Timeless Love starlife update Monday 8 January 2024

Timeless Love 8 January 2024: Vidhi decorates the cake and taking to Dev at night. As the clock strikes 12, Vidhi wakes Dev wishing him happy birthday at midnight. Dev sees the cake and smiles and calls Vidhi cute. Vidhi says everyone must be coming. Dev says everyone wishes me at the breakfast table as I am 46. Vidhi says you promised me you will never bring up the age thing, so we will always celebrate from midnight and you will also have to do this for my birthday and I like fruit cake. Dev says done. They cut the cake and enjoy a romantic moment together.

Timeless Love 7 January 2024

Next day, Dev stands in front of his dad’s picture and says I made Abhimanyu return using Vidhi’s help and I promise before my next birthday I will bring back Raichand group of industries back. Satyavati comes and wishes Dev. She feeds her halwa. Dev says the taste of this halwa always remains same since childhood. Satyavati says your dad knows you are capable of everything.

Dev comes to the hall when everyone wishes him. Chitra comes and asks Dev what gift he wants? Dev says you came here, that’s my biggest gift. Abhimanyu says now Chitra will be highlight right? I made this cake for you so cut this first. Dev asks fro Vidhi and Satyavati. Satyavati brings a sheera shaped into cake so Vidhi asks about it. Satyavati narrates the story how Dev’s dad thought on an auspicious day we shouldn’t blow out the candles and cut the cake with the person’s name on it so we started cutting sheera. Vidhi says wow, but then this cake.

Dev says dad was progressive as well so he accepted this. Satyavati says from now this responsibility of sheera cake is yours Vidhi. They cut the sheera and they all play antakshari. Satyavati says it was an amazing time, now I feel things will get better. Abhimanyu says lets cut the cake. Someone rings the bell so Vidhi goes to see and finds a letter from Bal Ghar’s kids for Dev, it’s a birthday card. Dev gets happy seeing it. Dev and Vidhi decide to go and meet the kids with chips and cake. They are about to go to cut the cake when the candle blows out on its own just then Amba comes there.

Dev days you are not invited here. Chitra calms Dev. Amba says you are so stubborn Dev. Amba says stop this party and go out of my house. Dev says your house? Amba says I can’t answer you all so much so my lawyer will tell you. Lawyer comes and says how now the house is Amba’s. Abhimanyu says but the house was named after Priya. Lawyer says Priya only gave it to Amba. Everyone is shocked.

Amba asks the lawyer go. Amba says so now you all should leave, as you are in my house and being in someone’s house is a crime. Priya says I have not signed any documents to give you this house. Amba says when did I say that you signed it on purpose, you signed on documents without reading them. Amba says remember when you needed 50 thousand rupees urgently, back then you signed on many documents without reading them so those were these documents only. Priya says it cannot be true.

Amba gives a document copy to Dev and asks them to keep it. Dev is shocked to see the signatures and gets upset. Amba says not your fault Priya, it does happen when you stay with a partner like that. Amba says the most important thing is you all have 3 hours to vacate this house or else I will call the police. Everyone is shocked and get disappointed.

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