Radha Mohan update Tuesday 19 March 2024

Radha Mohan 19 March 2024: Kaveri tells Damini how she feels that Ketki does not remember anything and she has just told Radha that they both had gone out last night, Damini replies that Radha would not be able to do anything after what will happen with her in the office, Radha leaves mentioning she is going to come back.

Mohan in his room is searching for the files, he rushes to his wardrobe while searching for his bag however is not able to find it, Radha is standing in front of him mentioning he will go with this, he is shocked to see the tab when Radha says there is no need to take such a heavy bag as everything can be done on it.Radha asks why is he so tensed as she is feeling that a child is going to school for the first time, Mohan replies he is indeed very worried thinking how would he be able to handle everything after so many years, Radha assures that nothing wrong will happen since she is always going to stay by his side. Kadambari entering the room informs that nothing wrong will happen, she reveals Mohan is the one who has grown this company and run it for so many yeas so what is the reason to be worried since his biggest support Radha is by his side. Mohan asks Radha if she is fine informing that she was just turning last night, Radha assures it was just because she could not sleep, Mohan leaves when Radha thinks she . has been very worried since last night. Damini calls the person asking if the work would be complete in time, she thinks Radha feels today is going to be her biggest day but does not know she is going to lose everything. Radha answering the mobile asks who is there but Dadi is not able to say anything. Ramaveshwar taking the phone from Dad disconnects the call.

Kadambari walks down the stairs asking Radha to come since today is the first day of Mohan at the office so they must leave on time.

Ramaveshwar informs Dadi that they have ended all the relations with Radha and she has died for them,Dadi informs she is feeling that Radha is going to face some problem for which she is not ready, Ramaveshwar mentions the girl who can ruin the respect of her own family can do anything. Dadi starts praying to Ba Kai Bihari jee for the protection of Radha, Dadi sees the photo on the floor which she picks up, she holds it in her hands thinking the past which she has buried in her heart how did it come before her, she wonders what sign if Ba Kai Bihari jee giving. Dadi then tears the photo which she burns thinking some secrets should be burned, she prays for her Radha.

Radha along with Mohan and Gungun are praying in the Mandir, kaveri signals Damini wo assures that she must wait for some time. Radha prays that she has assured Mohan jee comes with her in the office but now must get hold of the secret to the death of Tulsi ji. Mohan prays he has agreed to go to the office because of Radha so he should not do anything to let her down. Mohan is shocked seeing that Radha is not standing by his side so asks Kadambari where did she go. Mohan enters the house calling Radha when she standing from the balcony forces him t eat the sweet yogurt, he asks what is this way to make him eat, she reveals this is how she made him eat it the first time when he was going regarding the custody case of Gungun. Mohan asks Radha to come since they will get late for office, Kadmabari questions Gungun why is she recording, Gungun informs because she ants to capture this special moment. Tulsi standing while being in immense pain requests Radha to help her since she is in a lot of pain.

Mohan and Radha leave for the office when Kaveri asks Damini if all the preparations have been made, Damini mentions that they are not even answering her call, she explains Kaveri must wait to see the surprise that Radha gets when she reaches the office.

Radha and Mohan reach the office but are stopped by Damini at the door, Mohan asks what is Damini doing who says that Radha and Mohan cannot enter the office together, Mohan is shocked when Damini asks if Radha forgot the condition after which she was allowed to work in the office. Radha agrees asking Mohan to go ahead as all the employees are waiting for him. Radha tells Damini that she must not be worried since the time has come for her to leave this office, she also walks inside after turning her Mangal Sutur.

Mohan greets all the employees however is really tensed, Radha wonders what can she do so she signals Mohan to turn and look towards the Mandir, explaining how they both are the strength of each other. Damini notices how Radha and Mohan are signaling when she explains now can they all go to their seats, Kadmabari wishes best of luck to Mohan before leaving when Mohan asks Damini where would he sit, Radha asks where else would he sit if not his office cabin, Mohan is shocked to see that the cabin is dug up and they are renovating it, Radha gets furious asking if Damini did it on purpose so Moan goes back after seeing it and she manages to hide all the evidence, Mohan asks what is Radha saying. Damini tells Mohan that Radha is suspicious of everything because what happened to her in the past few days, she reveals that this is her love for Mohan and she further reveals that she is the one who would stay by the side of Mohan forever while Radha is his wife for only six months. Damini reveals Radha only knows the Mohan from the office but it is her responsibility to make sure Mohan meets his old office self. Radha thinks she was sure that Damini had hidden the evidence in the cabin but did not know what it was, Damini assures the work would be complete today so asks if Mohan can manage in the conference room for the time being, Mohan replies he is coming back after so many years so why would anyone bother,where he sits when Damini explains why is he talking like this when he is the boss and all the employees are eagerly waiting to work with him.

Damini takes Mohan asking all the employees to come, she introduces him as the MD of this company and even her boss, she notices how Radha is still in the cabin and looking at the construction materials, she gets furious but turns to inform Nikhil how they are going to hold a meeting in the conference room so Mohan sir knows about all the projects that they are working on.

Mohan while walking to the conference room stops to look at Radha, Nikhil says that she is just a normal intern so what is her need in the meeting.

Radha is really confused wondering why has Damini dug the office cabin, she wonders if Damini has hidden something under the ground so asks for some sign. Damini questions what is she thinking, how Damini ruined her plan with just a single blow. She reveals that she warned Radha she is in complete control in the office and Radha would not be able to do anything, Damini explains Radha will not be able to find any proof in the office, she whispers in her ears that she has killed Tulsi explaining she has already informed her but even desires that Radha should go in front of everyone and try to prove that she is guilty. Radha angrily leaves after picking up her bag.

Mohan is sitting with the employees when Nikhil shows him some slides about their future prospects, Mohan is just thinking about how Radha would be angered because Damini is renovating his cabin and she even argued with her. Mohan sees that Radha is leaving so thinks she assured she would remain by his side and he cannot let her leave like this,Mohan follows her but Radha has already left.

Radha while driving thinks she has to take the help of Tulsi je as Damini might have gotten rid of all the proof, she thinks that she will not talk with Mohan as she might once again say something wrong. Mohan wonders where has Radha gone to, he thinks he should have stopped Damini when was arguing with Radha. Damini comes to Mohan questioning why is he standing here when all the employees are eagerly waiting to talk with him and share their ideas, he should also see how the office runs at the present time, Mohan heads back inside, Damini exclaims Radha can ty all she wants but would not be able to get any proof and even Tulsi’s soul is going to end in a few days.

Damini exclaims Radha can try all she wants but she would not be able to get any proof and very soon she is also going to get rid of Tulsi. Damini walks back into the office.

Radha opening the door of Gungun’s room asks Tulsi if she is here, she requests Tulsi to give her a sign because otherwise she would not know anything, Radha thinks if there is any connection with Damini removing the proof from the office and Tulsi not answering, Radha prays that Tulsi should be fine however Tulsi mentions she is not fine at all, Tulsi makes the lamp flicker seeing which Radha is glad that Tulsi is here, Tulsi explains that Damini has done something because of which she is in immense pain. Radha informs Tulsi that Damini has done something because when she went into her office cabin it was all torn and being redesigned. Radha mentions she has to find the truth for which she needs her help, Radha requests Tulsi to come with her because when she went with her the first time she was not able to enter the cabin and if she is able to enter today then it means Damini has surely removed some proofs from her cabin. Tulsi agrees with Radha however mentions she cannot go with her as she is in a lot of pain. Radha requests Tulsi to come with her since she needs her help, Tulsi however is crying sitting in the corner,

Tulsi thinks if the secret relating to her poor condition is in the cabin then she must go as only then would they be able to find out what has Damini done with her. Tuls once again causes the lamp to flicker seeing which Radha is delighted, Kaveri is listening to her conversation but is shocked. Radha leaves asking Tulsi to come, Kaveri follows Radha so she can look at her from the window, Radha after sitting in the car asks Tulsi if she has seated, she sees the door opening after which the seat presses down. Radha explains they must leave now, Tulsi reveals she is in a lot of pain so she does not know how long she will be able to support her.

Kaveri exclaims Radha is taking Tulsi to the office which means her daughter is in trouble, she wonders what are they both planning to do. Kaveri calls Damini informing that Radha came back home and has taken Tulsi with her. Damini informs that it was about to happen because Radha is bringing Tulsi while Mohan is unaware of the shock which he is about to receive, she exclaims that Mohan will not be able to bear the shock he is about to receive because she knows all his weakness, Kaveri asks if her mother should also be afraid of her, Damini mentions that anyone who goes against her should be afraid of her, even if it is her mother. Damini informs there is no need for her to be worried from Radha and Tulsi as they have already done what they were supposed to last night and now she knows what Maa has to do.

Mohan knocks on the door of her cabin, Damini asks him to come inside questioning since did he need to knock, Mohan questions Damini where is Radha, she replies that Radha only does the work when she desires as she considers this office as their house, Mohan replies that Radha is not like this as a girl who can drive a bus and even jump in the bore well can do anything, he warns Damini to not instigate him against her and leaves mentioning she must send Rahda to him, Neha standing outside the cabin wonders why is Mohan sir paying so much attention to a normal intern, she thinks it is a new topic for them to gossip.

Kaveri calls Guru maa informing that Radha has taken Tulsi to the office so will it be a problem for her daughter, Guru maa sitting beside the skeleton of Tulsi assures that now she cannot do anything as she is controlling Tulsi.

Radha is with Tulsi outside the cabin and requests Tulsi to try and enter but Tulsi mentions she does not have the strength and cannot do it, Radha tries to mention how it is very important for them that Tuls tries to enter the cabin, Tulsi gathers all her strength after which she manages to enter the cabin, Radha is glad that Tulsi managed to enter, she remember when Ketki told her that both Damini and Kaveri were going somewhere last night but they did not tell her anything. Radha wonders what can she do now, Damini entering the cabin explains that Radha brought her ghost friend, she explains what did Radha think that she would be able to expose the secret which has been hidden for so long, Damini warns how Radha will realize she thinks from where the intellect of Radha ends, Damini explains Mohan thinks Radha is very suitable for him but very soon he is going to realize that she is nothing but dirt and filth which should be ousted from both this office and his life, Radha tries to warn Damini but she stops Radha explaining she is going to make her reach such a condition that she will realize her true worth. Tulsi not being able to control herself gets frustrated so raises the desk seeing which Damini gets worried, Radha requests her to stop since they are in the office.

Guru maa lifts the skeleton of Tulsi, and starts twisting her hand so she drops the desk after which Guru maa throws it on the floor. Damini is relieved, Radha says she is glad that Tulsi stopped when Damini replies that Tulsi has also realized how is more powerful and now even she cannot do anything to her. Radha tries to warn her when Mohan enters the cabin questioning what is going on here, Damini gets shocked when Mohan questions what is going on here, Damini explains that he knows they always keep talking about him, as being the three most important ladies of his life. She exclaims she is talking about himself, Radha and Gungun. Damini starts smiling when Mohan is shocked. Damini replies she was telling Radha how Gungun is going to handle this company when she gets older, Radha leaves. Mohan warns Damini to not irritate Radha anymore, she explains Radha is angry with her since she is renovating his cabin,

Damini mentions she would do whatever she desires for him and if Radha tends to get angry then she cannot do anything about it, Mohan wonders how would he convince Radha. Tulsi while crying tries to call Mohan but he does not feel anything, Mohan wonders how can he convince Radha about it. Damini calls Kaveri informing Guru maa did what she said, as seeing her condition she felt as if Guru maa was beating Tulsi, she feels Guru maa will take care of Tulsi within five days, they will also send Radha there so Tulsi does not get bored.

Radha is calling Tulsi, Damini coming behind her questions what is the reason to call Tulsi when Radha cannot even take her name in front of Mohan. Radha smiling replies that Damini should not forget how Tulsi has beaten her so many times, Damini explains Tulsi was not able to harm her and will not be able to do it anymore. Damini says she is going to tell Radha that tomorrow is going to be the last day of Mohan in this office as this time he is her target and neither Radha nor her ghost friend would be able to do anything. Radha wonders what are they both planning this time,

In the night Damini calls Guru maa informing Tulsi has harmed them a lot in the past so she should torture her to the extent that she remembers the hell, Guru maa assures she will make Tulsi feel Hell in this world. Guru maa starts suffocating Tulsi by crushing her throat and she even starts slapping her. Tulsi tries her best to fight but is not able to do anything meanwhile Guru maa is constantly slapping her. Radha and Mohan are sleeping but he is restless. Damini tells Kaveri that the torture of Tulsi would have been started.

Guru maa is pulling the skeleton of Tulsi, and she is also being dragged in the house. Tulsi tries calling both Mohan and Radha but they do not listen, she is thrown on the floor by Guru Maa, who even twists her hand due to which Tulsi starts screaming, Mohan gets restless while sleeping, requesting her to stop. Tulsi is being slapped when she keeps calling Mohan, he in his sleep asks her to stop talking. Tulsi is pulled by her throat by Guru maa who is suffocating her, she even lifts Tulsi off the ground while slapping her, Mohan in his sleep asks her to stop when Radha sits beside him asking what has happened but Mohan is just shouting them to stop, he wonders why was he feeling as if Tulsi called him.

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