Radha Mohan update Tuesday 25 July 2023

Radha Mohan 25 July 2023: Kaveri exclaims who would want to see her face, she will see the face of her daughter, Gungun is worried thinking of what might happen if Kaveri sees the face of Radha, Tulsi think she must do something so hits Kaveri with the wooden table which causes her to fall on the bed and even her glasses break, Ketki is worried wondering what Kaveri Masi is doing in the room.Kadambari asks Mohan to stop as she will call the electrician when he replies that he is almost finished.

Kaveri manages to find her glasses and is relieved but after wearing them is tensed to see that they are broken, she wonders where is she going to find her extra glasses, Ketki threatens to bring the entre family if she does not open the door, Kaveri thinks she has to first take care of Radha before they all reach here, she seeing the red color requests her to help since she is old now, Ketki demands Kaveri to open the door, Kaveri exclaims Damini is really selfish as she is not even helping her so that her clothes are not twisted. Tulsi prays that the lights must not come before packs the suitcase. Mohan after placing the fuse asks Ajeet if he thinks that it would be fixed.

Kaveri manages to pack the suitcase when the dupatta falls over the face of Radha, Gungun and Tulsi both are worried when Kaveri exclaims, she is glad to see her daughter is looking so beautiful, she can feel it, Mohan manages to turn on the lights when Kaveri is relieved thinking, she will now find her extra glasses, Kaveri takes them out from the wardrobe, Tulsi and Gungun both are tensed. Kaveri curiously walks over to her, she is smiling exclaims Damini changed all her clothes and why would she not do it when she is about to become the daughter in law of Trivedi family so has the right to change them by the hour, Kaveri smiles.

Ketki sends Dulari away, before once again requesting her to open the door, she exclaims she I going to open the door, Ketki asks why did it take her so much time, Kaveri exclaims she ahs opened it so now they would take Damini downstairs, Gungun is worried wondering how is she going to go downstairs, Tulsi mentions Gungun must not be worried as she is going to help her, Gungun smiles thinking how they are able to take Radha downstairs so easily but how is she able to walk even when she is unconscious, Gungun is confused.

Mohan is sitting in the Mandap when Kaveri and Ketki reach with whom they think is Damini, Kadambari informs the Pandit jee that the bride has arrived, Gungun is relieved to think that now Radha is going to be her mother, she thinks that the most important person is not present in her wedding without which it is impossible.Kaveri whispers that she was always eager to get married to Mohan but now that it is happening, she is still very quiet, Tulsi is worried when she notices the protection around the Mandap, Tulsi falls because of the shock and thinks how is she going to take Radha inside because if she leaves then Radha might fall after which everyone would know she is not Damini, Kaveri exclaims she has not eaten anything so might be feeling dizzy, Kadambari also asks why is she standing there, Mohan even asks Damini what has happened, Kaveri questions why is she standing there, Kaveri is really worried about what might happen if Mohan loses his temper, Mohan once again asks Damini if she is fine. Tulsi is worried.

Damini regains consciousness in the suitcase, she is really worried thinking she has been locked in it.Tulsi thinks Maa would never let this marriage happen if she finds out that she is Radha and not Damini, Tulsi wonders what can she do now, Tulsi loses her control which causes Radha to stumble, Kadambari is worried about what is going on, and asks why is she taking her steps back. Tulsi prays to Bihari jee as he is the only one who can do something. Kadambari wonders what the matter is so tries to open the veil, but Gungun stops her, Gungun is holding the Bihari jee in her hands. Tulsi exclaims what can Damini do when Bihari jee has taken the responsibility to take Radha.

Kadambari asks Gungun what this childish behavior is when Gungun explains she has come here to talk like elders, ass Radha told her that Bihari jee fixes the marriages on the skies and they must accept his decisions with an open heart, which she as come here to do. Tulsi smiles. Kaveri wonders since when Gungun is talking like this.Gungun explains papa tries to become a part of all her events, but she must also be a part when it is the biggest day of his life. Mohan not being able to control himself walks over to Gungun, she tries to control her feelings when he demands a hug, Gungun walks over to hug him but is tensed about what might happen. He asks when did she get so old, because he had such a big burden that he is taking this decision without her but now she has removed everything, he exclaims, “ I LOVE YOU”, Gungun mentions he should say this thankyou speech but must now get married, Kadambari feels suspicious so asks if she is once again planning something, she decides to talk with Damini. Mohan stops her mentioning they must not suspect her as he feels Gungun is happy with this marriage because even a father can have the relation with their children. Gungun smiles explaining she is happy so they both must get married; Gungun then breaks the protection shield so Tulsi exclaims that now she can help Radha get married to Mohan. Kaveri wonders why she stopped once again.

Kaveri asks her to walk when Tulsi using her powers manages to lift her feet so she can climb on the Mandap, Ketki accidentally steps on her dupatta. Kaveri rushes over to Kadambari while Ketki is standing on her dupatta, Tulsi manages to make Radha stands beside Mohan however is worried of what might happen if Mohan sees Radha, Mohan turns to look towards the bride, he is shocked.Mohan is standing, Tulsi moves Radha, but her dupatta is stuck in the feet of Ketki which causes it to be removed from her face, as she stands beside Mohan, Tulsi is really worried of what might happen if Mohan sees her face, she is really tensed. Mohan turns to look towards Radha, but she turns her head away, Gungun is glad to think she turned away but Tulsi managed to move the head of Radha away, she thinks no one is seeing this way and it is the right time to put down the veil on her face, Tulsi turns her back towards Mohan.

Damini is yelling at them to take her out of the suitcase, she calls for help but there is no one to listen to her. Mohan asks Gungun where Radha is because she should also be present, he decides to go and call her when Gungun replies that Radha would not come down, Kadambari asks if he remembers that she scolded him, Gungun explains Radha did not come herself, but she sent her friend Bihari jee to see if everything is fine. Gungun demands he should quickly start the marriage. Kadambari asks I they should start the rituals now that his own daughter has agreed to his marriage, she thanks Gungun explaining until she was not present, they felt tensed but now everything is fine and they can get her son married.

Kaveri is really worried wondering how the behavior of Gungun changed so suddenly, she thinks she would take care of the suitcase because if anyone sees it then it would create a lot of problem, she leaves.Tulsi praises Gungun for making such a nice plan as now there would not be any problem in Mohan’s wedding. Damini tries to get out of the suitcase, she is trying her best.Kadambari asks Mohan to sit at the Mandap and even she asks Damini, Gungun is worried wondering how Radha is going to sit down, but Radha manages to sit down with the help of Tulsi. Gungun wonders how Radha can sit down, she thinks what if Radha has regained consciousness or is able to do it all because of help from Bihari jee. Mohan turns towards and is just staring at Radha, Shekar comes asking what has happened when Mohan informs, he is feeling Radha is near him, Shekar says that he must forget Radha as Damini is going to be his wife. Tulsi exclaims Mohan is right because Radha is going to be his wife, and it will happen soon after which no one would be able to separate them.

Kaveri enters the room when she is shocked to see her trying to get out from the bag, she doesn’t know it is Damini and exclaims that she is going to finish her task this time, Damini calls her mother when Kaveri exclaims she did not think of it when she twisted her hand, Kaveri starts beating her with the rod not knowing it is her own daughter Damini, she falls unconscious due to the severe beating, Kaveri thinks she has once again fallen unconscious, she sits down on the be thinking she got tired but if she doesn’t reach the Mandap on time then Damini would be angry.

Kaveri suddenly is shocked after hearing the call so asks the person why she got so late, he replies he has arrived at the house. Kaveri manages to lift the bag however must struggle a lot to be able to push it, she is relieved that everything is fine, Kaveri sees the wedding is progressing so exclaims she must come back before Damini performs the rituals after which she will be able to attend the wedding. Tulsi notices Kaveri taking the bag outside so thinks all the problems have ended and till the time she returns Radha would be married to Mohan.

Pandit jee asks the groom to raise his hand, he then asks the mother of the bride to place her hand over the groom, Kadambari turns to call Kaveri but she is no where to be found, Kadambari wonders where she goes at the time of the rituals, Gungun agrees to perform the ritual as she has decided to attend the wedding. Gungun places the hand of Radha over that of Mohan, he suddenly starts feeling as if he has felt it before, he thinks why he is feeling as if he has known it.

Pandit jee starts the Mantar, Tulsi smiles thinking when she got married to Mohan, how they both were really joyed, she is not able to forget Mohan was always really joyful, Tulsi exclaims there is not any bigger grief then seeing her love get married to someone else, however she is really happy today as she knows Radha would be the best wife for Mohan and there cannot be a better mother for Gungun then Radha, she prays that everything should work accordingly and noting wrong should happen.

Kaveri manages to take the suitcase to the garbage man asking where he was all this time, he replies he had to take the things from other locations, he is about to open the suitcase when Kaveri mentions there is no need to open it, he asks how he would pay her when she replies she doesn’t need any money. The hawker takes it with a smile on his face, Kaveri is glad thinking she took care of Radha.

Pandit jee asks both the bride and groom to stand up for the ritual of Varmala, Mohan gets up but Radha doesn’t move, Kadambari calls her Damini, Tulsi manages to help Radha stand up.Damini wakes up in the bag after hearing the cries of the garbage man, she starts moving seeing which he is scared and starts praying, the people are also curious thinking of what is about to happen.

Kaveri reaches the Mandap exclaiming that she finally came back, Kadambari questions where she went when Kaveri signals, she had to go and attend loo, Kaveri replies that she has no control over it, Kaveri informs that she doesn’t have a single photo, she is adamant to take out the veil. Gungun asks the Pandit jee if they are not getting late now as he said if this auspicious time ends then it would come back after a long time, he agrees with Gungun so instructs them to perform the ritual of Varmala.

Kadambari hands the Varmala to Mohan, he starts thinking about his wedding with Tulsi, he fulfills the ritual with a saddened face.Damini is trying her best to get out of the suitcase meanwhile Mohan and Radha are getting married.

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