Radha Mohan update Friday 28 July 2023

Radha Mohan 28 July 2023: Radha mentions Mohan knows her the best in this house, so does he really think she can do anything which would either harm Gungun or any member of this family, she inquiries if he does not know her.Damini explains they indeed did not know her in the past but have now come to know the entire truth, Damini mentions she is nothing more than half a wife or rather the second women who is only trying to snatch the husband of another woman. Damini explains today Radha has gotten half married but is totally ruined, she explains Radha is standing beside the Mandir while wearing the bridal dress however she doesn’t have a husband, it is because she has snatched it all from her and belongs only to her. Damini furiously holds the Varmala, she after tearing it throws it away.

Radha gets emotional, Kaveri smiles thinking their plan would now be fulfilled.Tulsi exclaims Damini is crossing her limits, Damini then starts removing the bangles revealing Radha is just a thief as this all belongs to her. Tulsi requests Mohan to stop Damini as she is doing wrong with Radha, Damini blames she is the girl who has tried to snatch the husband of another women. Radha looks back at Mohan who is just standing there in the corner quietly listening to everything. She recalls when Mohan vowed to take her responsibility.

Damini calls Radha an incomplete bride before snatching the other bangles, mentioning she performed half of the rituals but has no Sindoor in her Mang. Damini turns to the other hand from which she starts removing the rings, revealing she does not have even the Mangal Sutur, Damini mentions nothing would ever belong to her, she is adamant and furious. Radha after breathing once again turns to look at Mohan who is still confused, Damini places her hand on the head of Radha before snatching the jewelry from her head, the entire family is stunned.

Damini stares at Radha, Tulsi requests Damini to not do it, but she still removes the earrings which even hurts Radha however no one says anything to stop her. Damini furiously removes the necklace hurting Radha while Mohan also feels worried for her. Tulsi wonders what she has done as it is wrong and has ruined everything.

Damini walks to Mohan explaining the auspicious time is about to end, Tulsi requests him to not make the mistake of marrying the wrong person, she says he must only marry Radha.Kadambari staring at Radha thinks she should forgive her as only she knows how helpless she is since she in order to protect her son wronged Radha.Radha standing calls to Mohan before walking in front of him, she explains she never tried to marry him but today if he gets married to Damini then it will be the biggest mistake of his life, it will ruin his relationship with Gungun and destroy everything. Damini exclaims it is enough, she tries to force Mohan and even requests the pandit jee to start the Mantar, but Mohan is just standing there.

Mohan is really tensed standing between Damini and Radha, he holds the hand of Radha seeing which Damini is tensed, Radha looks down to notice that he is holding her hand. Mohan recalls when Radha accepted that she really loves him, Damini is worried of what might happen.

Mohan lets go of Damini’s hand, turning to Radha, Kaveri is tensed when Shekar and Tulsi smile.Mohan takes Radha from the Mandap, Damini tries to stop them but is not able to succeed.Kadambari wonders what is about to happen in this house, she prays that she does not have strength to face anything in this house.Radha asks Mohan what is going on, Damini stops him at the door asking if he is taking another girl into his room and was this the reason, she loved him however Mohan still locks the door without listening to Damini, she requests him to open the door.

Radha requests Mohan to not be angry with him, she knows she has really hurt his feelings, but he should at least listen to her for once, Mohan in anger starts thrashing the room, Radha requests him to calm down however he is just destroying the room, Damini also requests him to think about her respect as what would everyone about her character, she explains he should talk with Radha in front of everyone.Radha tries to stop Mohan however he furiously pushes her, so she falls on the floor, hurting her hand.Kaveri exclaims Damini should let it go as Mohan might be hitting Radha while Damini explains that Radha might even tell Mohan the entire truth which is wrong for them.

Kadambari asks the pandit jee what is he saying, Damini also questions what has happened when he explains that the auspicious time has ended so it is worthless to stay here, Damini angrily explains that he should ask for more money if this is what he desires, pandit jee warns her to control herself as it is his duty to get the couples married according to the rituals. Damini tries to get physical with him but is stopped by Kadambari, Ketki explains that she is the women with whom their mother planned to get Mohan bhai married, Damini angrily instructs her to shut up, Kadambari gets furious with her.

Damini apologizes to the Pandit jee for her attitude explaining it only happened because of all these situations, she asks if it is necessary to get married at the auspicious time since if the hearts are pure then what is the problem. Kadambari angrily warns Damini to not talk about the pure hearts as she has already informed her that Mohan has a lot of problems in his life and she does not want to invite even more problems by breaking the rules, Damini tries to reason with her when Kadambari explains now the wedding would happen at the next auspicious time, Damini asks the Pandit je when is it, he reveals it will come after six hours and if the weddings is not completed even then, it would take them at least one whole month hearing which Damini is shocked. Kadambari explains they would meet after six hours.

Kadambari turns to leave when Damini asks what is going on in her mind, Kadambari explains that only what Bihari jee desires will happen, Damini refutes it explaining still now only what she desires will happen. Kadambari explains that Damini has used each method to marry Mohan but is still unsuccessful so now what Mohan will decide is going to happen, she explains Damini can threaten her but what would she do about Mohan, Damini is furious.

Mohan seeing the injury of Radha immediately rushes to her asking if she is fine, he explains he is going to snatch the glass which might hurt a bit, Mohan turns to look at Radha who is crying with pain.
Kaveri explains that Kadambari said one thing right because what if behind the closed doors, the love story of Radha and Mohan begins as it is possible the only reason, he was not with her is because he did not know the truth of her feelings but now that he is aware of Radha’s feelings due to Damini, it is possible he might bring her to the Mandap after six hours and get married to her. Damini gets tensed. Mohan and Radha stare each other while sitting on the floor.

Mohan picks out the glass from the hand of Radha, he notices that she is crying, he asks if she did not feel the pain. Radha replies that she is fine.Kaveri explains what if the love story of Radha and Mohan starts behind the closed door, because now he has found out the truth about the feelings of Radha and he brings her to the Mandap. Damini mentions she is not worried about what Radha says about her feelings but if she tells him the truth about their actions.

Mohan is very tensed asking how she can be fine after she comes into his life, as he is a cursed person and she also has suffered the same fate because he ruins the most beautiful person just as they enter into his life, he even ruined Tulsi, she requests him to not talk like this. Radha explains how someone can who always spreads light can be the darkness, Mohan mentions but he is like that and anyone who enters into his life suffers the same fate, Mohan mentions she is really nice so does not think bad but he should have known he is making a mistake, it is his fault as he crossed all his limits after befriending her, and he forgot that she is not his family. Radha is stunned, he explains he controlled her, took her responsibility and even scolded her when she would make any mistake. Mohan explains he hugged her, picked her up in his arms, Tulsi asks what is wrong in it. Mohan still blames himself for doing it all, he apologizes to Radha mentioning he gave her wrong dreams which is wrong. Radha replies that he did not do anything wrong, she would have fallen in love with him even if he did not look at her, because he is such a nice person so anyone would have fallen in love with him. Mohan explains humans tend to get used to things very easily and do not know when it becomes a habit, he explains they both have been staying together, they eat at the same table and even take care of the entire family, which means as if they have spent an entire life together. Radha replies to the life which she never dreamed about, Mohan explains the life in which he needed her while she got a habit of being around him. Mohan explains she must not ruin her life by staying with him because his life is always filled with darkness, his relationship with Gungun got better after Radha came into his life while he in returned just gave her humiliation for the rest of her life.

Radha replies he must not think like that because only Bihari jee knows what he means in her life.Kaveri and Damini both are standing peaking through the window, Kaveri asks what is she doing as they have stolen a lot of things from this house so can start a new life after seeing them.Kaveri explains they both were trying to stop Radha from telling Mohan the truth but now how is that possible when they both are together.

Mohan refuses to accept that he is capable of anything as he just tends to make mistakes, he informs she also does not know how special she is for him, truth be told he cares the most about her happiness, his eyes are more important than the entire world. Mohan is crying, he explains he gets tensed when he sees her crying and truth be told she means a lot to him, which is greater than the rest of the world. Mohan replies she does not know what is love because her feelings for him is not love but infatuation. Radha is tensed so tries to pronounce it, she explains she cannot understand it. Mohan gets irritated, he asks her to not start the English class here. Mohan explains it means when someone is attracted, he finally translates it to Hindi. Radha wiping off her tears, explains she cannot understand his deep words so he should not at least refer to her feelings with such poor words, she does not want to stop his marriage because of her feelings or that she wants to marry him, Radha replies if Damini was worthy of him she could have let it happen and remained happy the rest of her life, Radha explains now that she knows the truth about Damini how can she let it happen.

Mohan getting frustrated explains she should let go of everything that relates to this family including Gungun, Damini and him, she has her whole life in front of her so must only worry about herself, Radha asks if Radharani forgot Bihari jee, her entire life relates to Mohan so how can she forget him and live the life peacefully when she knows that everything is wrong in his life, she explains her love is not that small and selfish.

Damini standing in the window thinks she is going to stop Radha before she reveals anything, Kaveri does not stand it when Damini reveals Radha is worried about Gungun, Kaveri exclaims Gungun would be sitting in her room cursing them both, Damini thinks they have to kill her which will cause Radha tremendous pain and Ketki said that she is mentally unstable so now they would see the truth.

Radha explains that Mohan does not believe her so she is going to prove the truth once and for all, Mohan stops Radha explaining she herself would get hurt, Radha replies she is ready to accept any sort of pain for his happiness, she leaves without listening to him when Mohan wonders what he has done, Tulsi explains this is true love.

Radha opens the door of Kadambari mentioning she wants to talk with her, Kadambari asks her to go as she has already ruined everything, Radha explains she knows Kadambari can also do anything for Mohan and is being threatened, Kadambari asks if she knows the entire truth, recalling how Damini threatened her. Radha is about to explain it when Kaveri comes mentioning Kadambari should not listen to Radha, they both leave.

Radha hears Gungun crying, she rushes to open the window when she sees Damini slapping Gungun while twisting her ears, Radha angrily calls Damini, who explains Radha should not stop her as Gungun has ruined her entire life and today she is going to take her life, Radha getting furious slaps Damini asking if she would actually harm her Gungun, Damini questions if she slapped her, Radha asks how did she dare try to slap her Gungun when she is the mother of Gungun and they should not lap the daughter in front of their mother.

Radha angrily starts slapping Damini, Kaveri coming out of the house calls everyone to come out and see that Radha is hitting her daughter Damini, Kadambari along with the rest of the family is shocked after seeing her behavior, Mohan coming also tries to stop Radha but she is just beating Damini.

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