Timeless love update Wednesday 16 august 2023

Timeless love 16 august 2023; The Episode starts with Satyavati asking Priya to stop it. Priya says she wants to know why Bhai Saheb is giving so much importance to vidhi. Satyavati says you will never understand this, as Dev loves Vidhi. Priya says oh God, what did you say? She says this is too touchy touchy. She says his engagement is called off due to this reaon. She recalls Dev taking a stand for her. The lady constable asks Vidhi to come to court. Bimla and Hariprasad find money bundles kept by the neighbor with a letter humiliating them. He asks who has done this. He finds slogans against them. He calls the neighbors and ask if you do this with your elder brother. He says I always thought that I stay in good society. He says people are spitting on us. Dev comes there. Hariprasad asks him to see what his society thinks of them. Dev says whoever supports you is your society and others are just crowd.

He says Milapni Devi is with you, I promise that Vidhi will do aarti with you. He asks him to come and asks Bimla to close the door from inside. They come to the Court and sees Police bringing Vidhi. Hariprasad is shocked to see Vidhi and is about to fall. Dev holds him. Vidhi says Sir didn’t let Papa break down. She sits down infront of Hariprasad and cries apologizing to him. Dev asks his lawyer to get Vidhi out and tells Vidhi that she is not guilty so she shall not worry.

The judge tells that she is accused of child trafficking and asks prosecution to say. Prosecution lawyer tells that Vidhi had signed on the fake adoption paper and then took Ruhi from there. The defence lawyer tells Judge that the lady met Vidhi in Balghar and told that she is new there, and asked Vidhi to sign for competition. Prosecution lawyer who signs without reading. defence says she is a good girl and has good track record. The prosecution lawyer says motive is money. Defence says you might have check her account. Prosecution lawyer tells that who gets money in their accounts, and says may be she is running this child trafficking racket. He asks Vidhi if she gained their trust so much that they trust her blindly. Vidhi says I used to go there often and they made her welfare commitee member from volunteer. She says Ruhi was a very good girl. Prosecution lawyer says she was. Vidhi says Ruhi is her favorite amongst all and tells that if anything happens to her because of my sign then I can’t forgive myself. He asks for proofs.

Amba comes to meet Satyavati and says Dev must be in court, for vidhi’s hearing. She says I know that you have known about Dev and Vidhi’s love. She says you didn’t think me suitable for Raichand family and asks her if she will accept Vidhi as her bahu who is charged with criminal offence. Satyavati praises Vidhi and tells that she is innocent. She says even if Dev refuses her, then also she will not complain. She asks her to stop worrying for them.

Dev gets worried and says he wants to say something. He tells that Balghar is his property, and tells that even the furniture can’t be moved from one place to another, without my permission. He says Vidhi has signed, but I am responsible.. Everyone is shocked.

Judge asking Dev to tell what he wants to tell. Dev says Balghar is my property, and though Vidhi has signed on it, but I am responsible for whatever happened. Everyone is shocked to see Dev taking blame on himself, and says he is responsible as the property is his. He says until the real culprit is caught, if someone shall go in custody then its me, as the property is mine. Prosecution lawyer asks Dev if he accepts his crime. Dev says court will decide. He says I am responsible as the property is mine. Judge dismisses the court until 4 pm and says till then Dev and Vidhi will stay in Police custody.

Vidhi asks Dev why did he do this. Hariprasad tells Dev what he did for Vidhi and says nothing wrong will happen with you also. Hariprasad calls Bimla and says Dev has taken blame on himself to save Vidhi. He has fulfilled his promise. A neighbor tells Bimla that she will make neighbors mouth closed. Bimla stops her and says they have to pray for the ones who are with us. Vidhi tells Dev what you have done, I can’t see you going to jail. Dev says and I can’t see you going to jail. They look at each other. Dev says I am the owner and if anything wrong happens there, then I am only responsibile. Vidhi regrets not reading the papers. Dev says signing is a big responsibility, he asks her not to get afraid of Police. Yogesh calls Amba and says Dev took all the blame on himself. Amba says Dev is innocent then why did he do this? Vikram says it is good, he has taken my revenge himself. Amba says Dev can’t go to jail as I love him. Defence lawyer comes to Dev and says you can go to jail, why did you take this decision without telling me. Dev says I am ready to go to jail. Amba says I love him. Vikram says he doesn’t love you, it is good that he will get rotten in jail. She says he loves me a lot and had came to apologize to me, and had brought a bouquet. She asks him to give Padma’s number. Amba says I love you Dev, I will not let you go to jail and says she will sacrifice 100 Vidhis for Dev. She calls Padma and asks her to do as she said.

The Judge says the court has heard both sides statement, and says court is dismissing Raichand’s statement as there is no proof against him and he can’t take someone else blame on himself. He says now coming to the accused Vidhi. Just then the Police man comes there and gives some papers to Judge. Judge thanks Inspector Deepak. Inspector Deepak tells that they were searching Ruhi continuously and they found the real culprit too with Ruhi. Police constables bring Padma and Vidhi there. Inspector tells Judge that Vidhi’s statement was right, Padma had taken her sign by cheat. Padma tells that she had taken vidhi’s sign in the name of competition. She tells that she had kidnapped Ruhi. Inspector says we came to know about the mobile which was with Ruhi hidden and we traced it and found both. The Judge says court is releasing both Dev Raichand and Vidhi Sharma with honor.

Hariprasad thanks Dev and asks Vidhi to come. Amba is outside the court in the car and signs Padma. Hariprasad calls Bimla and tells that Court has relieved all the accusations from Vidhi, and freed Dev also. Kanika informs Satyavati that Dev is safe. Dev and Vidhi hold each other’s hands.

The neighbor who had said bad about Vidhi tells Bimla that she had told that Vidhi can’t do anything wrong. Amba tells Yogesh that next time, Vidhi will not be saved and Dev can’t come between Vidhi and her, she will make sure.

Vidhi tells Dev that today it is found, there is no age bar for love. She says when I told you about my love, you said that it is impossible. She says since I met you, all the impossible things made possible. She says she is going to do MBA like impossible thing and this jail which I can never think of. She says I think that if something is possible then it is our togetherness. Hariprasad comes there with his brother and asks what you are talking about.


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