Titli starlife update Sunday 31 March 2024

Titli 31 March 2024: Dadi asks what did you tell him that he left. Titli says nothing, I asked him to give some time to understand each other. Paresh gets angry. He scolds Titli. She says no, you didn’t do anything. He asks what was the need to talk wrong things, you should have asked what you wanted, if your dad got this alliance, would you do the same and insult him like you insulted me. Jaishri says calm down, let her go, we will talk. She calls Chintu. She asks him to drop Titli at the store. They leave.

He asks Titli not to worry. Uncle says we will see who likes the panipuri more. They eat the panipuri. They ask Titli to have panipuri. They cheer her up. Chintu asks her to stay happy. She asks him to come in evening. Uncle says life is such, it makes one laugh and cry, you don’t lose courage.

She says you are saying right, I will call Kakimaa and ask is everything fine. Jaishri asks Dadi to listen. Dadi says I won’t stay here. She argues.

She says tell Titli that Rahul and his mum will also be there in the function. Jaishri prays. Titli decorates Radha Krishna idols. Uncle compliments her word. He tells about the devil Putna, who was very dangerous and knew only violence. A lady is seen beating a vendor. Titli says I m scared that Putna will come here. He laughs and says no one will come here.

The lady comes to the store. The vendor asks Titli to save him. Titli stops the lady. The lady scolds the apple vendor. Titli says take this flower and forgive him, this is Krishna kamal, it has 100 petals. She explains him. The man runs away. Titli says let him go, you hold this flower. The lady says that man was cheating me, Koyal. Titli asks is your name Koyal, its very sweet, you know these flowers are imported, like any, you will get it. Koyal likes Radha Krishna idol and says my boss will like it.

Titli says its not on sale. Koyal says you are also greedy, I will just give 300rs. Titli says don’t touch it, we aren’t greedy, I won’t let you go away empty handed, keep this flower for free. Koyal says I don’t need this flower. She tears the flowers. She says wish that we never meet again.

Jaishri takes Titli’s call and asks her to come to the function on time. Titli reaches the venue. Garv comes there and talks to his client on call. Titli collides with him. She leaves. He sees the broken wing of her butterfly costume. He says where did she go. Chintu sees her and laughs. She asks where did my other wing go. She asks him to find it. She thinks it fell when she collided with that guy. Garv gets the wing. He keeps the wing there and writes a sorry wing. She prays to get the wing. She sees the wing and runs to take it. She reads his note. She sees Garv leaving. Rahul comes and does shayari seeing her. She does the decorations. He says sorry, I left that way, I was mistaken, it was my kiddishness.

She says feelings should be true, thanks for understanding me. He says you said you like my face, you didn’t ask my salary. She says I don’t value money so much. He says I m understanding you a bit, your words are positive, so your work are connected to these flowers, like they give hope, you also do it. She says I don’t want to leave my work after marriage. He says you will never leave it, I will always support you and protect you, you decorated it well, you have talent. They both fall over the moon. He sees the flowers falling down and saves her. He gets hurt. Everyone looks on. The people comment on them.

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