Lost in love starlife update Saturday 3 February 2024

Ishan asks Yashwanth what he wants to say after the news has spread like a wildfire, will they protect a rich boy and deny justice to a poor girl. Yashwanth meets Makrand Barve and explains the situation. Makrand asks what happened to his promises to protect Ayush.

Yashwanth says they can use an old trick of making use of greed, that girl is poor and had slept in Ishan’s cabin when she came to Pune and tried to sell her sister’s bangles to pay her fees, they will try to shut her mouth with money and if she doesn’t budge, they will use fear. Makrand’s aide Tatya walks into college and rudely asks students about Savi showing her photo. Students say she must be in her classroom, one of them asks him to ask Shukla. He then asks Shukla. Shukla asks if he is Savi’s uncle from Ramtek. Tatya says yes and asks him to call Savi. Shukla asks him to wait in a metal workshop while he calls Savi.

Savi’s friends watch her viral video and says she has become famous now and soon will get justice. Savi says without evidence, it’s difficult. Tatya speaks to his aide over phone and tells him that he has come for Makrand’s job on his personal request. Savi walks to him and says she didn’t identify him. He says she can consider him as his uncle and he knows she has eloped from Ramtek and slept in director’s cabin when she came to Pune and tried to sell her sister’s bangles to pay her fees, so he wants to give her something to help her with 2 lakhs and.

Savi is shocked to see money bundle and asks what does he want. He asks her to take back her complaint against Ayush. Savii refuses and returns his money. He then threatens her with knife and gun and asks what if a truck crushes and kills her when she goes out. Savi walks to her friends shivering in fear. They ask where was she as class will start in 5 minutes. Savi takes their phone and says she will join them in a few minutes.

Savi calls Isha. Isha asks why is her phone switched off and why didn’t she call her since many days. Savi says she wants to return to Ramtek as it’s becoming unbearable here. She describes all the incidents happened. Isha asks her to wait and disconnects call. She then calls Ishan and warns him to stop frightening Savi as she is alone there.

Ishan says there is investigation going on and she will get justice. Isha informs him about the goon threatening her and warns him of getting his college shut if something happens to Savi. Ishan rushes to college and searches for Savi with Shukla. He scolds Shukla for letting a stranger meet Savi without investigation. Shukla says he thought the goon is Savi’s uncle. They find Savi shivering and describing about the incident to her friends. Ishan asks Savi where the man went and asks her and her friends to be in his cabin until he returns. He walks out in search of the goon.

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