Imlie first and then Malini.Aparna throws Adi and Imlie’s intimate pics and says Imlie doesn’t have a place in their family. Nishant says he didn’t know they would react this way, Imlie is innocent. Pankaj says Malini is innocent instead who lost her husband, in-laws, house, everything. Adi says they are wrongly alleging an innocent 19-year-old girl, he made a mistake of marrying Malini.

Aparna says if he was forcefully married to Imlie by villagers, he would have filed a police complaint but instead brought her home. Adi shouts he couldn’t tell truth that he was forcefully married, but if they cannot respect his wife, even he will not tolerate his wife’s insult. Pankaj says Malini is his wife.

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