Timeless love update Saturday 8 July 2023

Timeless love 8 July 2023: Satyavati asks Dev not to hide anything from her. Amba says she has called the doctor with her. Dev says it was not needed. Satyavati says you did good. Dev says sorry for not coming to her house. She calls the doctor. Doctor comes there with two other doctors. Dev says so many doctors. Doctor asks if he has BP. Amba says you will get full body check up. Vidhi imagines Dev calling her and says yes sir. Everyone laughs at her. Kanika comes there and asks Anaya to add this quality of Vidhi to her list.

Timeless love 7 July 2023

Anaya asks Vidhi about yesterday’s treat. Vidhi says today it will be known and asks Sangeeta about Dev.Priya asks Dev Raichand is unwell. Doctor tells that he has acidity. Satyavati asks what did he have it? Doctor says may be stress. Dev points finger at Priya mistakenly and says may be it happened due to stress. Priya says it is unfair and goes. Vidhi thinks to call him and asks if he is fine. She calls him, and his phone is unreachable.

Doctor prescribes the medicines and goes. Satyavati asks him to rest. Dev says it is just acidity.Abhimanyu asks him to rest. Satyavati takes his phone with her. Amba says I will give him medicine. She sits on the bed. Dev says I am fine, you are wasting your time. Amba says 15 years were wasted, this is important. She gives him medicine and says she is going out and will be with his mother.Vidhi comes to Dev’s cabin and knocks on the door. She gets inside and imagines Dev calling her.

She looks here and there in his cabin, I know you are not here, you are just in my mind and says it is doing some mess. She asks my heart wants to ask if you are fine.She thinks if Sir comes, then will read. She keeps letter for him, and thinks what he will say. She tells his dialogue, this whole thing is your fault, I am firing you for making me have unhealthy food of that street. She thinks if Sir fires me again and prays to God, to keep his health and mood fine. Sangeeta asks what is she doing this?

Vidhi says she had come to meet Sir, but he is not here, so she is leaving. Sangeet thinks her behavior is strange.Amba asks Satyavati if she wants to ask something. Satyavati says yes. Amba says you can ask. Satyavati says in today’s times, some girls wants to give importance to career, and some don’t want to marry. Amba says after Papa left, I had no choice than to handle my Papa’s business. Satyavati says like my Dev. She says I want to know that you both know each other since so many years. She says don’t take me wrong and asks if you never thought of marrying Dev.

Amba is surprised. She says if everything had happened with my thoughts, then I wouldn’t have let any sorrow come to me. Satyavati says you both have similarities, and says it is like you both are made for each other. She says I shall think what is in Dev’s heart, I tried to talk to Dev about his marriage, but he always say that Abhimanyu and Priya’s marriage is not stable. Amba asks if this is the reason. Satyavati says yes. Anaya asks Vidhi if she don’t want to come to canteen. Vidhi says no and asks her to go. She asks Sangeeta about Dev. Sangeeta says he didn’t come.

Vidhi hears Kanika and Yogesh calling Satyavati, and comes to know about Dev being ill.Satyavati tells Abhimanyu that Amba and Dev’s Jodi is good. She says she will talk to Dev. Priya comes and hears them. Satyavati asks Priya not to tell anything to Dev. Abhimanyu says I will talk to Chitra. Priya tells Satyavati that if Amba works after marriage, then she will also go out to work, will not follow the house customs. Satyavati gets tensed. Vidhi prays to Milapni Devi and asks her to make Dev fine, and make her unwell instead. She thinks to fast till Dev gets fine.

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