Timeless love update Saturday 15 July 2023

Timeless love 15 July 2023: Dev tells the staff members that he has exciting announcement for them, but for that they have to go to the conference hall. He asks her to take the bowl, and go to every staff member and asks them to write on a piece of paper, what is love? Vidhi nods ok. Kanika asks Arjun not to stay with them for long else the staff members will get suspicious of their relation. Arjun says ok Kanika. Vidhi comes there. She asks Yogesh, Kanika and Arjun to write about love, and gives them piece of paper.

Timeless love 14 July 2023

They write and give it to her. Vidhi thanks and goes. Dev meets everyone in the conference hall, and asks where is Ms. Vidhi? Vidhi comes there and keeps the bowl. Dev thanks the employees that they have expanded to many businesses because of them. He says he thought to do something different, which is connected with heart.He says he got an offer from FM radio station, and they need funding, so I have decided to buy it.

Yogesh says we are business house and shall put hand in the profitable business, says I doubt that we will have any profit. Dev says we will get to do a new thing which we haven’t done before, and we all shall give something back to the society, says we will bring smile on people’s happiness, and he feels that their business will prosper with this move. He asks who agrees with him, raise their hands.

Everyone lift their hands except Yogesh and Kanika. Dev says we will make this radio station successful and profitable with the love theme. Arjun comes to Vidhi’s desk and tries to get some info from her laptop. Sangeeta catches him and asks him to wait for Vidhi to come. Dev reads the chits about love. He finds Vidhi’s chit which reads Love is confusion. He reads other chits too. He then reads yogesh and kanika’s chits which reads love is financial freedom.

Dev says they both are made for each other and wonders who have written this. Yogesh says whoever has written this, must have thought that love is important. Anaya asks Dev, what is love for him?Dev looks at Vidhi and smiles. He then says love is a beautiful emotions, it is a big term, but its big part is that which happens between two people, and says which didn’t happen to him yet. He says I am in my 40’s and saw the world and people and will try to say with my imagination.

He says everyone has heart and beats it too, and everyone wants peace, that face wants to be seen by everyone, which makes other face’s blossom, who is more than a friend, who understands your silence, and it is love’s important part is right life partner and companion, who accepts you with your flaws and faults, and if the truth is good, then your flaws goes away and your bad things becomes good, the love which makes you a good person, the love which stays with you in your life’s test, to stand with you.

She says it is a feeling which can be just felt, but people sees the result in your actions. He says love is trust, respect and care….Vidhi hears him. Everyone claps for Dev. Dev says seeing everyone’s excitement, his decision is right. He asks Yogesh and Kanika what did they write? They lie. Dev says they shall love our work. Vidhi sees Dev’s handkerchief on the floor and picks it. Amba comes there, and says Dev is lucky that he has loyal employees and says you are also lucky that Dev took you with him.

She says Dev can go to any extent. Vidhi says Dev sir worries for everyone. Amba goes from there.Yogesh tells Amba that the cake is good. Amba thanks her. Anaya appreciates Vidhi for her bravery. Arjun gives her gift and asks her to open. Vidhi opens it and gets scared, seeing the punching joker. He laughs. Everyone laughs. Dev comes there. Amba gives bouquet to Dev and says many people’s blessings are with you.She gives rose to Vidhi to accompanying Dev in his mission. Vidhi thanks her. Amba asks him to cut the cake. Dev says he don’t want his personal life to become public,

he says if I could then wouldn’t have let this news become public. Amba says next celebration will be in your house. She asks him to cut the cake.Dev tells that he was not alone in this, and shall cut the cake with her. Anaya and Arjun ask her to cut the cake. Dev holds Vidhi’s hand and they cut the cake together. Amba is upset. Vidhi stares Dev while cutting cake. Dev makes the first piece and makes Vidhi have it. Vidhi also makes him have it. Amba gets furious. She asks can I borrow you for a minute. Dev says yes, sure.

Arjun applies cake on Vidhi’s cheeks with his finger and says it is a custom. Vidhi says sorry and wipes her cheeks. Yogesh and Kanika think to cut Vidhi’s feathers. Arjun asks everyone to take the cake.Dev says he has work. Amba says I will not take your time, we will meet at your house, as your mummy is calling me for dinner. He says sure. Vidhi thinks Amba Madam is not his wife to take him to cabin. She says what people will think. Amba says it is proved that you are a good man and once again, I fell in love with you. Dev looks at her.

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