Timeless love update Sunday 9 July 2023

Timeless love 9 July 2023: Hariprasad hangs the photo frame on the wall, and says first graduate of the family. Seema says one day, even I will become graduate. Vidhi says it is wrong to be stubborn, Seema and says sometimes we do wrong with someone, while trying to do good. Everyone looks surprised. Vidhi says photo is good. Satyavati comes to Dev and asks what did you do? He says he is working from home. Satyavati asks how is he? he says fit. She says she came to talk to him about something important.

Timeless love 8 July 2023

Bimla tells Vidhi that her Sir is not habitual to eat outside food, and tells that it is not her mistake and asks her not to punish herself. Vidhi says I gave promise to Maiyya to make him fine. Satyavati tells Dev that she has promised Amba, now he can’t back off. She says we have decided that we will meet for the lunch and asks him to go there. Dev says his day is fully packed.

She says Chitra and Amba are excited about tomorrow’s lunch. Dev looks on.Hariprasad sees the MBA form which Dev gave to Vidhi. Bimla asks if he is letting her do MBA. Hariprasad says it is not in their capacity to let her do MBA. He tells that if they enrolled her for MBA then they have to delay her marriage for 2 years. He says if she studies more, then we have to search highly educated guy. He says don’t know how will be the family, if they will let her work or not. Bimla asks why you are sitting with the form. Hariprasad says it is not just form, but Dev’s trust.

He says Dev sir showed trust on Vidhi and reasoned with the groom’s family and took stand with her. He says I will ask Vidhi. Bimla says Vidhi will say yes, as Dev sir wanted her to become MBA.Vidhi is in the office. Dev comes there. Vidhi says she is seeing him now. Sangeeta says he is really here. Dev tells Anaya to tell yogesh to meet him in the second half of the day, as he is going to lunch. Vidhi apologizes to Dev for calling him in Khawo gali.

Dev says it is my mistake that I went on eating. He asks what she thought about MBA. He says it shall be your decision and asks her to go home and discuss with the family. He asks her to focus on work. Sangeeta says she has kept fast for your recovery. Dev asks what is this, and says it is not your mistake. He goes. Vidhi says Sir is fine and he is not angry with me. Sangeeta looks on.

Dev comes to the hotel. Manager asks him to come. Dev says all our family is going to come, and needs big table. Manager says Priya Madam called and said that two persons will come. Amba comes there. Dev asks if Chitra and her husband haven’t come. Amba says your mummy have called just me. She asks if he has problem to sit with her alone. Manager comes there and gives the menu. Amba says I will order food. She says you are not fully recovered, I will order.

Vidhi comes to Sangeeta and asks her to enquire when Dev Sir is coming. Sangeeta asks her to call herself. Vidhi says call couldn’t be connected and asks her to call him. Sangeeta calls him. Dev picks the call. Sangeeta tells that staff member are asking when he is coming to office. Dev says if I get late in the meeting then will go home directly. Sangeeta says your sign is needed on a file. Dev asks her to talk to Yogesh or Kanika and says no more calls now. Sangeeta ends the call and asks vidhi why she is behaving strangely, as if she knows that Sir will be unwell.

Dev is in the hotel with Amba and checks the time. He then sees Yogesh, Kanika coming there with Arjun. Yogesh asks Arjun to touch his feet. Arjun touches his feet. Dev says come to office and they will have lunch. He says we both are from the same university so I would love to, what is happening. Amba asks them to come and sit, says she will leave. Kanika says no, our son came after a long time, so we will have lunch with him.

Sangeeta asks Vidhi to come for lunch. Vidhi says she doesn’t bring tiffin today. She says I have to tell Dev Sir to have only light vegetables. Amba asks Dev what is his opinion about marriage and says still the reasons are same for your decision not to marry. Dev looks on. Sangeeta asks Vidhi, what is she feeling and asks if you are in love with Dev Sir. Vidhi looks on and says what you are saying? Sangeeta says anyone will think that you are in love with Dev Sir. Vidhi says he is my Sir, my mentor, I respect him, there is nothing. Sangeeta smiles. Vidhi’s heart beats faster.

Amba tells Dev that it seems that you search for excuses not to marry. Dev says it is not excuses. Amba says what about your responsibility of Abhimanyu and Priya, and then you will think about Chitra’s kids. Dev says I didn’t give right to say anyone wrong about my family, they are my family and world. Amba says I will see what excuse you will make after Priya and abhimanyu get settled. Dev says he needs to go for a meeting.

Vidhi types Dear Dev Sir, I love you on her computer. Sangeeta asks her to see what she has written and asks her to accept it. Vidhi wakes up and it is her imagination. She thinks to go and drink water. She goes to the kitchen and recalls Sangeeta’s words. She reminisces her moments with him and smiles. She says I respect Dev Sir, he has done so much for me and my family, I like him. She says everyone likes him, he is a good person. She thinks why did Sangeeta di said that I…she says I was not thinking about it.

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