Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 31 march 2024

Strings of love 31 march 2024: Angad and Sahiba enter hospital’s morgue room to identify Garry’s dead body. Inspector asks if they are ready to see the body and unveils dead body’s face.

Sahiba says this body is unidentifiable, how is he sure that this is Garry’s dead body. Angad asks same. Inspector shows him the items found at the accident site and deadboy’s body. Angad checks them and identifies them as Garry’s. He confirms it’s Garry’s dead body. He and Sahiba walk out. Seerat asks if that dead body is not Garry’s? Angad says it’s Garry and shows her Garry’s items.

Seerat wobbles seeing them. Angad holds her. Seerat says it can’t be Garry, it’s a dream. Angad says it’s true. Seerat says Garry has to answer her many questions, he can’t go like this. Angad says Garry is gone, she should control herself. Seerat cries hugging him and asks who will inform Jasleen. Angad asks her to go out. Seerat says she will not.

Brars join for breakfast. Simran says she and papa baked a cake today. Jasleen says she hates children, but Simran is a cute child, looking at Manveer.

Simran says Angad and Sahiba should cut this cake, but they are not at home. Jasleen taunts Manveer that she should check with Sahiba about Angad as she is controlling him after marriage. Manveer gets Sahiba’s call. Sahiba asks why is she calling him. Jasleen taunts her to pick Sahiba’s call as she may want to inform something about Angad. Manveer picks call. Sahiba says she shouldn’t panic hearing whatever she says. Manveer asks if Angad is fine. Sahiba says Angad is fine and he, she, and Jasleen are standing outside a morgue. Manveer says morgue? Family gets alert and Manveer asks why are they at morgue. Sahiba says Garry met with an accident and passed away, so they came here to identify his dead body. Jasleen breaks down hearing that. They all rush to hospital.

Angad signs documents. Inspector says they can perform Garry’s last rites after postmortem. Angad walks out. Sahiba asks if they shall take Garry body home after postmortem. Angad says no after seeing the body. Family reaches. Jasleen gets out of control and says it can be Garry’s body and insists to see it. Wardboys take Garry’s body on a stretcher. Jasleen tries to see the face. Angad and Inder stops her and sends the body away. Jasleen blames Sahiba for Garry’s death. Angad says they shall take Garry’s body to the crematorium directly after postmortem. Jasleen curses him. Japjyoth says Garry died many days ago and it’s better if they perform his last rites as soon as possible for the peace of his soul. Jasleen curses Angad, Sahiba, and Seerat and requests Akaal to not let them attend Garry’s last rites. Akaal agrees.

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