Rajjo starlife update Sunday 9 July 2023

Rajjo 9 July 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun saying our relation is shallow. Rajjo and Arjun argue. She cries. She asks him to see his own path. She goes away. Pushkar apologizes to Niharika. She says don’t be sorry, thanks for helping Rajjo. He says your decision is right, Rajjo is talented. Mannu hears him and worries. He says I have got a special supplement for Rajjo, she will get energy and run well. Mannu thinks what is he going to do. Arjun and Rajjo come downstairs and talk to Niharika. Madhu asks them to spend time together and become habitual of each other. Arjun says no, Rajjo doesn’t want any such bad habit. Madhu says I won’t talk indirectly, you are this house’s bahu now, your first responsibility is this house. Pushkar comes. Niharika says dad got this supplement for Rajjo, its special.

Mannu says I will see what’s special in it, I m also an athlete, I will check it. Niharika says its good, even Arjun tried it. Mannu asks why does this smell strange. Pushkar says its herbal powder, its fine Rajjo, don’t take it if your mum has a problem. Rajjo says no, I want it. She asks Mannu to let her have it. Niharika says it has no side effect, Rajjo can take it with water and milk, I make its laddoo and eat it. Rajjo says I will also make the laddoo. Mannu says I will make it for you. Arjun says Rajjo should do her work herself. Pushkar says he is right, your mum won’t be with you always. Madhu thinks why is he making her dream. Madhu says yes, Rajjo will make food for Arjun also. Arjun says no, I m on strict diet.

Rajjo says give it to me, I will make it, else how will I learn. Madhu says get ready for training well. Arjun and Rajjo stay upset. She applies her sindoor and gets ready. She says I was going to make protein laddoo, I have to make shake for you. He says don’t do anything for me. She says why do you do this in return. Arjun says I don’t want to do anything forcibly. They have a moment. Tujhse juda…plays… He thinks I can’t see her in trouble. They argue. Arjun says I will always worry for you, till I die, remember this. She says you said whatever is between us is fake. They both get sad. Mannu and everyone get glad to see Rajjo back from training. Mannu worries for Rajjo. Niharika and Pushkar ask Rajjo to have proper rest and supplements.

Madhu asks Rajjo to go to the room first and take rest. She says even Arjun is waiting for you since long, men are impatient after marriage. She taunts Pushkar and jokes. Niharika asks Rajjo to go and take rest. Pushkar says Niharika has to take the supplement in a different proportion, she has got weak, Niharika is getting greedy. Pushkar says very bad, I feel Pushkar has become Rajjo’s dad. Mannu worries. Rajjo laughs. Niharika tells how to make the laddoos. Pushkar smiles. Arjun thinks to concentrate. He thinks of Rajjo. He says she has gone to run, and my mind is running here, she said there is nothing between us, if she didn’t love me, then she would have not saved me from Urvashi and kept this marriage.

Arjun getting angry on Rajjo. He is in the room. Rajjo makes the laddoos and puts it in the microwave. Arjun says there is nothing between them, we don’t share joy and sorrow. She switches on the microwave. The sparks come. Rajjo gets shocked and asks what’s happening. It catches fire. Rajjo worries seeing the smoke. Arjun and Mannu get to see the smoke and worry. Arjun runs and saves Rajjo. The microwave blasts. Mannu and everyone come. They see the smoke.

Arjun gets relieved. Madhu says thank God, you both are fine. Rajjo says I was heating the powder laddoo. Mannu says Pushkar has given that powder to you. Pushkar argues with Mannu. He says Kalindi and Niharika are also in this house, you mean I would risk my daughters’ lives. Arjun says I m okay, I will go to Rajjo.He asks Rajjo to come to the room. Rajjo says I didn’t put a spoon. Arjun says you will represent our country in the coming days, take care, be careful, I understand you didn’t use microwave before, but you should ask someone. Madhu says thank God, both the children are fine. Arjun lifts Rajjo and takes her to the room. Arjun does the aid to her hand.

She also does the aid to his hand. She scolds him with love. He thinks you should have talked to me with love in the morning. They have a moment. Madhu looks on and thinks they should unite. Madhu and Mannu worry thinking is Pushkar behind the accident. Madhu says I have to save my son. She goes and meets Guru ji. Guru ji says you have to unite Arjun and Rajjo soon, you will succeed. She blesses Madhu.

Its morning, Madhu and everyone are ready. Madhu says we are going to the temple, I had prayed for Kalindi, Rajjo also fell in danger, so I thought to visit the temple. Arjun and Rajjo say you should have told us, we will get ready and come. Madhu says just Rajjo and I are not going, Mukund, Swara and Sia went to the relatives’ house. She asks Arjun and Rajjo to stay at home.

She says we all will pray for Rajjo. Pushkar thinks you will get caught if you do so much overacting. Arjun says I will also come. Madhu takes him aside. He asks did you lose your mind, how can you leave her alone and go. Arjun says she isn’t a kid to get scared. Madhu says you are newly married, spend time with her. Arjun sees Rajjo around. He says don’t say all this. Rajjo tries to hear them. Madhu says stay here with Rajjo.

Arjun asks do I have any other option, where will I go. Madhu smiles. She says Arjun and Rajjo will stay back. Chirag jokes on them. Mannu says I thought to come along. Madhu thinks I forgot about her. She asks Mannu to come with them. She says sorry, I forgot to tell you, come. Arjun and Rajjo argue. Rajjo gets angry and throws the darts at him. They both think to avoid each other.

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