Timeless love update Friday 19 January 2024

Lost in love 19 January 2024: Vidhi asking Hariprasad and Bimla, what has happened? Bimla says fire broke out. Dev asks Vidhi to calm down. Hariprasad says there was a massive fire and Dev saved Milapni Devi’s idol. Vidhi says our hope didn’t end.

Dev’s student comes to Balghar and shows Vidhi’s video to Satyavati, and gives her certificate and a cheque. She says Vidhi is very talented and her potential shall not get wasted. He goes. Satyavati hopes to tell her that her talent will not get wasted. Hariprasad tells everything to dev and Vidhi that Vijay lighted this fire. Vidhi says you are telling me now and says she will break relation with them. She asks why you didn’t tell me, as I am a girl.

Hariprasad says they had taken loan from Vijay for Vidhi’s marriage, thinking about family’s respect. Priya comes to Amba and tells that she used to feel alone since she got married, and says when you came, I got some courage. Amba says I know that I am in jail now and asks if she talked to the lawyer. Dev asks Hariprasad that he will forgive him on a condition, and asks him to make him as his son, though they have less age difference.

Hariprasad accepts him as his son. Priya tells Amba that the house was inauspicious for all the women and tells Amba that she shall sell it to get rid of inauspicious effect. Dev and Vidhi clean the house, and set up Milapni Devi temple outside. Priya tells Amba that she shall sell the house made by Shantanu Raichand and it will be fitting reply to them.

Satyavati comes to Hariprasad and Bimla’s house. She feels bad and offers their support. Amba asks Priya to call the buyers and says she will sell the house. Priya says she will talk to the lawyer and will bail her out. Dev and Vidhi buy one kulfi and have it. Priya calls yogesh and says amba agreed to sell the house. He asks her to do as he said. Priya thinks to teach them a lesson once they get their house.

Everyone comes there and wishes Vidhi. Vidhi wakes up. Satyavati shows the cheque and certificate. She cuts the cake made by Satyavati and gets happy seeing the cheque, thinks they have money for charity program now.

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