Timeless Love starlife update Tuesday 9 January 2024

Timeless Love 9 January 2024: The Episode starts with Amba telling the Raichands that they have just 3 hours to leave from here, and says if you don’t vacant the house then I have to call Police and throw you out from here. She tells that there is so much work to do, have to change the name plate of the mansion. Chitra asks Amba not to do this, and asks where will they go? She cries. Amba asks her, why you are crying,

Timeless Love 8 January 2024

this house is yours and says you are crying as if Mehta Industries are drown and I have thrown you out of the house. She asks her not to cry and says I am feeling pain seeing you like this. She says because of Chitra, if you want then can stay here even now and can make memories happily. She says Vidhi has to leave from here. Satyavati says you can’t do this. Vidhi says if my family gets the house back, if I leave then I am ready and tells that she will not trying to become great, and says she wants her family to have their rights.

Satyavati says Vidhi will not go anywhere. Dev says well played Amba, atlast you got successful to trap us and Vidhi has to leave from here, but you have forgotten what I told in office, I will not leave my wife and will go with her. Vidhi says Dev ji. Dev says please. Amba says wow. She says you are taking the wrong decision, but go from here. She asks others to party and enjoy and says Vidhi is leaving. Satyavati, Abhi hold Dev and Vidhi’s hands. Abhi says he will go from here and tells that Dev and Vidhi have always shielded him.

Mausi asks Satyavati and Abhi, not to go from here for step son. Satyavati asks her to go to her house. Priya says I will go to my mayka with Simmy. Mausi says she will stay with her. Vidhi asks Priya to stay here with Simmy as she don’t want her life style to be affected. Chitra asks why you are doing this? Amba asks her to leave after divorcing Vikram. Chitra is shocked. Satyavati packs her stuff and looks at the photo album. Vidhi and Dev recalls their moments. Yaadein song plays……

Vidhi comes to Dev and says everything. Priya tells Abhi that they shall stay here, and says it is our house, how can I sign the papers. Abhi says always you have troubled the family members and says today you have crossed all the limits. He tells that this house is a world for Maa and Dev and you have ruined their world, but I shall tell you that my world is my mother and brother which I won’t let you ruin. Dev promises Vidhi that they will get their house and Raichand industries and asks her to support him. Vidhi says I am always with you, I trust you more than myself. Dev hugs her.

Amba asks Chitra if she don’t want divorce then don’t interfere. She says I am the owner of the house, and tells Servants that if they want their jobs to be saved, then they shall not do any work of the Raichands who are leaving the house. She asks them to check their bags, specially of Satyavati, she might have stolen something. Abhi gets angry. Dev says we can’t stoop like her, and says even if we want to hurt her, then will do it with Raichand’s prestige. Servant opens the box. Satyavati says it is memories. Mausi asks Satyavati not to worry and tells that she will be with Priya and Simmy. Amba asks them to leave and asks them not to take any car. Satyavati, Dev, Abhi and Vidhi are leaving. They recall their memories in the house and get tears in their eyes and leave from their house. Amba smirks.

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