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Prithvi asks Karan to stop and did he find what he was looking for to which Prithvi says that he should stop this and then Karan says that he has found some very strong evidence against him and he will do all that he can to stop him to which Prithvi says that he always does this on purpose and finds amusement in doing this to him.

just then he gets angry and sees Preeta coming and complains to her to which she asks them both to be quiet and to act as adults because they are here for Sherlin as she is not feeling well, when Prithvi leaves she asks Karan to stop this and let it go but he says that he knows for sure that his brother did not do this and his brother is a very good person.

Doctor comes into the room and says to Sherlin that she is now one hundred percent sure that she is–pregnant and
will become a mother.

Rishab is pouring water in the class and is very tensed when Shristhri comes and tries to ask him something but is not able to do it and then he himself asks as to what is going on in her mind and asks her to be confident, she says that will he be able to balance himself if all this is true to which he says that he will eventually, she says that she feels very bad for him and Sherlin’s relation and weather he will be alright after it breaks up and who will marry Sherlin,

He says that he will as Sherlin is a good person then immediately questions what he said and asks her to come and rejoin everyone. Mahesh hears what they are talking and says that he must talk with Rishab as this marriage is nothing to him.

Chachi is sitting and staring at Karan and Preeta saying that she is a very beautiful girl and will look after Rishab but then thinks that she will be better with Karan as Rishab is a very kind hearted person and Karan is irresponsible and she will look after him, Karina is thinking as to when she will leave their house just then Shristhri walks in.

The doctor walks in saying that she is going to be a mother and when she walks out to tell everyone the truth Sherl8in stops her saying that she will pay her whatever amount she wishes, the doctor hearing tis gets angry saying that she cannot influence with anything and she will now do what she feels right and that is to tell everyone the truth Sherlin stats to beg her but she leaves.

Prithvi is standing and thinking that he is cornered and cannot go near Sherlin as if he tries to then Karan will follow him and now the only way is that if Sherlin somehow manages to convince the doctor to not tell the truth.

Prithvi goes to Sherlin and when they meet he immediately asks her is she convinced the doctor but she says that she is pregnant and she was not able to convince the doctor as she did not listen to anything she said and did she tell everyone.

He says that she was not able to as she got an emergency case after which he starts to yell at her saying that it is all her fault, did she not think to test herself about the pregnancy but instead of hearing this she also gets angry and they start to fight but after sometime they both cool down and stat to think of plan to get out of this problem, he says that they are dead and whatever they had planned is now finished and they cannot do anything about it.

Mahesh and Rishab and he says that he wants to ask something to her, Rishab says that does he want to asks him the same question which Karan was asking that did he cross the limit with Sherlin to which he gets angry saying that he feels sad that his own family cannot understand him,

Mahesh says that he is their first born and they now him but he had a question that does he have feelings for Preeta or Sherlin and when they are talking Preeta comes saying that both Karina and Chachi are fighting and she takes him with her while Mahesh is left wondering.

When they  both reach, Chachi and Karina are both fighting at the top of their voice and Rishab handles the situation beautifully, after which Chachi says that she is saying this after her experience and will not go until the doctor says something because now the matter is off her respect.

Sherlin says to Prithvi that they ar now finished and he should work out as what to do and when they are talking he pushes her, Sherlin falls near the door where Rakhi comes in and asks as to how did she fall she picks her up and sits her down asking her as to what the matter was and why did she fall but she does not answer.

Then she asks her the matter to which she says that she decided to lose weight so that she could fit in the dress which Rishab bought for her, Rakhi agrees and Sherlin says that she does not feel good in the hospital and can they go home as she does not feel good and they leave, Prithvi claps for Sherlin and decides that he has to go to the rest of them.

Rakhi and Sherlin go to everyone and Rakhi explains that it was a case of severe acidity and she should not have done this
kind of a thing and should have taken rest, but she says that she did this as she loved the present of Rishab and did not find the guts to return it as he is to become her husband,

Chachi says that she is lying and that she is to become a mother, Karina disagrees and says that she should top this when Sherlin says that they should leave. Shristhri says that the doctor said that she will tell them something important but she says that she must go home, Sherlin convinces everyone that she is right and they all decide to go home.

Chachi says that Shristhri is right and they should wait for the doctor as she said that she has some important thing to tell them and they should wait for her but Karina says that she should now stop this pregnant thing and come with them. Rakhi says that she will do a better thing and marry Rishab and Sherlin at the earliest

Karan says that he is waiting outside, Preeta says to Rakhi that she will go now and will come back the next day for the treatment of Dadi. When they leave Prithvi also asks for their leave, Sherlin says that she wants to go to her house for some rest, Rakhi says to Rishab to drop her but then she says that she will go with her driver when Rishab says that e wants to say something to her and takes her aside, upon reaching he says to her that if someone said anything like this for his sister then he would not be able to bear it,

She says that she does not understand what he is saying, to which he says that he is sorry as he even for a little moment thought that she had some relation with another man, he sees that she is starting to cry and asks her to calm down but she starts to Pretend that she is crying and says that she never thought that he off all the people will think this of her, she says that he knows that she never had any sort of relation with him and if she did not have a relation with him then how could he think that she had a relation of that sort with some other person.

Rishab hands her a tissue and says that he feels very sad that he thought this off her but she says that she feels that he does not trust her and then she hugs him and he says that he is happy that she did not react to the words of Chachi jee as she said a lot of things which would trouble anyone but she kept quiet. They both start to walk and Sherlin thinks that she will now hold him in her hands and he will scold Karan for her.

Karan is in the car with Preeta and ShristhI he Says that Sherlin is pregnant. hearing This Preeta gets angry saying that he must stop this childish behavior now and now even the doctor has said that she is not pregnant, Shristhri says that this was said by Sherlin and not the doctor,

Preeta scolds her saying that she will talk with her in this house and ask her to be quiet. She further says that whenever something is wrong they always blame Prithvi and Sherlin to which Karan says that they are not good people and he always thinks very good of him,

Shristhri also says that Preeta trusts Prithvi blindly in each and every case which is not a good thing, Preeta again scolds her and Karan also asks her to be quiet saying that he will handle Preeta and prove that Prithvi is the father of the baby which is with Sherlin, Preeta hearing his determination feels worried.

Preeta yells at Karan saying that she does not want to be part of his stupid plan anymore, he say that she is only part of his plan because she wants to prove him wrong and does not care that he is right about Prithvi, Shristhri also says that they found a photo which had them both in them. They reach at their house and he says that they should go and always get angry and does not even answer them.

Prithvi is in the car with Sherlin and says that she is a very big fool and she should not have made Rishab feel guilty to which she says that she only did this because he always let her down in front Of Rishab but this time he came to her and she did what she thought was right to which he sys that he is aa soft hearted person just like Preeta,

hearing This she gets angry saying that he loves Preeta now and is fed up with her, and in angry mood pulls the handbrake at which he gets angry and she says that she wants a break from him and they should not meet for a few days.

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