Bitter Sweet Love Starlife Sunday 31st March 2024

Aaji ask Vandana to put some water on Kunal’s hand. Kunal says no, thanks. Vandana splashes the water on his face and scolds him for insulting her at the studio. She says get out of here, I don’t want to see you. Aaji asks Vandana what is she thinking. Vandana gives the water pipe to Bobby. She goes. Kunal leaves.

Aaji says come soon to stay, we will have fun. Kunal scolds Bobby. Bobby says really sorry, I didn’t come to see personally, it looked good in pics. Kunal says you also look good in pics. Bobby says sorry, the best part is you won’t get to see the neighbors. Kunal says I don’t like the vibe, I can’t tolerate Vandana, I hate her. Vandana says I hate him, I will tie the bell in his neck. Kunal argues with Bobby and gets angry.

He says you gave 60 lakhs to him without cross checking. Bobby says sorry, you like the penthouse right, that girl is the problem, she is getting married, she will leave in one month. Kunal says I m going to hotel. He gets a message and says I can’t checkin in the five star hotel, there are many hotels, book another one for me. Bobby says I have an idea, come home, dad wants to meet you, shift tomorrow, mum was getting senti. Vandana prays to Bappa. Pammi says Kunal is coming to stay. Guneet says its good. She says he is helpless to come here. He says just stay happy, warm up the food, he would be hungry. Kunal and Bobby are on the way. Bobby asks him to eat the modak. He says Bappa’s prasad is the best, maybe you find the voice which you are looking for.

Kunal eats the modak. He likes it and thinks perfect. Bobby says your mum used to make yummy modak, you would remember the taste, right. Kunal gets upset. Everyone praises the modak made by Vandana. Kunal says I will shift to penthouse, I will tolerate that girl for a month. Bobby smiles.

Aaji tells about Kunal. Vandana gets angry and says Kunal has spoiled my recording, he said my voice is nonsense, I can never become a playback singer, I should leave my dreams, he came in our neighborhood to stay, I hate him. Vijay asks her not to get agitated and just say welcome to Kunal. Pammi does the aarti and welcomes Kunal. Guneet hugs Kunal and kisses him. Bobby takes a selfie. He makes a reel of Kunal’s homecoming. Pammi says no one can get saved from relations, its Karma. Mrunal says Bobby is a big social media influencer, his friend is coming to stay here. Vijay says this guy can become your friend tomorrow. Vandana stays upset. Anagha says Vaibhav and his family are coming to fix the marriage. The family teases her.

Vandana says Vaibhav is coming tomorrow, if he doesn’t come, then I will go to his home and get her. Anagha says I will take an off tomorrow, its my duty to be here. Pammi talks to Kunal. She asks how is Kuldeep, is Vedika fine, and Parisa’s studies are going fine or not, Kuldeep calls once a month and just talks of business. Guneet asks Kunal will you go back soon. Kunal says yes, I m here till I make the music company number one, we will see the company accounts tomorrow. He gets rude and goes. Pammi cries. Anagha and Hemant argue. Vandana hears them and gets sad.

Mrunal comes and says they fight daily. Hemant says I would have sold this bungalow, dad isn’t agreeing. Anagha says I didn’t mean that, this house is his life savings and his identity. Vandana stays outside and hears them. Anagha says it’s a last warning, you have to contribute towards the expenses from next month, do anything, that’s it, else I will take Shivam and go to Maayka. He says I will drop you right away. Anagha cries and goes out. Kuldeep talks to Kunal. He asks him not to get in Pammi’s words. He says check the accounts. Kunal says don’t worry, I know how to handle this. Kuldeep says shift to penthouse soon, tell me the date when our company comes on number one. Kunal says I will do it and show you. He sees Pammi and Guneet at the door.

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