Timeless love update Thursday 6 July 2023

Timeless love 6 July 2023: Vidhi talking to Seema on phone and says she is late, Sir is always on time. Seema sees Urmila and ends the call. Urmila asks where did Vidhi go? Vidhi sees Dev. Satyavati calls Dev and asks where is he? Dev says he has an old commitment. Satyavati reminds about Amba’s housewarming party. Dev says I will tell you after coming. A salesman asks Dev to buy something. Dev says he don’t want. Vidhi asks the salesman if he will sell forcibly. The salesman goes.

Timeless love 5 July 2023

Dev signs her that she is late. Vidhi holds her ears and signs sorry. Dev says its ok. Vidhi couldn’t believe that he is in Khao gali. Dev asks if this is my ghost and asks her to pinch him. Vidhi says no and tells that today she will prove that it is party and not treat. She tells that she has brought shirt for him, as she saw him wearing only 2 shirts. Dev says 2 shirts? She says she has bought from a shop, and asks about the cost of his shirts.

He says 25000 and the says 2500. Vidhi asks if it is stitched with gold thread. Seema tells Urmila that Vidhi went to get the dress repaired. Urmila says ok and goes out. She stands outside with her husband, thinking to hear them. Dev likes the shirt. Vidhi asks him to try the shirt to check the size and fitting. Dev says standing on the street. Vidhi says yes, nobody is watching. Dev wears it. Vidhi says fitting is perfect, you are looking sweet in this. She asks him to continuing wearing it. Dev says ok.

Vidhi asks for his photo and clicks a pic. Bimla and Hariprasad talk that Vidhi went to give treat to Dev. Seema says Vidhi di was waiting for him, but he didn’t come. Hariprasad asks her to call her. Urmila and her husband come inside. Urmila says even his Servants will not come there. Seema pretends to call Vidhi and says Sir has come.They come to the Golgappa shop. Vidhi says first item is bhole bhaiyya’s golgappa.

Dev says I might have eaten it in my childhood with Maa. Vidhi asks Bhole to make it in mineral water and make it sweet. Dev says he wants normal water as Vidhi and wants it spicy. Vidhi gives the spoon. He says who eats it with spoon. He starts having it and says 40 Rs, 1 golgappa it is cheap. Vidhi says it is 6 in 40 Rs. She asks him to have water. He says he will eat first and then drink water. She says she eats 2 plates. Dev says I will eat the same as you.

Vidhi pays the money to Bhole, and says lets go Sir. Dev takes tissue paper and wipes Vidhi’s mouth. Vidhi thanks him.Satyavati asks Priya if she made all the arrangements. She sees the gifts and appreciates Priya. Priya says it is from Abhimanyu and my side. She shows the ration, blanket etc and says it is of middle class standard like you. Abhimanyu asks what is wrong with her. Priya argues. Satyavati asks Abhimanyu to order few things on her behalf.

Amba comes there. Satyavati signs Servant to hide the ration and other stuff. Amba asks what is all this? Priya says it is shagun and asks her to see that side. Amba sees the ration. Abhimanyu says it is for the staff. Amba thanks them and asks for Dev. Satyavati says he is not at home. Amba says they shall wait.Dev tells Vidhi for bringing his childhood memories back. They have roasted corn. Satyavati calls Dev. Dev says he will come to Chitra’s house directly and asks them to go.

Amba gets upset. Vidhi asks if you have to go somewhere. Dev says no, he can have 3-4 more items. Vidhi says item no. 3 is chole bature…Dev eats and likes it. They come to the other shop and have something. Vidhi takes the tissue and wipes his mouth. Dev signs her to have it from his bowl. Vidhi eats it. Dev signs it is spicy. They sit on the bench. Vidhi brings tea and sips it aloud. She says sorry. Dev makes similar loud sound. Vidhi laughs. They sip the tea loudly and laugh aloud.

The title song plays…They finish the tea. Vidhi pays the tea seller. She reminds Dev that he is getting late, as his mummy asked him to come back fast. Dev says I have to go, but you have said that I shall live my childhood, so how can a little boy finish his food without sweets. Dev eats icecream with Vidhi. Vidhi says your diet is good. Dev says he control usually, today he had much.

Urmila and her husband scold Hariprasad for not thinking about house respect, and sending Vidhi with Dev. Hariprasad says I trust Dev and Vidhi. Bimla says even Dev ji trusts Vidhi. Hariprasad says you don’t leave any chance to point finger on my daughter. Urmila says she is our daughter and we were telling thinking about the consequences. Bimla says nothing wrong will happen and asks them to go, and let them live peacefully. Dev sees big jalebi and says he can’t have all. He asks her to have the other half. She says my stomach is already full. Dev says I am your boss, you can’t refuse.

Vidhi says ok. They eat and wash their hands. Vidhi brings him to Paan shop. The paan shop guy asks him to dance on the Amitabh Bachchan song. Chora ganga kirane wala. Dev refuses, but they force him to dance. Dev dances with them. He is about to leave with Vidhi, when a Saint comes there and blesses their Jodi. Dev and Vidhi say no. The baba looks at them and tells dev, a big storm is going to come in your life, and this girl will bring that storm, but a good storm. Dev asks Vidhi if she believes on his sayings and tells that already she has brought storm in his life and holds his stomach, laughs.

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