Timeless love starlife update 3 February 2024

Dev telling Chitra that it is good that her reports are fine. He says just as we heard about your baby, we got our house back and asks her to think what will happen when baby is born. Chitra smiles. She looks at the roadside gola stall and asks him to make her have it. Dev refuss.

Chitra emotionally blackmails him. Dev says ok, have it, just once. Chitra says ok. They come to the gola seller. Chitra orders gola for herself. Dev sees a baby crying and offers to pacify her. He takes her from her father, and then pacifies the baby. Chitra tells Dev that her baby is lucky to have such caring and loving Mama, and asks Dev to plan baby with Vidhi. He says you got such a good wife, so plan baby. Dev says you are talking big.

Hariprasad appreciates the food made by Bimla.

Bimla says Vidhi also makes tasty food, her family praises her a lot. Hariprasad asks Bimla if Vidhi’s decision is right to work outside. Bimla says yes, and that’s why Satyavati and Dev are happy. Dev tells Satyavati that Doctor told that Chitra will have morning sickness for few days. Satyavati is upset and tells Dev that Vidhi is not picking her calls and replying to her messages. Hariprasad says he don’t want Vidhi’s family to get upset. Bimla says Vidhi is very understanding and will handle everything well.

Later Chitra asks Dev, when Vidhi will come. Dev says she will come. Simmy, Priya and Abhi come there and present the food and desert infront of them. They get happy to see them back. Vidhi comes there. Simmy hugs Vidhi.

Vidhi gets happy to see them. She then apologizes to Satyavati. Priya asks how was the first day in office. Vidhi says good. Jai sees file given by Vidhi and thinks all the presentation is crystal clear without any mistake. He gets impressed with her, and thinks there is something in her. Priya tells everyone that they have decided to start a small start up using Abhi’s cooking skill and business mind. Everyone gets happy. Priya says our inhouse business will be successful.

Jai thinks to call Vidhi and discuss the presentation. Dev says it is a wonderful idea, and I can help you too. He asks them to involve Bimla and says they can have her expertise. Abhi likes the idea. Priya says Vidhi’s Mummy has magic in her hands. Jai calls Vidhi. Satyavati asks Vidhi not to pick any calls now and says it is enough. Vidhi rejects the call. Jai calls again. Vidhi’s phone gets switched off.

Vidhi says now I can enjoy with my family. Jai thinks her family must have stopped her from taking the call and says I had told her that it is a demanding job and not 9 to 5 job. He says if boss is calling then it is urgent. Vidhi and Dev tell each other about the day’s work. Jai calls Vidhi and tells that he wants to discuss about the presentation. Satyavati gets upset hearing her.

Yogesh comes to Amba and says you are looking fresh. Amba says I can’t harm Raichands without your help and asks him to enjoy the cookies. He says much money was wasted last time. Amba asks him not to worry and calls someone, asking where did the parcel reach? Dev receives the parcel with a note and gives to Chitra.

Chitra reads it, my dear wifey. She gets shocked to read it, that Vikram is returning to get his baby. Amba tells Yogesh that she is calling Vikram, and says I had forgotten that Chitra needs him in this condition. Chitra reads the letter aloud. Everyone gets worried. She sees gift, a chain and pendant for her. She cries and asks why this is happening with me. Vidhi tells her that she shall think about her baby and herself and says infact if you want to meet Vikram. Chitra says I don’t want to return to Vikram. She says I am happy with my baby and says now Vikram wants the baby and me. She says when Vidhi had told Amba infront of Durga Devi about her pregnancy, then she was shocked and tells that they actually don’t want her, and this is their conspiracy.

Amba tells Yogesh that Raichands are having their life stuck with her, and now time has come that the parrot will return to its cage. Chitra says I can’t believe why do I love such a cheap man, and says instead of supporting me, they are troubling me. Dev tells Satyavati that it is Amba’s conspiracy. Vidhi gets Jai’s call. She tells Satyavati that she has to go to office, and tells that she will make dinner for Chitra in the evening.

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