Tragedy occurs in Begusarai Season finale as Poonam and Lakhan die


Poonam and Lakhan

Dear Zee World lovers, we bring bad news this time around. The couples – Poonam and Lakhan,  whose love story grew on us and made our hearts warm will be saying a tragic goodbye to us as Begusarai ends 17th October 2018.

Their fated love story will finally meets its end in the hands of Komal. She will kidnap a pregnant Poonam and keep her in an isolated place so that when Lakhan learns about it, he would run to her rescue.

However, an ensuing battle between him and Komal will result in him getting shot. The pregnant Poonam will run towards Lakhan to try to save him but she falls down besides him and hold on tight to her husband.


Memories of all they have gone through in the past will flash between them but Lakhan is weak and knows he will soon die. He asks Poonam to promise him that she will take care of herself and their baby.

Komal however will not be satisfied with just shooting Lakhan, she intends to separate them for good and so she tries to also shoot Poonam but Mithkesh who had arrived the scene comes inbetween them and is killed.

Bindiya and her men who have also arrived the place tackle Komal and her goons, in the process Komal gets shot and is presumed dead because she had only be shot in the hand. Bindiya rushes Poonam to the hospital, there she will deliver her baby and also die.

Poonam and Lakhan


A 20 years leap, which should serve as the second season will occur and a new story centered around Bindiya and her five sons begins. Follow this link to find out the full story and cast for the season 2.

Meanwhile, Gangaa will be Premiering the next day. From all indications, it seems Zee World isn’t ready yet to continue with Begusarai post the keap, but Gangaa is just as much a good replacement.

You can Follow this link to read more about the new series Gangaa.

So dear readers, Say your final goodbyes 😔 to Lakhan and Poonam..

Poonam and Lakhan
Lakhan and poonam


Poonam and Lakhan



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