Timeless Love starlife update Friday 12 January 2024

Timeless Love 12 January 2024: Simmy tells Abhi and say she is missing him. He asks her not to miss the school and ends the call. Hariprasad asks Bimla if the order is ready. He says he will go and deliver the food to the raabji bhai.

Bimla says she will call Dev and Vidhi. Dev and Vidhi come there. Dev asks Hariprasad to do the publicity on social media. He checks and sees Bimla already on social media for her sadsang group. He takes photo of the prasad and post on social media. Vidhi asks them to call when the order reaches 1000. They come to Balghar. The kids return there from school and tells that Principal asked them to pay fees.

The warden says we have to do something for funds and asks how everything will be managed. Vidhi says kids and Chitra shall not know about the money problem. Satyavati asks why you was not born to me. Dev asks then how she would have become my wife. They laugh.

Amba comes to know from his accountant that yogesh has withdrawn 50 lakhs from company’s account. Abhi says he will go and talk to Amba for funds. Dev refuses to let him go there. Vidhi says we will arrange money. Priya comes there and says I can help you, I have some money. Simmy comes there with her and hugs them. She tells Vidhi that she missed her. She asks if I can go and play. Vidhi asks why not. Simmy goes to play.

Priya comes inside. Dev recalls the happenings. Priya says I have done a big mistake and apologizes to them. She says Amba has betrayed me too and tells about Amba’s plan. She says I am with you. Dev refuses to believe her. Vidhi says please listen to her. Priya asks him to trust her once. He asks if it is Amba’s new plan then go and tell her that she can’t harm us. He goes to office. Priya asks them to trust her. Abhi says I remember even now that you used to threaten us to throw us out of the house. Priya apologizes to them and says I came to know about importance of you all after losing you. She says I want to help Balghar and has some money. Abhi says the same money which you have stolen from us. Priya asks Abhi to give her a chance.

Dev tells Kaushik that now Amba and Kaushik will be distanced. He asks him to send 25 lakhs to office and invests 25 lakhs. Kaushik invests the money. Yogesh calls Amba, but she doesn’t pick his call as Durga Devi comes there. Amba says I don’t know where is Chitra and asks her to go and questions Raichand. Durga Devi asks why you are behind Raichand and says I came to ask you about Rakesh, with whom Priya had an affair. Amba says he was not my employee. Durga Devi asks why she used to transfer a huge funds to Rakesh every month. Amba is shocked. Durga Devi asks her to say, who has killed him and how?

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