Timeless Love starlife update Friday 22 December 2023

Timeless Love 22 December 2023: The Episode starts with Divya showing bank statement and proves against Yogesh. Dev and Vidhi are shocked. Divya tells him that she has no right to interfere in company’s matters, but Yogesh Sir didn’t leave any option for me, I have to reveal this man. She says I gave you so much tension, so thought I can help you. Dev says I used to think him as my family and brother. He says Vidhi tried to tell me, but I didn’t listen.

Timeless Love 21 December 2023

He says even Divya told me, but I didn’t listen. Divya says it is not too late, and tells that she didn’t tell anything to Abhi Sir. Vidhi says Divya is right. yogesh comes there and sees Amba applying lipstick. He says Divya has something surely and tells that I will be exposed. Amba asks him to go and get exposed. Yogesh asks what she is saying? Amba says didn’t boss teach you, how to talk to boss and asks him to go and face Dev. She says just 4 hours are remaining from 72 hours.

The temple devotees move the boxes from the temple and keep it aside. Bimla thanks them and asks Hariprasad to ask Vijay to get the boxes removed. Vijay comes there and takes water from Hariprasad and drinks it. He takes him forcibly inside, and slaps him. Hariprasad is shocked.

Dev tells the employees that someone wants to shaken up the company’s foundation, and says he won’t let this happen. Abhi comes there and asks Dev what Divya is doing here, and says she is eating our company. Dev asks him to read these documents and says I asked you to check the accounts, why you didn’t check. He asks him to call that blo*dy traitor Yogesh. Abhi calls Yogesh, and the latter disconnects his call. Abhi calls again.

Dev says I am not surprised. Yogesh comes and says they will talk face to face. Dev hits Yogesh.Vijay threatens Hariprasad and asks him to think what he can do, who can slap him in his own house, and says if I can find out about your daughter in 2 hours, then can kidnap her also. He says if I can give loan then can kick you out also with your family. He says Dev will know that his Sasur is a cheat and says you should have thought what I can do, before taking money from me. He threatens him and leaves. Hariprasad and Bimla get shocked. Vijay comes out and tells the devotees that he is also devotee of Milapni Devi. The guests leave.

Vijay threatens to cut Hariprasad’s hands, and asks him to keep back the boxes. They keep the boxes around the temple.Yogesh asks Dev, if you had gone mad? Dev asks really, you are asking me why I am doing this. Dev shows his account details, and asks him to see the pendrive. He says you have betrayed us, I thought you as a family member. He says I was foolish not to understand you. Yogesh says what do you think that you will give me family lollipop,

and I will catch it and says you always thought me as your shoe. Dev says you don’t deserve to be even shoe. He asks if you are foolish that I will not know. He says I came to know that you was involved, when you told Abhi that Divya is ruining my life. He says I realized you have told Amba about my college life. He says I understood that you are Amba’s left hand. He says you have no right to stay in this office and pushes him down. Amba comes there. Yogesh smiles.

Hariprasad comes to kitchen and takes water and put ice cubes. He says Vijay asked for cold water. Bimla asks him to calm down. Hariprasad tells that he didn’t listen to her and took loan from the wrong guy. He regrets. Bimla says we shall get help from Dev ji. Hariprasad says we will get sin if we take money from him. Bimla says Divya and Seema will come in sometime. Vijay comes there and beats the plates. He threatens Hariprasad that anything can happen with Dev and Vidhi.

Amba comes inside the office and says Wow…what a scene? She asks Yogesh to call the security. Yogesh calls the security. The security comes inside and holds Dev and Abhi’s hands. Vidhi asks them to leave them. Dev asks what is this misbehavior. Amba says it is not misbehavior to throw someone from my office. She walks inside and says I thought, you are smart and understood by now, but sadly I shall explain. She says I, Amba Mehta, declare that Raichand family has just 9 percent shares of this company and she has majority of the shares and she has become official owner of this company.

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