Timeless love update Monday 24 July 2023

Timeless love 24 July 2023: Dev thinks what is my answer to Vidhi’s question. He thinks will I miss her just in office? The title song plays….He recalls their moments and thinks he is thinking about her. Chitra calls Dev and tells that Amy is missing. She gets worried and panics. Dev says he will get her phone tracked and will call Police dept higher authorities to search her. He ends the call and calls Commissioner. Yogesh asks Kanika why did she praise Vidhi infront of staff. Kanika says I think we had hurried to make an opinion about Vidhi. She says she was silent when the alcohol incident happened. Yogesh says did you forget that I had to walk on my knees infront of staff. Kanika says it was our fault, we thought that she will not return the ring, but she returned.

She says we created problems for her everytime and didn’t leave any chance to humiliate her. She says we failed and when Vidhi got the chance of revenge, she asked Dev to forgive me. She says Vidhi supported me after whatever happened? Yogesh says what did you have it. He says it is good that Vidhi gets married soon. Kanika says if she don’t get married. Yogesh says Dev has taken the responsibility and will get her married.

Vidhi thinks about Akash telling that engagement and then marriage will happen. Dev thinks no information have come till now, and thinks why didn’t he send Akash to UK before. Vidhi asks Milapni Devi to do some miracle. Dev prays to Milapni Devi not to let anything wrong happen with Vidhi.Pandit ji tells that according to the nakshatras, good mahurat is after 3 days, and next mahurats are after 1 and 3 months. Akash’s father says if they drag the date, then Akash has to take leave from office. Bimla tells Vidhi that she will call everyone to her wedding. Vidhi asks if she will call Neeli Mausi, and asks if she shall meet Neeli Mausi. Bimla says ok. Vidhi says if I shall tell Papa. Bimla says no and says she will tell him.

She says may be his perspective have changed after he met Satyavati, who had married an elderly guy. She says Pratap is dev’s father friend and that Hariprasad might call them for the wedding.Vidhi goes to meet Neeli. Neeli gives her gift for the marriage. Vidhi hesitates, but takes it. Neeli asks her if the guy is not good and asks her not to marry for the family. She asks her to rethink. Vidhi says nothing will change after I think, sometimes we know what we need, but the same thing becomes hurdles for us. Neeli asks her to tell clearly. Vidhi hugs her and leaves. Neeli thinks what is going on in her mind.

Akash is sitting with Vidhi, and the paper falls down. He says how he will call now. Vidhi says she remembers the number and tells it. She picks the paper and gives it to Akash. Akash asks how did she remember? She says if she sees a number once, then she remembers. Akash says you are scaring me, I can’t call on any secret number. Dev says this is your reaction after seeing her IQ level, you didn’t want her to contact her parents, and you wants to make secret calls. Akash says he was joking and goes. Vidhi also goes. Chitra tells Dev that Amy Mausi is not in the farmhouse and asks him to come there. Dev says I will come after Vidhi’s engagement. Chitra says Vidhi is important than me. Dev says nothing will happen to your Amy Mausi and asks her to relax.

Amba meets Yogesh in the restaurant. Yogesh says everyone is searching you everywhere and you called me here. Amba says except one person. Yogesh says Dev is worried about Vidhi, and is making arrangements of her engagement. He says people will think if engagement is so important. Amba says it is important, but not Dev’s presence there. Yogesh says nothing can distract Dev from Vidhi’s engagement, and says he is there with his bags, and sent Arjun to UK urgently. Amba says I am sure that marriage will happen surely. Yogesh says I hope so. Amba says our aim is same, and asks will you support me? She says when aim is one, we shall try together to get it. Yogesh says yes. Amba shares her plan with Yogesh to call Dev. Yogesh says if Dev doesn’t come there. Amba says then I don’t know what I will do.

Vidhi gives pots to all ladies. Urmila asks why she is sad as if she lost the money and says her face shall sparkle, and says we shall be dull due to fast. Akash’s mother says vidhi will keep fast for Akash next year. Akash says Vidhi will keep it if she wants. Vidhi says if you are so understanding then cancel that 2 months condition. Urmila says we will manage. Akash says I had thought about it and asks her not to take tension, it is not difficult.Dev calls Arjun and the number is unreachable. He thinks if got something or not, Vidhi agreed on my saying. Vidhi comes there and asks if everything is fine. Dev says he didn’t go to office so waiting for an important call. Vidhi asks if this is the reason for your restlessness. Dev says even you might be restless as you are marrying in a hurry.

Vidhi says I am marrying, as you asked me, I don’t care whom I am marrying. She says you are a good teacher, and sticks to the words which you teach others about lens of objectivity, that they have to take strict decisions without flowing in emotions. She says it is right to use lens of objectivity in office and business, but when the matter is about love and relations, then shall hear the heart and not of lens of objectivity. Dev is stunned with what she said. She goes.

Dev calls Arjun and his phone is not reachable. He thinks may be Arjun didn’t get any wrong info about Akash. Hariprasad asks Bimla to call Vidhi. Kalumal comes there. Hariprasad asks about Suman. Kalumal tells him that she had important work so she went. Hariprasad warns him to be careful. Bimla applies bindi on Vidhi and asks her to come. She asks her to smile and puts black tika behind her ears. She hugs her. Golden tells Bimla that Pandit ji is asking her to get something. Vidhi comes to Dev. Dev asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine. Vidhi says yes, you can’t let anything wrong happen with anyone and says you are perfect man in my sight as you think about others before self. She says I pray to Milapni Devi that someone shall come in your life who thinks of you first before her, and filled your life with happiness. She asks him to throw lens of objectivity and express her feelings to that girl openly. Dev looks at her. Pandit ji says it is mahurat time. Dev gives his best wishes to Vidhi. Vidhi thanks him and goes to sit with Akash. She looks at Dev.

Dev shows her thumbs up. He thinks if I am doing the right thing, if I have done justice with her trust and prays to the goddess to show him the way to make everything fine. Arjun calls him. Dev asks where are you? Pandit ji asks Akash to make Vidhi wear the ring. Akash takes the ring to make Vidhi wear it. Vidhi forwards her hand, looking at Dev. Dev shouts asking them to stop. Everyone looks at them. Dev asks Pandit ji to stop this engagement. Akash asks what is this new drama? Dev says I know you are in a hurry, but you have to wait. Hariprasad asks what happened? Dev asks him to give him sometime. Akash asks how he can stop their engagement.

Akash’s father says how can outsider stop my son’s engagement. His mother asks him to talk to them. Akash says I can’t bear my parents embarrassment. Hariprasad asks Dev. Dev asks him to wait for sometime. Akash says if you don’t want to get this engagement done then we will leave. He insults Hariprasad saying he don’t want Vidhi to get married, and can’t let her working girl to go away from his hands. Hariprasad says we don’t take our daughter’s salary. Akash says we have been hearing that he is a big businessman and says if he is big businessman then will he use his power and reputation wrongly, and asks if we don’t have any respect. He asks Dev to go and handle his work, why he came here. He then asks Hariprasad why he roams around him moving his tail. Vidhi asks what is this way to talk to my Papa like this, did you forget your manners? She says I can bear anything, but can’t bear my Papa’s insult. Arjun comes there and calls Dev. He shows him some proofs in the tablet. Dev comes to Akash and says what you said, that I use my reputation and power wrongly. He says power is a big thing, I sent Arjun to UK due to my power, he came from there with your kundali.

Akash panics. Dev says I want to ask some questions and asks why is he sweating? He says you said that you have your own apartment in London and asks the name. Akash says sky view apartments.Dev says he said right, but one thing is missing, neither Akash stays there nor anyone of his name. Akash asks did you send spy behind me? Dev says you have called me to check Vidhi’s background. He says I will check in the world to know about Vidhi’s fiancé background. He asks what is your company’s name, Alberta software. He says there is an employee with name Akash, but he is 55 years old, and his face doesn’t resembles him. He shows his face in the tab. Chitra calls Dev and he rejects the call. Urmila asks Hariprasad, if he got mad to fix alliance without enquiry and says she will not ask him before fixing golden’s alliance. Dev asks her to stop it and let him complete. He shows Akash and his wife’s pic to everyone. Everyone is shocked. Hariprasad asks who is this girl? Dev says she is his wife. Bimla cries.

Dev says yes, Akash had married a britisher and is settled down with her, now he wants to take Servant from India, so that he don’t need to pay her, for that he has chosen Vidhi. Hariprasad grabs Akash’s collar and says I gave you so much respect and let you stay here, and you wanted to make my daughter as Servant. He says you will be in jail. Dev says yes, they have to see Indore Police’ Service. He says their faces will be on all channels, so that they don’t fool any innocent family. Arjun calls Police. Vidhi smiles.

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