Timeless love update Saturday 20 January 2024

Timeless love 20 January 2024: Vidhi receiving the court notice and the guy bringing it tells that the taxes are not paid since few months, if it is not paid in 3 days then Balghar will be sealed. Vidhi cries and signs on the paper.

Priya tells Yogesh that she hopes that Amba doesn’t betray her now. Yogesh says you have just given POA to her, but still you are the owner of the house. Priya says for that, Amba has to come out, and says I asked her to let you bail her out, but she refused and said that she doesn’t trust you. Yogesh says once Raichand Mansion is sold, I will tell her what I can do. Vidhi cries and prays to Milapni Devi frame. She says she can’t tell this to anyone and can’t hurt them, thinks she has to bring funds somehow to pay the taxes. She thinks if there any way and calls Virup.

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