Radha Mohan update Thursday 27 July 2023

Radha Mohan 27 July 2023: Radha accepts it with all heart and soul that she loves Mohan jee, hearing this he gets furious standing in front of her, Kadambari does not understand why the truth came out, Mohan asks what is she saying, Radha replies they all wanted to hear the truth so she is going to reveal the biggest secret of her life which she has hid from him, the secret that she doesn’t have any control over and even hid from herself. Radha explains she came here to bring back the smile on his face but doesn’t know when his love became the smile on her face, she accepts she is in love with him.

Mohan is not able to believe what Radha is saying, Tulsi starts smiling to see that Radha has finally accepted her feelings. Radha mentions even she was tensed about what is happening with her as she did not know anything about love but his polite attitude showed her the meaning about love. Damini is not able to control her anger. Kaveri turns to look at Kadambari who is also emotional.
Radha explains his love for Gungun showed her the meaning of it, and the love for his mother as a son while he even explained what is to love as a human which has showed her the meaning of it, his very existence proved to be love for her. Radha reveals the day he helped her come out of the bore well was the first day when she did not see him as the Bhagwan but her Anuragi, all the things which they did after that day including when he saved her from that bomb on the day of JanMashtri, when they jumped from the driving bus, each moment increased her love for Mohan jee. He is not able to control his feelings so starts weeping. Radha mentions the day they were about to jump from the bus she was never worried about surviving as she only thought that even if she died then he was present with her during their last moment, Radha reveals the truth is that she really loves him a lot, they can neither stop this truth or refuse it because once Radha loves Mohan then nothing can change it. Radha explains she never intended to love him, but it just happened, and she only loves him the most, even from herself, and even Bihari jee. The entire family gest emotional hearing Radha accepts her feelings.

Radha explains so she desires to see him whenever she opens her eyes, and he even comes in her dreams while he must stay with her whenever she breathes, Radha explains he is her life, future and even all that matters in her life, he is her Bhagwan and the reason for her to live. Radha accepts she loves him a lot, rather more than anything. Kaveri and Damini both are furious while the rest of the family is smiling for them both.

Mohan just stares at Radha as she stands in front of him, he is not able to believe it. Radha slowly walks towards him and is about to fall but he helps her protect her Bihari jee, they both come really close. Damini is furious to see them so close to each other. Radha is just staring at Mohan who is also really confused.

Kadambari is worried of what might happen now that the truth has been revealed, Radha explains when he gave her the Bhagwat Geeta years ago, she was only his Bhagt but never thought it would turn into love for him. Radha explains there is a reason whenever Bihari jee does something which is why he made him give her the Bhagwat Geeta because he knew what might happen in the future. Damini is even more furious.Mohan turns to look behind her where he sees the younger Radha walking with the Bhagwat Geeta while Radha sees the young Mohan instructing her to not cry, she smiled listening to him. Radha turns back to look at Mohan who is still confused. Radha finally takes the Bihari jee from his hands placing them in the Mandap.

Radha tries to talk with Mohan but Damini stops her saying she must not turn it into a ritual, as Bihari jee did not ask her to fall in love with Mohan. Radha replies someone who thinks about such a thing would say it and what does Damini know about love when she just desires to attain him, Damini replies she loves Mohan since the past twelve years and takes his name in her every breath, Radha explains it is better to say that she wants to attain his love. Radha accepts she also loves him since her childhood but difference between them both is that she can do anything for the happiness of his love. Damini explains she has helped him in his business while Radha says she brought back his happiness, Mohan getting angry asks them both to stop this drama. Damini blames Radha explaining the truth about her identity was revealed, she explains she treated Radha like her sister but she tried to snatch her love from her.

Damini blames her for trying to win over everyone by acting as if she is innocent, she won the trust of everyone in the Trivedi family and even involved Gungun in her plan, does she not feel any shame. Gungun rushes to hug Radha explaining she has not done anything, and she said Radha was unconscious, so she helped her get dress and even applied the makeup.

Kaveri asks how was she able to do it all by herself, Gungun explains she has a lot of strength, Kaveri mentions she can accept for a moment that she helped Radha get ready an they brought her downstairs but how did Radha do it all by herself, Kadambari think she knows Tulsi heled her so they cannot let them blame Radha, she is about to reveal the truth when Kaveri stops her so takes Kadambari away. Damini once again blames Radha.

Kaveri asks Kadambari to control her emotions, she reveals Tulsi has done it all when Kaveri asks if she has any proof, Kadambari asks how they can blame everything on Radha, Kaveri explains she knows what might happen if Mohan does not marry Damini, Kadambari is really scared thinking what might happen. Kadambari asks if she is also threatening her, Tulsi replies she should let Kaveri threat her as they both know that Damini can never harm herself. Kaveri explains she is just warning her, she explains she knows her daughter as either she would live with Mohan or commit suicide after killing Radha.

Kaveri explains that Mohan would surely be hanged after it all when Tulsi also requests her to not be worried as Damini would never do anything of the sort.Gungun furiously explains she told them all that Radha is innocent, Damini replies that she must not interfere in these matters, Gungun explains she is not an idiot. Mohan recalls when Radha accepted that she loves Mohan a lot.Kaveri mention it is now upto Kadambari to decide what she wants, either the truth of Radha or the life of Mohan. Tulsi requests Maa to not believe Kaveri masi, Kadambari is really tensed.

Kaveri informs now the decision is in her hands, what does she want either the truth oof Radha or the life of Mohan, Kadambari gets really tensed turning to look at them all standing in the Mandap, she walks towards them when Kaveri smiles.Gungun explains Radha has not done anything wrong so why is Damini always against her, Kadambari angrily exclaims it is enough, she asks Ajeet to take Gungun to her room. Gungun requests them all to believe her as Radha is not telling a lie, she even hugs Gungun seeing which Kaveri and Damini both are furious. Kadambari angrily instructs Ajeet to take Gungun to the room, he forces her away even when she is crying. Radha request Ajeet and Kadambari to not do it anymore, she tries to follow Gungun but is stopped by Damini. She furiously holds Radha’s hand, exclaiming they have had enough of her emotional drama as she has already taught Gungun a lot of things, the result of which they are suffering today so Radha must not come near her daughter from the future, Tulsi angrily exclaims Gungun is not her daughter.

Radha explains Damini would have played these games a lot, but she must not try to interfere in her relation with Gungun, Gungun has chosen her as the mother. Radha pulls away her hands causing Damini to be hurt, seeing which they all are tensed. Radha exclaims she might not have given birth to Gungun but she has always loved her like her own mother and Damini calls herself the mother og Gungun, she instead threatened and tried tok harm Gungun is so many ways, so Damini must know if she tries to interfere in their relation or separate them, she would be the worst nightmare in the life of Damini. Tulsi asks if Damini heard as this is a mother, she can fight Radha but not the mother of Gungun who is inside her.

Damini asks Mohan to see that Radha used to call her as sister but is now standing in front of her, Damini explains they should have learned of her truth the first day when she interfered between Gungun and Mohan, she has now snatched her from them all. Rahul explains he was saying this from the first day that Radha came here with a plan but no one believed her. Damini mentions they never had the idea she came here to be the mother of Gungun, but Radha must never think she can use the daughter to reach her father and have any relation with him.

Radha explains her relationship with Gungun is from her heart to her and the relation with Mohan jee will last for her entire life, Radha is smiling, she explains Damini cannot see what she can see as this relation is not for the life time but has been for so many life times. Damini asks what she will do them, if Damini separates her from Gungun. Radha warns her to even try after which she would show what she can do. Kaveri asks if they all saw what Radha is saying.

Damini mentions that Radha is mad in the love of Mohan, and she can no longer handle her, Kadambari angry stops her explaining that she is still alive to take the decisions of this house, she instructs Ajeet to take Gungun inside, Radha once again tries to follow her however is stopped y Kadambari who is really furious. Tulsi requests Maa to not separate them as Gungun will not be able to live without Radha.

Radha crying requests Kadambari to let her go with Gungun, she is also crying while Radha requests Ajeet to not do it but he does not listen to her, the entire family is worried. Radha even calls to Kadambari, before rushing to Gungun. Radha hugs her while they both start crying, Kadambari is shocked to see this behavior, she once again walks to them and pulls the hand of Radha away who is requesting her to not do this, Kadambari explains Radha will never meet Gungun after today. Radha requests her to not do this as she will not be able to live with Gungun, however Ajeet is pulling Gungun away with all his might while Damini and Kaveri are relieved.
Kadambari finally manages to pull Radha, who requests her to not make her stay away from Gungun, Kadambari explains it is not her desire but the need of hour, Kadambari explains if Gungun did this today to save her then she might do something else, Radha explains Gungun has not done this by herself, hearing this the entire family is stunned.

Tulsi requests Radha to not say anything about her as this family would not believe anything which she says about her, Kadambari is worried if Radha might take the name of Tulsi because she might have also made her aware of her presence. Kadambari explains she must not twist the situations; Ketki also explain they need to let Radha speak because she has been trying to say something.

Viswanath Trivedi also explains they should let her speak. Radha mentions she did not want to say it Gungun because she would have gotten scared, Radha reveals she felt as if there is something in this house like a ghost or power who does not want the family to be hurt. Kadambari refuses to believe her asking if Radha is trying to cover up her lies, because she does not trust in such stories. Tulsi asks if Maa is saying this, Kadambari blames Radha for trying to cover up her plans by making such stories.

Tulsi mentions she warned Radha to not reveal the truth about her because no one will believe her, Kadambari once again stops Radha who keeps requesting her to believe what she is saying, Kaveri whispers to Damini that Radha will surely make the ghost alive today, Damini replies she will not let it happen so asks Radha to stop lying.

Radha replies she is not lying, turning to Mohan she explains they all can even ask Dulari as she also felt the presence of someone in the house, Dulari agrees explaining she felt something, Kadambari angrily warns her to think before saying anything because a lot of lives are dependent on what she says, Dulari recalls when Kadambari warned her to not say anything about this in front of anyone. Tulsi asks if even Dulari does not have the strength to speak the truth.

Dulari hesitantly explains Radha is speaking the truth because she also felt the presence of someone but then realized it is because she was seeing a lot of horror movies, so is not sure if there is even a ghost. Radha rushes to Dulari requesting her to speak the truth assuring there is nothing to be worried about as she is standing by her side, Damini explains that Dulari needs to be scared because Radha is trying to scare her.

Radha replies she does not have to scare anyone, she rushes to Mohan asking why is he standing quietly because the biggest truth of her life is that she loves him a lot and she has not even tried to get married to him. Radha explains he has to believe her today, she mentions he should listen to his heart because he knows her the most in this house and does he really think that she can do anything against this family when he knows she always works for the betterment of this house, Radha requests Mohan to say something, he turns towards her and is really tensed.

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