Timeless love starlife update Tuesday 19 March 2024

Doctor telling Vidhi and Dev that she wants to give suggestion to them and says you will take time to conceive naturally. Dev asks what you suggest? Doctor suggests them to try for IVF soon. Hariprasad comes to the hospital and recalls getting frequent pain below the chest and blood coming out of his mouth when coughing.

He goes to Gastroenterologist. The doctor asks Hariprasad to understand and says you are playing with your life and if this thing goes on, then you will lose your life and your friend can’t help you. He says you are not coming for regular checkups and not sending anyone to consult me regarding you. Hariprasad thinks what is the use of this life, and thinks of Vidhi losing her child. Hariprasad asks Doctor to give him some medicine. Doctor says no medicine will work now, and tells that you need operation now, I have made arrangements of money, you shall call your family so that I can do their test. Hariprasad says Bimla has started working now, and Vidhi has gone through a tough time recently, says he can’t tell them. Doctor says if you don’t tell them, then I will tell them.

Dev and Vidhi see him leaving from Gastroenterologist’s cabin and calls him, but Hariprasad ignores them and goes. Amba comes to Satyavati and asks where is fighter Vidhi and rescuer Dev. She says it is good that Vidhi returned and asks where are they, if everything is fine. Satyavati says they are very happy and is starting their new life happily. Dev comes back to Vidhi and says Hariprasad ji heard me and then left, I hope everything is fine. Chitra comes there and sees Amba. Amba asks how are you? She asks Satyavati if you don’t think that your daughter’s life shall be good too, and asks Chitra if she don’t miss vikram and asks if she don’t think that she shall give a chance to him. She promises her that she will go away from them and tells her that Vikram is 100 times better than Jai, and says whatever mistakes he has done, he is ready to rectify it for you and the baby. Chitra says Vikram has done a sin which can’t be forgiven. She says our relation is already over and now I can’t think of raising my baby in such a house, where my soul gets shaken up.

Dev tells Vidhi that don’t know why Hariprasad ji ignored me and went. Vidhi says may be he came with Kaluchacha. Dev says why he will ignore him. Vidhi says I shall talk to Maa about it.

Chitra requests Amba not to force her to return and says I will not return in that house. Satyavati asks did you hear and asks her to go. Amba tells Chitra that the house after marriage thinks us as burden, though your bhai and bhabhi are good. She says you will get peace in your own husband house. She says if I was in your place, then will never give him life on credit. She says Mehta family will have the doors open for her, and says I will leave now. Satyavati asks Chitra not to take Amba’s words on heart and says it is her work to provoke others.

Vidhi tells Dev that she wants to start afresh with him, and tells that the treatment is costly, but we shall go for it once for me. Dev asks what are you saying, and says I am worried for your health. Vidhi says last time, we have hidden this from both our mothers, but this time, we shall tell them both so that their blessings are with our baby from day 1.

Later Vidhi calls Bimla and tells that we are planning baby again, and Doctor asked us to go through IVF route, as there are some complications. Bimla asks what? Dev says some complications. Bimla blesses them. Vidhi says we will come in the evening to take Milapni Mata’s blessings, and asks Bimla where is Papa? Bimla says he must be at home. Vidhi tells her that papa went to hospital, when Dev ji called him, he ignored and went. Bimla says may be he was in hurry and asks her to ask Dev not to feel bad. Dev says he won’t feel bad, and says we will come to meet you.

Satyavati asks Chitra to have medicine. Chitra says today Amy Mausi said something which was true, and tells that she has seen Vidhi and Priya becoming confident after doing job, so I want to do job so that my baby feels proud of me. Satyavati says I feel very proud of you. Bimla comes home and asks Hariprasad, how is Kalumal? Hariprasad asks what happened to him? Bimla says you had gone to hospital so I thought to ask you, if everything is fine.

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