Timeless love update Friday 7 July 2023

Timeless love 7 July 2023: Vidhi tells Dev that today he is looking new Sir, she likes to see him enjoy in such a place. Dev says you had promised to give 1 hour of childhood, but gave me lifetime of my childhood. He says I enjoyed, had food and danced too. He says I didn’t think that I will do anything like this, people comes here with their friends, but I came with you, don’t know why? Vidhi says I know why, as you trust me, and all your secrets are saved with me. Dev says yes, this is also a secret.

Timeless love 6 July 2023

Vidhi says I told everyone at home. Dev says it is office secret, before you start calculation, write down today’s thankyou from me. Vidhi thanks him for coming there. He says I want to give you a gift. Vidhi says I had called you uncle, then Sir and now you are my mentor. Dev asks her to see. He gives MBA college form. Vidhi asks do you think that I can do MBA.

He says I wouldn’t have passed if you haven’t taught me economics. Dev says you are talented, but you didn’t know and asks her to have confidence like he has on her. He gets message and replies. He then tells Vidhi that special quality is honesty, to talk about it is easy, but it is difficult to live with honesty. He tells that a honest person can slip, but will never fall down. He asks her to remember that she is honest. Vidhi asks can I record whatever you said, as I can hear whenever I lose my trust. Dev says ok. She records his voice as he speaks.

Bimla tells Hariprasad that whenever they (Urmila and her husband) come, they don’t go without having food. She says they didn’t give her even a clip and asks Hariprasad why he didn’t give her gift. Hariprasad says let her come, I will give. Bimla says she fell in love with him for 1735 times, and says I love you. Hariprasad is surprised and says see our age. He says I love you too.

Dev says this is the facility for our employees, once you complete 6 months, you can apply for MBA. Vidhi says I am not sure, as my family is thinking about my marriage. Dev says you can do MBA even after marriage. Vidhi smiles and looks at him as he walks towards his car. He offers to drop her home. Vidhi says she will go herself. Dev sits in car and goes. He calls Satyavati and asks her to send the location. He tells Manoj that he has good experience of Khawo Gali. He feels his stomach upset and asks Manoj to take him home.

Vidhi thinks it is like a dream that Dev sir came. She looks at the bangles in the shop and says it is beautiful. Seema asks her about the party. Vidhi says it was good and tells that Sir had everything and was happy. Manoj brings Dev home and offers to take him to hospital. Dev refuses, take medicine. Vidhi comes home. Urmila asks if Vidhi has buttered Dev for Golden’s job. Hariprasad calls the photographer and gives graduation gown and hat to Vidhi. The photographer takes her photos. Hariprasad tells that his daughter became graduate, and nobody had become graduate in their family. Bimla prays to Milapni Devi and asks her to keep Dev blessed for changing their lives.

Dev asks himself, if he thought himself as 20 years ago, and ate so much thinking he will digest. He thinks about eating the food with Vidhi. He says it was fun to dance with the crowd as the ordinary man, where nobody identified him.Vidhi thinks of Dev and recalls his motivating words. She thinks today you made me realized that she can touch the sky, not just pray looking at it. She says thank you Dev Sir. Seema wakes up, looks at her and sleeps again.

Next day, Satyavati tells Dev that until he gets fine, he will not go to office. She asks why is he hesitant to call the doctor. Dev says he will be fine. Satyavati says you have got brother and sister married where they wanted, for their happiness. She tells that she has reversed the deal of the hotels for Priya. Dev says I did that to save our respect. Satyavati says it is ok as you hid, but tell me what you had, and where did you go, to which street? Dev smiles reminiscing his time in Khawo gali. Amba says if doctor comes here.

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