Imlie starlife update Friday 2 February 2024

Imlie 2 February 2024: Imlie prays god to protect Rana family and leaves a godown wearing a bomb vest. Ranas plead her to stop. She reaches school and stands in a que to enter it. Mohan instructs her to be fast or else he will start killing his family. Imlie fears guard will detect the bomb.

Guard switches off machine and lets her in. Mohan says guard is his aide and orders her to move ahead. Imlie reaches independence day celebration venue. Principal introduces her to everyone as the one who saved them. Children try to hug Imlie. Imlie stops them and shouts to stay away from her. Chief guest arrives.

Principal introduces him to Imlie. Chief guest praises Imlie’s bravery and walks on stage. Imlie walks behind him saying she wants to click a selfie with him.Imlie switches off camera and informs chief guest that the bomber Mohan Mathur who had fixed bomb chips in children’s watches has fixed bomb vest on her. Chief guest busy over a call doesn’t listen to her and tells her to go and sit while he talks to her later.

Mohan notices screen blank and shouts that clever fox is trying to trick him again. Watchman asks Imlie to wear her earphone and switch on the camera. Imlie recalls throws a hair pin near Devika. Devika frees her hands with the help of hair pin and switches off mains. Mohan shouts at his aides to check. Aides switch on the mains again. Host asks chief guest to honor Imlie. Mohan thinks it’s time to press a remote button and asks Imlie to go on stage. Imlie prays god to do something as she can’t see so many innocent people dying.

Ranas free themselves and attack goons. Mohan informs watchman that Ranas have overpowered them, he shouldn’t let Imlie escape. Imlie hears that and thinks she was hoping same. Atharva grips Mohan’s neck. Mohan presses remote button and timer starts. Mohan says he will hear blast in 5 minutes. Imlie pushes watchman away and runs out of school. Mohan orders watchman to run behind Imlie. Atharva beats Mohan, Mohan overpowers him, Atharva fights back and after beating Mohan to the pulp asks where is remote. Mohan asks for water. Rudra says let us catch the goon who ran away with remote. Kairi offers water to Mohan and says after the punishment, he should reveal where the remote is. They all rush towards the school. Mohan’s goon also reaches school. Imlie escapes in someone’s call. Atharva searches for Imlie.

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