Anupama starlife update Friday 19 January 2024

Anupama 19 January 2024: Dimple provokes Samar against his family and says it’s good that he took a stand for himself, they all think that they can pressurize us as we are younger than them, they are not fools not to understand what is better for them.

Samar asks if they did a mistake by signing a contract with MD as everyone say. Dimpy says they took a right decision and are in fact trying to become a bridge between MD and mummy, they can be around MD and alert mummy when she does anything wrong, they are true people and are helping their family instead. Vanraj tells Kavya that Samar acts grown but is very innocent and won’t understand MD’s tricks. Kavya says she understands his concern, but Samar is not that small that they can force him, Anuj and Anupama will handle the situation.

Vanraj apologizes her for not concentrating on her baby shower ceremony and says they will do the best for their baby. Kavya looks tensed.

Barkha reacts after hearing about Anuj organizing Kavya’s baby shower ceremony at Kapadia house and says Maaya’s 13th day ritual isn’t finished yet, its inauspicious to perform any happy ritual when someone dies. Anuj says she can skip it, he is doing this to cheer up CA. Ankush backs him. Barkha fumes that today is really bad, earlier Pakhi’s company joining news, then Samar and Dimpy joining MD, and now this baby shower ceremony news. Adhik says he doesn’t care what Samar and Dimpy does, he is worried that Pakhi will pose a risk for them and he will not spare her. Barkha warns him not to harm Pakhi.

Toshu thanks Kinjal for supporting him against Dimpy. Kinjal says well in that case, thank you too for supporting mummy, they way he supported mummy and Kavya, it seems he is trying to reform himself. Toshu describes how mummy always stands by her children and sacrificed her dream of going to USA for CA now and for them then. He says Samar was mummy’s good son and became bad now, then why can’t he become good; he wants Pari to become like mummy and Kinjal; he is not saying all this to gain her sympathy and he really means what he said. He requests her not to leave the house and her and Pari’s presence will help him reform. Kinjal hugs him and says when he has decided to change, god will set everything right.

Anupama imagines Samar calling him in fear and asks god why she is getting such bad thoughts. MD imagines a crying baby on her couch and then it disappears. She thinks why she is thinking about a baby again, she killed a mother’s emotions and will not relive it. Next morning, Anupama notices her room tile loose and thinks of getting it fixed soon before people start coming for Kavya’s baby shower ceremony. Pakhi brings a contract and promises Roff company’s tile fixing cement. Leela asks family to hurry up as they need to reach Kapadia house for Kavya’s baby shower ceremony early. Samar brings sweets and asks Leela shall she keep it with gift boxes. Leela nods yes. Dimpy asks if she can help. Leela says she should just do her usual chore of setting fire in household. Hasmukh asks Leela to speak good during auspicious day. Kavya asks where is Kinjal as she had to get her ready. Kinjal walks out ready for office and says she can’t as she has an important meeting.

Family asks her not to worry about the function and fulfill her professional commitment. Kinjal apologizes Kavya again for being unabe to get her ready. Leela says she will. Kavya says she doesn’t want to look old fashioned. Hasmukh laughs and says family should be jovial like this. Toshu says let us get ready soon. Vanraj says he will get Kavya ready. Kavya looks tensed.

Anuj recites a poem for Anupama and wishes her good morning. She hugs and replies him. He says he will help her in kitchen. She says he spoils her work instead and asks him to go and relax. They discuss how important today’s function is for Kavya and them. She forcefully sends him away and messages gurumaa seeking her forgiveness and challenging her to protect her children at any cost. MD thinks Anupama will do anything when she lets her do.

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