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While Rudra tries to talk to Zoya, and Gangaa, Raahat enters with the Police. Amma ji recognises Raahat and wonders how did she land here? The Police says that they will have to arrest Rudra on the ground of possible rape and murder.

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They’re all shocked. Madhvi begs them to reconsider. Amma ji hopes that no one knows Raahat and that Niranjan shouldn’t at all know she is here, after remembering how they were linked in the past and how they can’t afford Raahat in their lives at all, now that Niranjan is married.

After the Police has gone, Sagar confronts Gangaa, and they start hurling accusations at each other. Sagar continues to try and point out that Rudra hasn’t been proven innocent yet and whether she has any proof implicating him in the crime? Gangaa says that she doesn’t have the right now, but soon enough, she will and she’s determined to get Zoya justice. He too swears that he will prove that Rudra is innocent. Gangaa watches tensedly. Thereafter, she leaves.

Later, Amma ji is in her room, sitting tensedly about Raahat’s sudden apearance. She thinks that Rudra’s mistake shouldn’t implicate her and her family too in all this. She goes out. Meanwhile, in the drawing room, in front of Madhvi and Pulkit, Sagar vows to be by Rudra’s side and help him. Madhvi complies, saying that Rudra has always been by their side, and enumerates various instances when he helped them, and now, they have to reciprocate. Amma ji hears all this.

Pulkit wonders why is Zoya and Gangaa unnecessarily accusing him then, if there is no substance? She comes and says that Pulkit is right, and sits down. She tries to instigate them, saying that they have no clue what Rudra is capable of, and has turned into, after all these years of lost touch. Madhvi asks her if she is doubting him? She says that she merely doesn’t want to complicate things by being involved.

Sagar gets frustrated. He asks how can they desert him like that, and not help him? She says that they should, but from the outside, and begs Sagar to think about his father’s reputation, and what they should do, if Rudra’s case is true. He rubbishes it off, saying that he would also side with Rudra.
Just then, Supriya gets the food back, from Ragini’s room. Madhvi gets to know that Ragini didn’t eat, because Rudra isnt here. They’re all frustrated.

In her room, Ragini is extremely upset and crying, when Sagar comes and asks her to eat. She expresses how attached she is to him, and asks him to get him back home. Madhvi comes and assures her that Rudra will come back, and till then, she can stay with she herself. She manages to successfully distract Ragini, by giving her stories, and feeding her, diverting her mind. He looks on appreciatively.

As Raahat stands tensedly, Gangaa gets food for her, and she refuses to eat, thoroughly tensed. Raahat continues to refuse to eat, while ganga continues to vehemently insist that she needs to eat, to fight the long battle ahead, and eat for her daughter’s sake if not herself. She starts feeding her. Raahat gets emotional, and thanks her for what she is doing for her and her daughter, as it isn’t easy to fight against one’s own people, especially Sagar, and thanks her yet again. Gangaa says that it’s true, but people should always side with the truth.

She says that it would be difficult and the worse part is that, she was hurt to see the person who she believed in, the most, betray her like that. She says that her fight will continue till Zoya gets justice. She also asks Raahat to not be so formal. She smiles and complies. Raahat asks Gangaa to eat too, as she knows that she also hasn’t eaten any food, or anything else all day. Gangaa complies. Hesitatingly, Gangaa says that she wished to talk too, and asks if she wouldn’t tell Zoya’s father about it? Raahat is shocked and taken aback, as she denies it.

The next morning, Sagar and Pulkit are ready for their day at the court, while a concerned Madhvi packs their tiffin, and sends them off. She finds Amma ji rushing in.

Madhvi asks what’s the matter, as she didn’t go to the ghaat for bathing, and Amma ji gives an excuse. She then asks Madhvi about Niranjan’s flight, and gets to know that he would arrive late in the morning. Madhvi gets back to work, while Amma ji keeps muttering that she simply couldn’t have wanted Raahat to meet Niranjan, and hence she didn’t go to the ghaats.

When Sagar and Pulkit arrive for Rudra, and they find that Gangaa is already there with her Court papers. Sagar presents the bail papers to the Clerk. The Clerk says that all accusations are not bailable, and hence, the reason for denial of bail to Rudra.

He understands that Gangaa is behind this, and asks how could she misuse the law! She says that she is merely doing justice, and using it doesn’t mean violation of other rights, as she just wished. She says that she needed to set an example. Sagar asks Gangaa not to get happy, as Rudra’s bail denial doesn’t imply that she won, but it does ensure that he wants her to fall flat on her wrong assumptions! She says that she knows there is a long fight ahead, but she is ready to fight against him yet again.

Sagar asks Gangaa to have some sense, as due to her carelessness, he also had to hear the lecture, as the Doctor presumed that he is the father and they are a couple. She taunts that he is definitely not a couple with her, or the father. He asks her to take care then. She asks why does he care so much and won’t let it go? He says that he hates her and her child so much, and he wouldn’t want anyone to give her hatred too. He says that he loves her ardently, and hence grew to hate her ardently. Just then, Pulkit and Zoya arrive, while Sagar leaves hastily. Gangaa is tensed.

They’re all tensed for Rudra and the solid case that Gangaa made for him, but Pulkit is tensed for Gangaa, and explains what happened in the morning. They all look at Sagar, while he says that he had no other option. He leaves from there. They think that he is still tensed for what’s going on and hasn’t forgotten her completely.

Then Niranjan enters and he too goes in without listening to anyone. He rushes in and locks the door. They are all boggled. Meanwhile, inside, Niranjan, Sagar, Raahat and Gangaa, in their respective rooms, have severe despair, as they realize the latest turn, their lives have taken.

Supriya gets back the plate of food, and Amma ji sees it. She gets to know that no one ate last night. Amma ji is tensed.
The next morning, Amma ji finds out from Madhvi that Niru still has the room locked, and she’s tensed. Amma ji is also tensed. She sends Madhvi to prepare for prayer, while she herself is tensed. She hopes that Niru isn’t taken back to the past and that she can’t afford to take the risk of him meeting Raahat and decides to do something about it.

Amma ji lashes out at Raahat as she comes on her doorstep, throwing money at her face, asking her to get lost and leave the city! As they spill out the truth, about Zoya being Niru’s illegitimate daughter, Gangaa hears it and she’s thoroughly shocked. Amma ji says that the world knows something else, and that she has been married to that commoner guy! They keep taunting and accusing one another.

She explains how he had gone abroad, and she had sent letters, but he didn’t respond. Amma ji asks her to think then. She asks Raahat if Niru sent back any answer and says that he didn’t tell her, because Niru knew her truth, and asks if she is trying to cast off her illgitimate affair, on Niru? Amma ji is furious.

Gangaa who is hearing all this, shocked and distraught, claps and taunts her, saying that she did the same with Sagar and now, with Niru,. and she thinks her money can buy everything! Amma ji lashes at her, while Gangaa reminds her, and says that Amma ji can’t go on, and that it’s enough! She goes to Raahat and holds her hand. Gangaa says that she is Raahat Mirza, who won’t leave the town, at all, and asks her if her money can buy all the relations, but she is mistaken, as everything isn’t for sale, in the world! She asks her to keep her money!

Amma ji says that she made a big mistake to have brought her up, as she knew she would bring ruin to them, and she did exactly that! Amma ji leaves rushedly.

Gangaa April teasers 2019

Inside, Raahat tells Gangaa not to ask questions as she wouldn’t be able to answer them. Gangaa asks her to take the pain out, as the truth is already out of the closet, and asks her to share it.

Note: Written updates may not tally with scenes shown on screen, this is because Zee World is trying to shorten Gangaa series ahead of its season finale.

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