Timeless Love Starlife update Thursday 11 January 2024

Timeless Love 11 January 2024: Vidhi telling Kaushik that she will clean it. Kaushik asks Yogesh to come inside and says this is called revenge, and says he might be feeling the same pain as me, when he did insulted me.

Yogesh takes the video, as Vidhi cleans the floor. Kaushik asks Dev to bring coffee. He asks yogesh to read the file. Yogesh says I have read some and the details you might have read. He takes pen and signs, though Kaushik asks him to read it. Dev brings coffee and gives to them. Yogesh asks again, did you add poison? Dev goes and stands outside. Vidhi gets up and looks at Yogesh signing the papers. Dev says we are returning your betrayal back and found way to defeat Amba and you, using your weakness. He comes to Amba’s room and says today our dream came true. He shows her the video of Vidhi cleaning the floor and tells her everything. He feels peace as Kaushik humiliated him. Amba says don’t know what Dev sees in her.

Vidhi comes to Dev. Dev says he felt bad as she is insulted today. Vidhi says sorry. Amba asks yogesh if he read the papers before signing. Yogesh says he is CEO and has signed. The Super food owner comes there to Hariprasad and Bimla’s house with his employee and gives them an order, praising their food. He asks them to start work in his shop. Vijay comes there. Hariprasad gets worried. Dev massages Vidhi’s head. Vijay introduces himself as Hariprasad’s friend. Hariprasad asks superfood owner if he can talk to him alone. Vijay says I will also come.

The superfood owner stops Vijay and goes to talk to Hariprasad. Vijay fumes in anger. Bimla asks him to sit and goes to make tea. Hariprasad tells the owner that he don’t want to tell anyone about this business. The guy gives him advance and gives him order of 100 packets. Vijay is about to see the food parcel, just then Hariprasad comes there, and lies to him. Vijay asks for money and goes. Bimla and Hariprasad tell that they shall thank Milapni Devi.

Vidhi sees the caretakers giving less milk and breakfast to the kids, and asks them not to compromise with their food. Vidhi and Dev refuse to have breakfast and asks them to give it to them. Later Vidhi and Dev come to Milapni Devi temple. She asks Dev if they are doing right. Dev says they are fighting for their rights. Vidhi says we will get our rights back.

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