Strings of love Starlife update Friday 1 march 2024

Strings of love 1 march 2024: Angad refuses to let Inder speak to Manveer and says Inder lost his right to speak to his mamma. Simran asks Angad why he is scolding his father, his father is too good who helped her find her mamma’s locker.

Veer takes Simran from there. Akaal says people say right that a fake coin will always be fake, Inder is always a failure and never respects any relationship. Japjyoth says Inder always complained his Daarji, but himself is a failure. Angad shouts at Sahiba that she betrayed him by hiding the truth and shouts he will never accept his father’s illegitimate child as his sister.

He drops Manveer to her room. Manveer says let her stay alone. Angad says he can’t and tries to calm her down. Manveer cries that Inder proved that he can never love her and had an affair with

another woman, she can’t tolerate Inder’s biggest mistake roaming around the house freely and wants her to get out of this house. Angad says his father betrayed them both.

Akaal and Japjyoth walk in. Angad asks how can they keep even him dark. Japjyoth says they learnt about Inder’s affair 10 years ago and thought it ended after confrontation. Angad asks Manveer why didn’t she inform him. Manveer says however her relationship was with Inder, she didn’t want him to hate his father. She cries that she feels worthless after knowing about Inder’s betrayal. Inder tries to leave the house after recalling family’s hatred for him. Sahiba walks to him and asks where is he going. Inder says far away from the family. Sahiba asks if he wants Simran also to hate him. Inder says no. She tries to convince him to reveal truth to Simran.

Sahiba then walks to Simran and sees her draw a sketch of her, Angad, and her papa. She asks why Angad’s mother was crying, she will go and hug her and set her mood right. Sahiba stops her and asks if her father ever met her. She says never in the hostel and she feels he doesn’t like her and hence didn’t meet her once. Sahiba says she met her father already and he is coming to meet her. Inder walks in crying. Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi Hairaan Hoon Main.. song pays in the background. Simran also gets teary eyed seeing him and asks if he is sad that he is her papa. Inder hugs her emotionally and says these are tears of happiness. Simran asks if he is both her and Angad’s papa.


Sahiba says yes. Inder makes her sit and says he had gifted her mamma’s locket. Simran happily dances and asks why didn’t he come to meet her. Inder recalls Gaytri breaking ties with him when he informs his decision of not meeting her again.Angad passes by. Simran happily hugs him and thanks him for find her father, she is so happy that their father is same. Angad says he is not her brother and not to call him bhaiya. Simran asks if he is angry on her, their father is same, then they both are siblings. Angad shouts again he is not her brother.

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